LGR – Xbox One Wireless Adapter, Awesome Stuff Week: Unwrapped!

Greetings! LGR here. Let’s talk about PC games and
why I think they are awesome because I like doing that, and we are also going to do so because
of YouTube’s Awesome Stuff Week: Unwrapped, which is what this video is a part of. They approached me and said,
“Would you like to do a video if we pay you?” And I’m like, “Sure!” So this is what we’re
gonna talk about because they gave me free reign of
what I wanted to talk about and what I wanted to say about it.
So that’s pretty awesome. This is the wireless adapter for Windows
for Xbox One controllers, which fits in with YouTube’s “Tech
Unwrapped” theme that they have going on for this day of Awesome Stuff Week. So… let’s take a look at this thing. I may be a die-hard mouse-and-keyboard
guy when it comes to most PC games, but I’ve always enjoyed using a console controller
for things like arcade racing games and platformers. I remember when I was a kid, the
grandfather of a friend of mine cobbled together an adapter that let
us play Jazz Jackrabbit for MS-DOS on a Sega Genesis gamepad, and it blew my prepubescent mind. Ever since then, I’ve been intrigued by the
ability to use console controllers on a PC, whether unofficial or official. The latest one to come across my path
is an official accessory from Microsoft retailing at $25 for the adapter alone, and $80 for a controller and adapter together. This is a USB 2.0 dongle that proudly wears the
shell of a wifi adapter from, like, six years ago, and I’m not sure why. I mean, does this *really* need to be almost 3.5″ long and an inch wide? What’s it housing in there, a Hot Wheels car? And while it says it’s “for Windows,”
look a bit closer because it actually means
it’s for Windows 10 only. So if you’re still on 7, or 8, or use something
like SteamOS or Linux, then you’re out of luck. I don’t get it. Microsoft released drivers for using
the X-One controller with a USB cable already, so why not do so
with a wireless adapter? Oh, well, at least it’s
crazy simple to install. All you do is plug it into a USB port, press the sync buttons on both the adapter
and the controller, and there you go. Windows 10 comes with the drivers already installed but it’s a good idea to have Windows
Update check for newer ones anyway, since some users reported a lack
of rumble with the default drivers. But yeah, this is exactly
what I was hoping for: ease of use and plug and play compatibility. In case you haven’t noticed,
most PC games nowadays use the XInput API for detecting
and mapping controllers, so having one that makes use of this
makes things super straightforward. And yes, you can use the Xbox One controller on
your PC already with just using a micro USB cable and that’s great for when I’m playing at my desk. But I also have my PC
connected to my TV when I’m in the mood
for more relaxed gaming, so a wireless controller is a
nice thing to have in that case. Whether I’m playing something new,
like Next Car Game: Wreckfest, or something classic, like
Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy, the Xbox One controller adapter
gave me no trouble at all. It also has the ability to recognize
multiple controllers at once, so you can play split-screen games without
having to take up multiple USB ports. However, I do have a minor complaint. There doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off
the controllers once you’re done playing. When you unplug the adapter, the controllers
will flash because they’ve lost sync but in order to turn them off, you either
have to wait for them to just time out, or remove the battery pack.
That’s a bit clunky. Anyway, you may be wondering why bother
with a $25 adapter for wireless at all. After all, there are great gamepads that don’t
use locked down proprietary wireless signals, like the PlayStation 4
controller, for instance, and actually, that’s what I’ve been using
for a wireless controller up to this point. Not only do I prefer the PS4
gamepad in several areas, but it doesn’t require any special
adapter to work on a PC. Since it uses Bluetooth, you can just use your computer’s built-in Bluetooth capabilities or use one of these adapters
that cost less than 10 bucks. But the problem with these is that there’s
no official support for it from Sony which means you’re stuck messing around
with third-party drivers and software. There’s just a lot of setup involved compared to
the plug and play nature of an Xbox controller and since I’m freakin’ lazy, the Xbox wireless
adapter appeals to me on a carnal, lethargic level. So, while it may not be my
preferred controller overall, the brain-dead use makes the Windows
Wireless Adapter for the Xbox One controller a fantastic accessory in my book. Anyway, that was the Wireless Adapter
for the Xbox One controller for Windows. Pretty sweet little thing, if you are
feeling lazy and have Windows 10 at the same time… So if you’d like to, you can
always shop through this video. This is a “thing” that they’re doing. I think that’s
the entire reason they wanted me to do this. Or you could just check out some of
the other Awesome Stuff Week videos by clicking on the outro at the end of– of this. But, uh, yeah! Oh, this thing is really hot. I’m getting rid of it.

