Local telecommunications company announces new $6 million data center in downtown Sioux City

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was in Sioux City today to celebrate the announcement of a new six million dollar data center fiber comm announced the opening of that data center and carrier hotel in downtown Sioux City the local telecommunications company has been working on the data center and carrier hotel in downtown Sioux City for nearly two years Reynolds and local business leaders gathered at Stony Creek Inn to hear about the investment the data center and carrier hotel will provide a highly secure space for communications and internet providers who need a location to interconnect their networks you know we’ve got a diverse and growing economy despite some significant challenges and its companies like fiber con that are keeping us on the cutting edge it’s gonna really allow us to continue to grow the economy and provide opportunities for Iowans governor Reynolds got a private tour of the new building and says she can’t wait to see what the company will accomplish in the future KT IV also got a one-on-one tour of that new complex all new tonight at 6 kt Ivy’s haba para takes us behind the security doors for a look at that Center to find out what it’s all about and how it will benefit not just business but the community as well for nearly two years fiber comm has been working on the renovations of a 100 year old building on 713 Nebraska Street the room where I am standing and now is a future home to fiber comms headquarters and operations fiber comm says they saw the need for data center real estate and Siouxland a highly secure space for communications and internet providers that need a location to interconnect their networks officials say the heart of the building is up and functioning Siouxland has some old buildings with good bones we were able to repurpose a hundred-year-old building which meant we took our product to market quicker than we ever would have if we’d have built it ground up and plus we reinvested in downtown Sioux City inside the center devices store process and distribute large amounts of data for carriers the response has been great our carrier hotel is certain currently hosting multiple carriers including many local networks as well as national international carriers we continue to onboard new enterprises and new carriers regularly this investment will promote technology create tech jobs and be another driver of economic development in our communities fiber comm hopes to soon begin phase two of their project which is to move their headquarters to the new facility in Sioux City hava para KT IV news for fiber comm leaders say that new center provides room for expansion in the future

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