Master in Computer Science – Leiden University

So the reason why I chose Computer
Science is because it’s a very specialized master. And it’s a very growing field. Stuff like artificial intelligence, machine learning those
are really up-and-coming technologies and that’s why I want to study it right now. I come from China I like Computer Science because it’s a creative subject. You can create whatever you cannot
realize in the real life. And you can create something that’s really improve
the people’s life quality. I chose the specific specialization Data Science my
research is at the Dutch National Police. At the Intelligence Agency. What I’m currently doing is using certain network analytics that helps us get a clearer picture of the network
of criminals on the dark web. And help the police to get
a clear view of which person is a certain threat. I like the combination of
the field report and the practical side. So that’s the reason why I chose
Advanced Data Analytics. They really teach students how to explore
and how to be a researcher. The professor’s here are really easy reachable. If you send him an email he will not just
send you the answer directly. He will tell you how to find the answer I think that’s
the most important part. During the second year of
my bachelor I start a company with Jelle who is a fellow student and a friend. We are facilitated in HubSpot. And what it enables us is to get connected with other student entrepreneurs. We will simply grab a coffee and then we sit together
and discuss where we want to go. I’m very welcomed here in Leiden University by
the international students and also the local students. Right now I’m one of the few on the floor that actually
knows this kind of techniques. Because it’s very state-of-the-art techniques that
were using at the University. My dream is to contribute to the society by using the skills that I have learned during the class.

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