Logitech G G533 Wireless Gaming Headset


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  1. Jim McConnell says:


  2. Sportacus says:

    Hey Logitech , i Got a great idea , a wireless charging mouse and the mousepad is the charging Dock !!

  3. Octavius says:

    Cant wait to see shroud fail at the eleague major wearing these…. Oh wait

  4. Thắng Skidter says:

    logitech is da best <3

  5. Thắng Skidter says:

    G610 RGB incoming 😀

  6. waqiuddin360 says:

    can we use for PlayStation 4

  7. RealZachS says:

    Oh yeah! Still going to buy the reset of the white G933's though 😛

  8. Ryuuseii Boi says:



  9. Lambie says:

    Can you send Rocket Jump Ninja one? He's a really good quake player and I won't buy any headset until he said its good for competitive play.

  10. Bill says:

    Is best wireless?

  11. Burak Can Akıncı says:

    G933 or G533

  12. Privor Puu says:


  13. Vincent Arousell says:


  14. No name says:

    can't wait to see the products at CES!
    oh wait I live in Malaysia…

  15. SataPataKiouta says:

    What's the point of presenting new awesome hardware if the software you're making is pure shit ?

  16. Moreno Schipper says:

    price ?

  17. Myllss says:

    What song is this

  18. The Pimpinator says:

    I hope it doesnt have cheap plastic adjusters like turtlebeach stealth 400 which snaps on your head

  19. Leonhard Schading says:

    very nice

  20. I go to school by bus says:

    We can only buy in US?

  21. MuLLeR says:

    129 Likes/0 Dislikes Nice Logitech!

  22. Hector Robles says:

    Logitech G , I wonder if these headsets are better than the G933s ? Since I was thinkinh of buying the g933 but these came out . Mira ese inglés papu xd

  23. Hector Robles says:

    Logitech G , I wonder if these headsets are better than the G933s ? Since I was thinkinh of buying the g933 but these came out . Mira ese inglés papu xd

  24. Vincent Ma says:

    Shoot i just got me a pair of g633 are these better?

  25. Jair Cruzado says:

    Uhmmm I like Logitech…. but the Beats solo 3 is better or not?

  26. MATHPC 40 says:

    i have the g430, is it worth to upgrade?

  27. MaxSquatch says:

    right after i but the artemis spectrum snow -.-

  28. Robert Curtis-Hardy says:

    literally a week after i get the g933

  29. Germy Do says:

    Logitech can you put this into consideration making a new version of the g13 game board in the prodigy line please? I really want one. Also a extended version mouse pad thank you! 😀

  30. Henning Holthusen says:

    Crap. Another "twistable" set of headphones with predetermined breakpoints. Could you PLEASE stop making the damned things foldable and fragile??

  31. Stephen says:

    Looks dope!

  32. Dirty Scrubz says:

    Got these on order!

  33. tommy choy says:

    fuck kraken and man o war

  34. Regy Yap says:

    cant wait to see c9 with these on …. oh wait

  35. Lucas Bertão says:

    Why use DTS instead of Dolby? DTS is cheaper?

  36. live yourlife says:

    is the sound quality better than the one we have on G933?
    and will it work on PS4?

  37. success says:

    whats the reason for companies making wireless stuff charge wired or not even with Type-C ports, its about time to move from that ugly micro-usb shit. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  38. crytoox says:

    whats the song name ?

  39. Annelies Van Damme says:

    So this headset is only for PC? does anyone have suggestions for a headset with (virtual) surround sound that actually works on multiple devices including the ps4?

  40. John Hanson says:

    it would've been kind of cool for a rgb lighting on the g logo nothing else. it would've been an amazing head set if it did that and if they added a wireless g213 keyboard for $100 I'd go full logitech on my setup

  41. Ancient Truth Seeker says:

    Hopefully they don't disappoint like they did with the G403… I would actually get these to replace my Hyper X Clouds

  42. HSTP says:

    I had a problem with my logitech z906. Console and remote not working. I asked logitech what to do as it is already out of warranty but I'm willing to pay to get assistance from logitech technical team.

    Unluckily they asked me to send it to a local technician that I trust.

    I don't know any local technician that can surely solve my problem except logitech itself. 🙁

  43. BrotherO4 says:

    logitech, you got to release the music man…come on

  44. Dan says:

    Ugh… Need more bass and audio clarity. Thankfully, Asus strix pro comes with 60mm Neodymium-Magnet driver.

  45. Артем Инин says:

    Hello, log1734!) IMO, you have to announce "snow edition" or "white version" of g533 headset. It will be stylish and awesome 🙂

  46. Binh Thach says:

    PLEASE MAKE A WIRED VERSION! I have the g633 and LOVE IT but the headset always fall off my head and feel a bit too heavy.

  47. Nickzera says:

    do anyone know where i can sell my kidney

  48. Luka Dzegvelishvili says:

    is this better than G930?

  49. Steff Ormeling says:

    can it conect no a laptop??

  50. Qnn says:

    Send one to RocketJumpNinja and then I'll consider

  51. weswa says:

    whats the background music used in this?, its pretty cool

  52. scoot says:

    song name?

  53. Express0083 says:

    love these very light and no more effing cord

  54. EXCEL says:

    so nice i hope have one

  55. Mart Dee says:

    Maybe good sound.. but build quality??? all i see is plastic that will break.

  56. ever favio says:

    music by?

  57. ISADA TK says:

    We love this song …

  58. Kirigarou says:

    Hey logitech, make an Headset that has a removable microphone and that is wireless and real leather! a Both gaming and non-gaming best headset with 7.1 DTS Surround Sound that are lightweight and have good metal band . Everyone would love to have one of these while in the airplane, while gaming, while watching a movie or listening to music and it won't look weird when you wear it in Public. Make sure to have a white vesion because people love WHITE! Black is too generic. I understand that the new generation wants "Gaming headphones and it's good marketing but for people that actually want to have it as a Daily Driver for anything is what counts the most for some good pair of headphones that will last for years. You have earned all my trust and you can do better than SteelSeries. I won't be buying into the G533 yet until I see these changes! @Logi_Frank and @Logitech

  59. Jon Irenicus says:

    Logitech Gaming Software removed the "Enhancement" tab in Windows Sound properties. Which mean you can't use "Loudness Equalization" anymore. So your games will be extremely quiet. Logitech refused to fix this, stop buying their wireless headset.

  60. xVexera says:

    They have good bass ? i have g430 i don t like the bass i have

  61. TheWallmartPimp says:

    I have a pair of the g933’s, mic is to damn low, nothing I have found works to get it right. Tried about 10 dif drivers, Logitech refuses to do anything about it, stay as far away as you can from any Logitech headphones, their shit!

  62. SuperMarioLucas says:

    I have this headset it works perfect!

  63. Gilbert Casarez says:

    What song is this 8)

  64. Jonathan Blom says:


  65. Jesus Jarito says:

    Hi. Can i connect this headset to my iphone and listen to music?

  66. This is Adam says:


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