LEDs and Forward Voltage | Basic Electronics

7 comments on “LEDs and Forward Voltage | Basic Electronics”

  1. Red Sparrow says:

    That's funny started work again that's awesome lol! Thanks for nice Video : )

  2. Roman says:

    Very well made video but the info is not very relevant. No 1 uses this kind of leds anymore except for indicators, it would have been much more informative if you talked about and showed the current mostly used 5050, 2830, 3070 and so on kind of leds that have very different voltage and amp ratings. Right now i'm a little stomped trying to lower the current in a new kind of led driver from a 13w tablet lamp, no more easy 2 resistors current setting.

  3. Jay says:

    Great channel.

  4. Johnny Greeko says:

    how do you measure the forward voltages of LED's if it isn't provided.

  5. Vijitha Printers says:

    Thanks a lot

  6. Michael Khalili says:

    Ahhh the smell of cancer.

  7. Soulimane Mammar says:

    Great video ! Thanks for sharing

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