99 comments on “LGR – Xbox One Wireless Adapter, Awesome Stuff Week: Unwrapped!”

  1. Dizaster studios says:

    does this work for mac?

  2. SteamStax says:

    Good stuff Clint! I just picked this up a couple weeks ago, and then immediately bought a steam controller afterwards which I have been using ever since. If you get a chance, I'd definitely check it out. The battery life on it is ridiculous! Haven't had to replace them yet, and its going on about 90 hours! Plus the controller is pretty great once you get used to it.

  3. Freelancerk1bbles says:

    To be fair, your channel does have lazy in the name so I guess I'd be silly to complain.

    I haven't tried the pcsx2 forum xinput wrapper for ps4 gamepad, I have done so for ps3 gamepad and it works great for that.

  4. Snotnarok says:

    That was interesting, I don't get why they're being so closed off about their controller being used with the adapter and win10 either. I mean you can use the PS4/WiiU Pro controller really easily apparently with PC and then there's the dozens of other controllers you can use. That's a good way to shoo away customers from a expensive adapter.

  5. therealjohnnyjohnson says:

    can you play Xbox 1 games with adapter

  6. SpaceTestMonkey says:

    Is that an actual Abraham Lincoln quote? lol

  7. InterruptRequest says:

    They try to make as much stuff as possible exclusive for Windows 10, to try to force people to swap. I ran Windows 10 for about three weeks or so, and it although the initial tech preview seemed "okay", the actual release version made me miss Windows 7 more and more every day. No surprise that Microsoft needs to resort to planned obsolescence to force people onto their new travesty of a "Windows" platform.

  8. igotyou62 says:

    i would buy this if it was like 25$ (Controller + the wifi adapter). ortherwise my xbox360 controller works just fine with my win7

  9. Maxim Reality says:

    For PC gamers Logitech F710 is a no brainer – it has both Xinput and Direct input, plus it's wireless. Can't go wrong with that for both newer and older games with different input methods. And it's almost the same price as this adapter itself.

  10. TDUShelby says:

    I gave my sister my Xbone and the only controller I had for it (as she didn't have a Fallout 4-capable machine), I'm still using Windows 7, and I'm using a PS3 controller as my XInput device.
    Everything works, and I don't have the Xbone anymore.
    All in all, I'm having a great time!

  11. Mike Garcia says:

    I concur!

  12. Sonicdude10 says:

    I have a Chinese clone wired Xbox 360 controller. Paid $15 for it and it is actually decent quality. When I get Chinese controllers I worry about how solid it is and the analog joysticks. Last Chinese controller was a PS2 style and the joysticks crapped out after a month due to sub-par quality design on the joysticks. My 360 controller has none of those problems and even shows up as an official MS 360 controller in Windows 10. Still using it to this day.

  13. JoSilverNG says:

    Well this video just sold me on PS4 contoller dispite the fact I don't have a ps4.

  14. WhatsOnMyShelf says:

    Two Commander Keen references in one episode. Nice!

  15. Christian Friis Jensen says:

    Can we just talk about how goddamn cool it is to have a Grandpa that could jury-rig electronics like that?!

  16. Maren Jones says:

    that shirt!

