LGR – Electronic Computer Music Christmas Cassette

Greetings and welcome to a quick LGR
Christmas thing! And this is the Electronic Computer Christmas Music
cassette tape. Ooh, 12 total tunes of hi-tech contemporary music! At least, as
it was defined in 1990 when this presumably came out. I say “presumably”
because this is a thing that I’m not entirely sure I have a lot of concrete
details on, but that’s one reason that I wanted to pick it up as soon as I saw it
at a thrift store not too long ago. It was just standing out amongst all the
other cassette tapes that are just normally strewn about on the shelf. I
mean, that artwork, the title, and just the fact that when I looked it up on Discogs.com it said it was by “unknown artist.” So, yeah I really genuinely don’t know who
composed the music that is contained on this tape. I do however know that it has
some fantastic artwork on the front. I mean, look at that delightful dude
hanging around with this audio-visual switchboard, presumably enjoying some
Christmas music and visuals from his desk inside Tron or wherever he’s located. I don’t know and I don’t care because it’s great! It does actually list some
information a few places on the packaging, like right here where it says
it’s made in 1990 by Silver Bells Music in Nashville, Tennessee. Just checking around anywhere I could and it seems that they released all sorts of random stuff on
tapes and CDs from 1985 to around 1991-92: music that’s mixed with bird
sound effects, compilations, and then there’s themed tapes like this one here.
The Electronic Computer Christmas Music set. I mean just looking at the tape
there’s nothing special about it. No, it’s not chrome or anything like that it’s
probably just a plain old ferric thing. No Dolby noise reduction, nothing like
that, it’s just a cheap tape. So I’m assuming it was just mass produced and
sold anywhere they could. Or maybe it wasn’t really mass produced and it was
just kind of tossed out there. I don’t know, maybe this is rare, I can’t
really tell. Although amusingly, like, the day after I got this at Goodwill I was
looking around on YouTube to see if anybody else had posted anything about
it, and there was like, somebody had just uploaded it within 24 hours. It was
really strange timing. Either way though I hope that you enjoy this cassette tape
version of Electronic Christmas Music by the famous artist, Unknown. Enjoy! *music plays for the next 14 minutes or so* Well that is it for Electronic Computer
Christmas Music! At least for the amount of stuff that I want to put in this
particular video. I wasn’t gonna play the entire thing because honestly these were
just the highlights. A lot of it isn’t that good. Its good stuff is pretty darn good, in that enjoyably cheesy nostalgic way, but
then there’s the rest of it which just feels like a guy got hold of a Roland
synthesizer and just started banging out some things, pressing every single button
on there to get as many voices in as possible. Just like “Wow, listen to how
many things my synthesizer can recreate!” *chuckles* It’s a hit and miss tape that’s for sure. But if you want to listen to the rest of the tracks I don’t
blame you. I’ll leave links in the video description there. And of course more
traditional, more expected types of LGR episodes are in the works, as always. This
was just a little bit of a filler to get you and me in a bit of a Christmasy
electronic computer mood. And if it did why not check out some of my other
videos! I don’t really do a lot of stuff like this, but it’s pretty much always
related to old tech and computers and things like that, so stick around if you’d like. I sure would appreciate it, and as always thank you
very much for watching!

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