Mac Tips – Wireless Card Readers with a MacBook Pro 💻 DIY in 5 Ep 49

Nope…Nope…Nope…definitely not. Does anything still work with these things?!? Hello everyone! Welcome back to DIYin5, I’m Trisha Hershberger
and in this episode, we’re going to show you how to connect to a Wireless SD card reader
with your new MacBook Pro. Compatibility issues no more! If you find these tips useful, be sure to
subscribe to see all of our upcoming tips and tricks. Ok, so for this particular setup, we’ll
be using the MobileLite Wireless Pro as our card reader. You should be able to use this method with any other wireless reader
which you can connect to using a browser. First step you’ll want to do is connect
to the Wi-Fi signal of the MobileLite. We’ll select the 5Ghz network since those
are usually a bit faster when transferring files. Now that we’re connected to the wireless
we have to set up the reader as a network server. This sounds much scarier than it really is. On your desktop scroll up to “Go” and
then click on “Connect to Server”, or if you’re into keyboard shortcuts just type Command (⌘) and K. When the server address window pops up, you’ll
put in the following: smb:// Just a heads up, if you’re using a card
reader that isn’t a MobileLite you might need to use a different IP address. Next you’ll choose “Guest” and click
OK. Select which storage you want to access. We want to read the
SD card so we’ll choose that. Now we can browse everything on the card. Tada! Ok, so we’ve got it working, now let’s
make it convenient to actually use. You can use Finder to see all of the files,
but what happens if you turn off the reader? Well then your network drive might not show
up right away when you turn on the MobileLite again. This is where creating a shortcut will
come in handy. When you’re in Finder just drag the folder
you want to access to your desktop. Now click on the icon and most likely it will
ask to be repaired. From here you just click on the folder you
want to connect and you should see the folder icon change to a network drive icon. So what features do you think are missing
from the new MacBook Pros? Is there anything else
you want us to cover on them? Let us know in the
comments below. Also, want to see some options for adding
USB-C storage to that shiny new Macbook Pro? Check out this video here. Thanks for watching everyone!

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