  17. TonyVS says:

    I remember going through hell trying to hook up my PS3 controller to my PC and after about the third time I had to do the whole set up process again because the controller eventually stopped being recognized, I just went out and bought a 360 controller. Not sure how much easier it is to set up the PS4 remote, but a buddy of mine tried to recently and I don't think he was ever successful. I've been wanting to pick up a XBOne controller since I think it feels better than the 360 controller and looks pretty damn sexy, but the recent release of the Steam controller has put a hold on that for now.

  18. Jaybee says:

    No Win 7 support no care.

  19. Janolsen1000 says:

    And suddenly they added support for Windows 8.1 and 7.

  20. LGR says:

    Update: This adapter now officially works with Windows 7 and 8.1 using new drivers!

  21. Kyli Rouge says:

    lol the shopping i never showed up X3

  22. Trusteft says:

    I wish there was a patch from MS which made the controller ("wired") work with all the games that the 360 controller worked.
    Yes I am looking at you Split Second Velocity and other games.

  23. BlueFoxTV says:

    I will stick with my 360 controller because at least i wont have to worry about breaking the adaptor if something bumps it . A receiver that big should have a cord.

  24. inFusion says:

    Go thrifting again 🙁

  25. Meipon says:

    >3< would get it but the placements of the left side seems so off my ocd kicks off and are just too expensive, ill rather use my ps4 controller

  26. pseudo intellectual says:

    do the impulse motors work?

  27. James Guest says:

    How are you playing Commander Keen? I can't get my steam version to recognize controllers.

  28. MrSnapy1 says:

    Got a one of these took forever to get it to work on 64 bit windows 7.The one I got didn't support 64 bit OS's but after downloading a somewhat hidden 64 bit driver it worked.

  29. Andrew Dupuis says:

    I am thinking getting one soon. For now I am using Xbox 360 controller wired

  30. The Shadowgate Keeper says:

    Slightly off subject but could any of you lovely people tell me if the X1 controllers have improved their dpad quality since launch?

    I have a day one controller and with extremely minimal use the dpad essentially broke and stop responding to forward and down inputs. I'd be interested in possibly buying a new one (such as that lovely white one) in the future but not if quality has not been improved significantly since then.

    Thanks for your time in advance.

  31. iVootek says:

    Best adapter and controllers ever if you can get the plug and charge one get it! Battery lasts a lot! Just heads up!

  32. The Dude says:


    Feels so weird seeing it somewhere else.

  33. Idan Dino says:

    can't get this sh** to work on my windows 7 64 but.. anyone know a solution?

  34. Ben Crabbe says:

    ds4 no probs for ps4

  35. D. B says:

    I have never been able to get my controller to just shut off either. I try holding down the button and it does nothing so I just take the batteries out. Same issue but I have the problem with the 360 controller an the old dongle.

  36. Novak Kosanović says:

    Do you have to sync it everytime? I mean when you turn off and on your pc/controller do you gave to sync them again?

  37. Thecawesomeone says:

    Thank you for disclosing that the video was sponsored. So many YouTubers try to hide it. Much respect man. Keep up the great work.

  38. Gamerblue says:

    this has probably already been said but if you hold down the Xbox button it will turn off the controller

  39. PinBallReviewer says:

    I bought the Battery and cable charger if you get that bundle that I got for $25.00 and have the Xbox One controller plugged into the PC it will act as a controller for PC.
    Of course it is not wireless but they did give me like 12 feet of cable lol.

  40. Andreas Elf says:

    I like the 360 controller more. Only bad thing is that you can't get the white version anymore. Guess I'll buy two black ones.

  41. ThreadThatHas NoEnd says:

    screw Microsoft for this. The ps4 controller uses regular bluetooth, and the steam controller comes with a dongle, but Microsoft charges 50 bucks for the controller and 25 for the dongle. vs 60 for ps4 or 50 steam controller. Also if you make minimum wage, and it takes you less than 2 hours to configure the ps4 controller then it is actually lazier to use the ps4.

  42. D. B says:

    This is a much sexier solution than the previous dongle that was like a 10 foot cord with a dongle on the end.

