LAST TO LEAVE The Bedroom Challenge – NO ELECTRONICS! New Cheeki Puffs | Emily and Evelyn

– [Emily] This video’s
sponsored by Moose Toys. – Hi guys and today,
we’re going to be doing a very fun challenge! And that challenge is
last to leave the bedroom, wins the other person’s piggy bank! – And I hope I win. Because I’ve been saving up, and then I’ll get even more. – Yeah, same. I’ve been saving up my money for longer than she has been, so… – Yeah, but she’s older than me. – Well, Anyway. We’re going to be doing it in my bedroom. – Because mine is still in
process of organization. – No! She’s just basically trying to say that her bedroom is really messy. And we can’t film from there, because it’s way too messy, so… – Also it’s a bit cramped
from all the boxes. – I think this challenge
is gonna be a lot of fun, because we can play games, – Watch videos.
– And we can watch videos, – More games and more games… – [Dad] Now, wait a minute. Wait a minute. That’s too easy. I think we should make
it more interesting. I believe we should take away electronics. – No! – What the…
– No! – [Dad] Yes! – Then, what… how… what? How are we supposed to do this? – [Dad] Otherwise it’s too easy. Anybody could do that. – Looks like the challenge
became very challenging. – I guess we’re going to have
to find other things to do while trying to eliminate each other. – Yeah. – Also don’t forget to subscribe… – Ringy ringy that bell. – to be part of the… – E-Squad! – Now, let’s start this challenge, and try to find some
other fun things to do. – So, Emily, what fun things
do you have in your bedroom? – Uh, well, maybe you can
help me unpack the rest of the boxes from the move? – Wow, that sounds so fun! – Well, who knows, maybe
we can find some fun things to do in the boxes. Aw, what is this? I don’t remember packing this. – Emily, this looks like a beauty box from Pikmi Pops. – Oh yeah!
Now, I remember! Our mom said we got a
package from Moose Toys with new Pikmi Pops! – Oh cool! Let’s get them out. – Whoa This box is full of goodies. It will definitely entertain us. – Yeah! We got beauty boxes and there’s a bunch of Cheeki Puffs. – Wow! – [Emily] This is full of beauty products and Cheeki Puffs. – [Evelyn] Look at these two! – Whoa! I can’t wait to play with all the make up, but first I think we
should open a Cheeki Puff, and see what they’re all about. – Yeah! – I’m gonna open a medium Cheeki Puff. The packaging looks so cool! It looks like it’s
inside a perfume bottle. – I’m gonna open this small Cheeki Puff, and look at how cute it looks! – I can’t wait to see which one I get. They’re supposed to be filled
with shimmer and scented. – Wow, this packaging is the coolest! You open the perfume bottle
and the Cheeki Puff is inside! It comes with a collector’s guide, and the Cheeki Puff itself. – Whoa, look at this perfume bottle! It has glitter and when
you move it around, the glitter floats. And when you open it, There’s a bunch of goodies inside. – Oh!
It’s so cute! It’s very fluffy, and has a nice cute bow, and it smells really good. Look at this cute little face! Now, let’s try the shimmer. (playful music) – Wow! It’s so shimmery. Let’s see what your name is
on the collector’s guide. There you are! Your name is Phews The Hedgehog, and your scent is peony. You smell good and you’re adorable! (tearing sound) – Okay, I got… I got a unicorn! It’s supper fluffy and adorable! Mmm!
It smells super good! She’s so adorable and super fluffy, and I love the unicorn horn. Mmm! Her scent is definitely fruity. Let’s check what it is
on the collector’s guide. There you are! Your name is Beautie The Unicorn, and you smell like strawberry. She’s also a fancy-foil super-scent. That’s why she has the
metallic foils in her fur. Definitely strawberry. Now, let’s see the shimmer! (playful music) Whoa!
This is so pretty! Look at it! You definitely made me shimmer. Let’s see what’s in the smaller bag. Oh, and adorable charm, and some stickers. That’s a cute Cheeki Puff charm. Look at the stickers! It’s Beautie the Unicorn,
a perfume bottle, and some strawberries because
she’s strawberry scented. The storage is supper cute, because when you’re not
using your Cheeki Puff, you can put it inside, and you can still see her. And you can just put the top on, and it looks super pretty. – Emily, let’s use the
products from our beauty boxes! – Let’s make a Cheeki Puffs inspired look, and let’s make it very shimmery. Okay, let’s see what we got here. Oh, perfect!
A facemask. Let’s start with the base, prepping our faces with these. Whoa! (upbeat music) – Wow, Evelyn, you did such a good job! – Thank you, Emily. Your look is so pretty. – Now it’s time for the finishing touch, to add more shimmer with our Cheeki Puff. (upbeat music) – Can you see the shimmer, Emily? – I can definitely see
the shimmer on your face. It looks so pretty! (upbeat music) – Whoa, I love how much
shimmer our Cheeki Puff have! I can definitely use this on
the weekends, on holidays, for the school dance… – Emily, I need shimmer for every day, not just special occasions. – Then we should definitely open some more Cheeki Puffs, Evelyn. – Now, that’s a good idea. – I’m gonna open gonna open
up a small Cheeki Puff, and mine’s super cool because it’s blue, and it has some flowers on it. – And I’m gonna open a
medium sized Cheeki Puff, and I really like mine
because I like pink, and it has a silver crown on it. – Look how cute this bottle is. It says Cutieous Maximus. – Whoa, so cool! Mine says Cheep Beep, and
look at all the glitter! – Okay, let’s open it. Okay, the collector’s guide, and the Cheeki Puff. Oh, look how cute it is! Aw, I love that cute face! It smells like wild berry, and it’s name is Keista the Guinea Pig. Okay, let’s see your shimmer! (soft music) – Whoa, this one is so pretty! Can you guys tell? – Okay, let’s see what Cheeki Puff I got. (tearing sound) – Aww, I got a little birdie! This is Windene the Canary, and she smells like peony. And guess what, guys! She’s from the fancy-foils super-set, and she has gold foils on her. So pretty. This one is so shimmery!
I love it! Can you guys see the sparkle? Aw, I got a bird charm, and she’s so cute! Let’s see what else is in here. I got some stickers, and look there’s Windene,
a perfume bottle, and a very pretty flower. I think that’s a peony. – We love all the new
Pikmi Pops, Cheeki Puffs. They are all so adorable, and fluffy, and we love the body
glitter that they have. – So pretty – And the perfume bottle
packaging is just super pretty. It’s amazing storage. – [Evelyn] We opened a
few more Cheeki Puffs, and they’re so fluffy and adorable. (upbeat music) – My favorite is Lucky the Puppy, because I love how the
two pinks look on her, and Pewie the Penguin, because she has such an adorable face. – My favs are Beautie the Unicorn, because she’s a unicorn
and I love unicorns, and also Foofle the Poodle, because I love dogs
and especially poodles. I can’t wait to display
them in my bedroom. (upbeat music) (door opens) – Be right back, Emily. – Um, Evelyn, you know you
just left the room, right? I win your piggy bank! – [Evelyn] No! (giggles) – Ooops! Um, well it’s okay. You can have my piggy bank, because I got the new Cheeki Puffs! – Okay, well it looks
like I won this challenge, and I still have some
adorable Cheeki Puffs with me. Also, thank you, so much, to Moose Toys, for sponsoring this video, and I also hope that you guys really like how our Cheeki Puffs
inspired make-up looks, because I do! So, thanks for watching! See you next time. Please subscribe, and bye!

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