Larson Electronics’ Global Petroleum Show Company Portfolio Video

Larson Electronics a manufacturer specializing in oil field lighting
equipment, light towers, explosion proof lighting, hazardous
location lighting, power distribution systems and temporary lighting
equipment. With over 40 years’ experience, Larson Electronics develops custom solutions
while maintaining an extensive inventory of established products for immediate shipping. Our in house production team contains the
knowledge and skills to design and produce high quality products using our extensive
machine shop and fabrication workshop. This includes tools needed for milling plastics,
metals, bending, cutting, welding and more. We put a strong emphasis in quality assurance. Larson Electronics is adaptable to any application. Our products are used by manufacturing facilities,
refineries, military bases, paint spray booths, oil field operations, shipyards and food processing
plants all around the world. With products covering a broad range of uses
from hunting, fishing, to lighting up construction sites and commercial applications, we cover
a wide range of industrial lighting needs. Our 50′ Pneumatic Light Mast on 21 Foot Trailer
is one of our largest projects yet. Extending from 13 to 50 Feet above ground
and equipped with sixteen 400 Watt LED Light Heads, it’s sure to brighten up any large, work
space brighter and more efficiently than traditional metal halide towers. Each 400 watt LED light head produces 52,000
lumens of light, totaling a combined 832,000 lumens for all sixteen light heads. The entire air powered pneumatic light mast
is designed to be quickly deployed with the help of a hydraulic ram. This allows the unit to be folded over for
easy transportation on a 21′ by 8′ tandem axle trailer. You can check out the Larson Electronics mega
tower outside at booth 3150. Also check out our wide variety of explosion
proof lights including the Portable LED Flood Light System designed for tank cleaning, Base stand mount led light designed to fit
through manholes for tank cleaning applications, LED dolly cart with wheels ideal for Paint
Spray Booth applications, LED string lights ideal for jobsites where
petrochemical vapors and various dusts are present, LED Paint Spray Booth linear fixture that
is U.S. and Canada listed for use in paint spray booths, and our Explosion Proof 150 Watt High Bay
LED Light Fixture that is Class 1 & 2 Divisions 1 & 2, paint spray booth approved, and provides many
different uses for a variety of classified environments. A few of our hazardous location class rated
LED light fixtures are also available on display, including the Class 1 Division 2 marine grade
aluminum LED fixture, Class 1 Division 2 Pivoting offshore LED rig
light, and the class 1 division 2 corrosion resistant
hazardous location LED light. These linear fixtures are ideal for offshore
marine environments where saltwater has the potential to make contact with the unit. Specially designed to be mounted to any standard
blasting gun, our LED sand blasting series of lights provide
operators with a powerful and durable light output for dark or low light work areas. We’ve added an external polycarbonate handle
to provide operators with additional control over the blast gun. A quick change lens design allows operators
to swap lenses quickly and easily with gloves while in the field. Useful for when the glass or polycarbonate
lens gets worn out by constant exposure to blasting materials. Be sure to check out the Larson Electronics
booth down Hall F at booth 8062 for a hands-on demonstration of each product mentioned. If you’re looking to light up an area and
not sure what would work best for the light output you’re looking for, we can help! A Larson Electronics architectural lighting
designer can compose custom lighting layouts for any space you’re looking to illuminate. We can help determine how many fixtures you
need along with which fixtures work best depending on your requirements for distributed, even, lighting within the space being illuminated. CAD drawings are the most accurate way to
display this. If you have any questions, need a custom quote or help with your lighting
layout, give us a call at 1-800-959-5783 or email us at [email protected] Also visit us online at
to view our expansive catalog of lighting products.

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