  43. thydethg0d says:

    if I connect that to my Xbox one could I sync my Bluetooth headphones to it?

  44. Cerax says:

    question is this adaptor can work to on 360 controller like i have 1 xbox one controller and 1 360 controller can these connect???

  45. Klonoaps1 says:

    Will my headset work if I connect it to the controller?

  46. mikeonthecomputer says:

    Linux has drivers for both wired and wireless variants of the Xbox One (also 360) controller. MS won't put it on the box, but it works great 🙂

  47. James Trujillo says:

    I got an issue on this product. Win 7. Controller connects fine then while im playing it will randomly turn off and i have to connect back by holding the power button on controller. havent found a way to fix this. Batteries are fully charged and same issue with multiple controllers. Anyone have the same issue?

  48. MrVercettti89 says:

    Can't wait to get it,I love PC game s it hate mouse and keyboard

  49. Pierre Music says:

    "Does this really need to be 3 and a half long and an inch wide?" I can't tell you how many times I've heard this on dates.

  50. Ro Ad says:

    Is that a Fallout mini-nuke in the back?

  51. Frisson says:

    ps4 is better, had to go fkn pay $70 for this xbox controller because of few games dont support the ps4 controller

  52. chrisrobinson82 says:

    Have you lost weight?

  53. Shorter says:

    is this adapter compatible with xbox 360 wireless controller?

  54. Ed Loki says:

    PS4 controller battery is its worst feature ever. I like the controller, but it spends a lot of its time hooked to a wire — just charging.
    XBOX one controller wins for me cos I just swap out the batteries (rechargeable AA batts).

  55. Yoshinom2u says:

    I really, really love your shirt man.

  56. swifty1969 says:

    did anybody figured out to fix the z axis problem with the wireless dongle with emulators running racing games. For example: when I play any racing game in Arcade emulator M.A.M.E the trigger is stuck on full throttle.

  57. Ayub Mohamed says:

    BUT HOW MANY CONTROLLERS CAN IT SUPPORT IN TOTAL?? I can't find this information anywhere

  58. SHADOSTRYKR says:

    The dualshock 4 doesnt feel designed for use with human hands

  59. KappaBara says:

    Even with the 360 controller you had to do the whole battery pack thing on PC, it seems like Microsoft just doesn't want people turning off their controllers for some reason. That's a big reason why I bought an Evil Controllers backplate for my 360 pad years ago, because of the handy killswitch at the top. Makes things a lot easier.

  60. Chase Leka says:

    Can you please tell me if it works with an android otg cord so I can use my wireless controller and play games on my phone please respond cause the other ones have a long cord and then the receiver which is wide and I like that this is just a stick please tell me before I spend 25$

  61. Muhammad Asad Ahmad says:

    can this dongle also work on ps3 if I connect it to the USB port?

  62. David Dubay says:

    Yo lgr just hold the button on the Xbox one controller to turn it off when your done. Come on Broski

  63. Guy on the Internet says:

    Can I use this on my Xbox One too? Because the wireless controller connection on my Xbox is faulty and I'd rather spend $25 on this than send it back to Microsoft for more.

  64. Donnerbalken says:

    Been using an X360 controller for my PC ever since they existed but it's slowy getting…Old. As in, the sticks aren't fully responsive, the buttons aren'y as clicky as before etc.

    To be honest, I'll probably just buy another X360 wired pad. It works, feels nice and has the right weight.

  65. malikgod says:

    its trash dont buy

  66. Ked Viper says:

    Your voice reminds me of that narrator from the Spiderman 2 game. God, that guy was sarcastic.

  67. Msf101 says:

    If connected, would this work with emulators? Like mapping buttons etc.? I do that with two PS2 controllers and that goes fine. Thanks!

  68. K- says:

    I have the 360 adaptor, i have to buy the xbox one adaptor too? or can i use the 360 wireless adaptor with the xbox one controller?

  69. mamamia88 says:

    I have 2 ps4 controllers and one Xbox one controller should I get a Bluetooth adapter for PC instead?

