Mary Gartland third year Electrical & Electronic Engineering

hi my name is Mary and I’m a third-year
electronic engineering student here at UCD I grew up in Japan in America but
both of my parents are Irish so although I never got to live here when I was
younger I knew I wanted to live here at some point in my life and coming to
college here gave me the chance to do that.
I picked UCD because it was in Dublin and I liked that there’s so much to do in
Dublin so much life in Dublin and I liked that there was a lot of clubs and
societies to join in college in particular the fact that the athletics
club here at UCD was very good that was a strong pool for me as a runner. When I
came here I realized I settled in very quickly even though I was so far away
from home and my parents. The way the classes are set up like you make friends
very quickly everyone’s so willing to help each other I also like that there
were so many options especially in first year that you could get a chance
to try it out so many different things that you could pick the right
engineering stream for you rather than just going picking a stream for blindly
without really knowing what you were going into and I got to join a lot of
the clubs and societies that I wanted to join whether it was athletics, mountaineering, tennis and all of them gave me the chance to meet so many people outside of
my course and make so many new friends as well as gave me the opportunity to
try new and different things outside of class. I think in the future my plan is
to continue my masters here at UCD either doing the software or the
biomedical masters

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