  70. Elliot says:

    How does the compatibility work? Can you only play games you've installed through the xbox store? (didnt use a disk) or can you literally play any game you have?

  71. Dude McPunchy says:

    Thanks to steam updates, the PS4 is now better and you can use the gyro to control games, much like the steam controller

  72. Ralph Mari Dayot says:

    Hi. I have an adapter i just bought yesterday. Why is my A and B button switched?

  73. Xedhadeaus says:

    Does the stupid program work on windows 8 yet… I hate going to windows 10 just to use the remapping.

  74. Ant Roberts says:

    hold the middle 'X' button that lights up… keep hold for like 5 seconds and the pad will turn off…. just saying….. you don't need to take your batteries out 🙂

  75. ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣ says:

    The micro USB on top of a controller was a bad idea. I wish it would use the new USB thats on GoPro Session 5. It's so much stronger.

    I wish this adapter would work with 360 wireless controllers too. That 360 dongle is a piece of sh*t.

  76. Michael Hobgood says:

    I like my logitech f710 plug and play as well and is xinput or the good old fashioned dinput at the flip of a switch

  77. Jeff Gazetti says:

    Fuck MICROSOFT UP THE ASS. Why would you NOT include this in the $60 WIRELESS controller that you sold to me as a WIRELESS CONTROLLER?! so $60+$25=$85 for one controller?!! The narrator should be telling people not to buy this. After all I am running WINDOWS. It is their operating system. So what if its windows 7? I'll never use anything past 7. Ever.

  78. Sex-E Coco says:

    idk if things changed or what but my laptop with its build in Bluetooth works perfect when using xbox one controller wirelessly. i didnt need this adaptor.

  79. Craig Mack says:

    If you hold down on the Xbox button for a while it turns itself off

  80. Williemay100 says:

    also most xbox controllers since the xbox one s release are now bluetooth

  81. Dhin Cardoso says:

    What about do a 1) InputLag test – 2) wired vs wireless – 3) multiple controllers connected lag test 4) PS4 vs XBOX One 5) Multiple PS4 Connected controllers…

  82. Krypton 114 says:

    you dont understand how much I love you right now! it gives us unlimited range which I was lokking for and you just saved my life

  83. life is free says:

    help my xbox controller wont connect to my xbox will this work please reply the adapter will it work on a xbox one

  84. William’s second says:

    Would this work for playing Skyrim special edition on pc

  85. Bogdan Mitroii says:

    The jack works?

  86. Andreas Suojanen says:

    Steam has how added support for the PS4 controller

  87. Ken says:

    Does this work on Steam and for emulators?

  88. Memento Mori says:

    it's compatible with windows 7

  89. ThereIsNoTry says:

    I can see your Bullfrog collection behind you, nice.

  90. PanFam__ says:

    Can i use it with my xbox one s controller?

  91. Dirty Deed Indeed says:

    That adaptor is nowadays pretty much useless, as you can connect the later One S (V2) controllers via Bluetooth. And the newer controllers are slightly upgraded in terms of quality, at least the limited edition models.

  92. GeorgioDavid says:

    can you put in xbox one and connect any Bluetooth headset?

  93. Jess Kazaki says:

    I have Windows 10 would this work for my computer or would it mess it up?

  94. Sahil Kumtakar says:

    some computers have Bluetooth capability therefore this is useless

  95. Zak Dwyer says:

    Hey LGR, I know this is an old video but my adapter and a lot of others' keep disconnecting and reconnecting. Any known fix?

  96. Kerik says:

    Does anyone know if it'll work with exe games added to Steam?

  97. Sleepy .Time says:

    you can turn off the controller by holding down the xbox button for 6 seconds

  98. ItssMystic says:

    Is this to be used with original xbox one controller or just xbox one s?

  99. Jon Taylor says:

    A god among men or women, sir or Ms you are a genius or geniuess

  100. Anthony Baca says:

    Pro tip: if you hold down the xbox button on your controller it should turn off after a couple of seconds

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