KeepTruckin ELD Training for Drivers

Welcome this is the KeepTruckin Electronic Logging Device or ELD Training for Drivers In this video you will learn How to Download to KeepTruckin App Install to KeepTruckin ELD in your vehicle And Record Hours of Service Before you start your shift make sure you bring a Mobile Device that has Bluetooth Connectivity Most Smartphones and Tablets will work Before you begin using KeepTruckin. You’ll Need to Download the KeepTruckin App You can download the KeepTruckin App from the Google Play Store, if you have an Android device? Or the Apple App Store if you have an iOS Device? Start by connecting your mobile device to the ELD installed in your vehicle On the main Log screen tap the Current Vehicle Selector at the top right Select the vehicle that you want to connect to Your mobile device will automatically attempt to connect to the vehicle’s ELD using Bluetooth A Green Icon will appear at the top right of the main Log screen to indicate a Successful Connection Additionally the right-side indicator light on the ELD will become solid Green Now that you have Connected Your mobile device to the keepTruckin ELD your Driving time will be automatically recorded Change Current Duty Status Ready to start logging with the keepTruckin App Let’s start by changing your Current Duty Status On the main Log Screen tap on the current status section Choose a status from the available options under the Duty Status section Make sure your location is correct and use the notes field to add any additional Information you want to include Tap save to finish The current Status section will update to show your new Duty status Your Duty Status change will also be reflected on today’s Log Graph KeepTruckin makes It easy to create Vehicle Inspection Reports On the main log screen tap on the day you want to add an Inspection Report for Select the tab labeled Dvir at the top of the screen Tap the Plus button to add a new Dvir Select the tab labeled vehicle Type in the Vehicle Number and Trailer Number If the vehicle has defects tap on Add Removed Vehicle Defects Select the Defects you want to add from the available options Tap Done Select the tab Labeled Sign And tap the sign Dvir button to sign the Dvir electronically After Signing tap Save When you return to the main Dvir tab the Inspection Report you created will be shown Once you complete your Inspection Report you are now ready to start Driving with the keepTruckin ELD Record Hours of Service When your vehicle is in motion KeepTruckin will automatically set your Duty status to Driving The clock in the center of the screen will indicate how much time Is left before you must stop Driving based on your hours of service cycle While in motion you will not be able to access your Logs or any other part of the App When you slow to 0 mph the vehicle is considered Stationary When your vehicle Becomes stationary Change your Duty status by tapping Driving And selecting one of the alternate Duty Statuses selected Tap Save to finish Special Duty Statuses The KeepTruckin App allows Drivers Enabled for ELD mode to select Personal Conveyance, Off-Duty Driving or Yard move On Duty Driving for driving events that should not be appearing as Driving on the record of Duty Status This feature is designed in compliance with the FMSCA’s Electronic Logging Devices Mandate These Special Duty Statuses must be selected before the driving event is recorded to the ELD Here’s how From the main Log screen select your Current Duty Status Set your Current Duty Status to off-Duty And select the checkbox that Says enable Personal Conveyance Tap save A green bar will appear that indicates Personal Conveyance is enabled When in motion you will see that the Driving event is being recorded as Personal Conveyance Your Fleet Manager must enable your account to select Personal Conveyance or Yard Move If you are enabled for ELD mode but do not see these options Contact Your Fleet Manager Insert Past Duty Status Did you forget to add a Duty Status event to your log No problem Let’s add it now On the main Log screen select the day you want to Add a Past Duty Status to Tap the Plus button at the bottom of the screen From The options that appear select Insert Past Duty Status On the Insert Duty Status screen move the sliders on the log graph to adjust the start time and end time You can also tap on the start and end time fields to set the time period for the Past Duty Status event Select the Duty Status you want to insert from the available options under the Duty Status Section Tap the Location Icon to automatically fill in your current location or type It in manually At any remarks you want to include in the notes field Tap Save The Duty Status event you inserted Will Be Reflected on the Log graph View HOS Voilation KeepTruckin alert you when you have an HOS Violation Let’s find Out how you can view a Violation on your log The Main Log screen a red exclamation icon indicates that you have an HOS Violation or a Form and Manner Error for that Day? Tap on the day that has the exclamation icon to view the Violation or to find out what Information is missing from your Log Form The HOS violation will be listed below the Log graph It looks like there is a 30 Minute Rest Break Violation on this log Tap on the Violation to find out when it occurred The Log graph will highlight in red You can correct your HOS Violations Directly in the KeepTruckin App by Inserting a Past Duty Status or by editing your Current Duty Status events To edit a Duty status event tap on the event on the log graph Or you can Select the event from the list Below the log graph Tap The Edit button next to the event you’ve selected If an incorrect Duty Status was previously Recorded you may select a New Duty Status Tap on the Time Field to change the start or end time for the selected event Tap Save The Log Graph will display the changes View Forms and Manner Error If the exclamation Icon is on the tab labeled form that means You are missing information on your log form tap on the forum tab to view what information is missing Looks like You forgot to add Your Shipping Document details Simply add the required information and the error will disappear Tap Save Once all Required fields are complete the exclamation icon on the form tab will disappear The red exclamation icon on the sign tab indicates that You are missing a signature for that day Select the tab labeled Sign Tap The Sign Log button and use your finger to electronically Sign The Log Tap save to finish The Next time you Sign your log your signature will be saved Claim Unidentified Driving Events If you are using the KeepTruckin ELD It is important to connect to the ELD from the keepTruckin App before you start driving If you do not Connect with the ELD before driving the vehicle Driving time will be recorded as an Unidentified Driving Event, until assigned to or claimed By a Driver The U.S department of Transportation has provided specific guidelines for Unidentified Driving Recorded By an ELD to comply with guidance provided by The DOT the keepTruckin ELD will notify you of any Unidentified Driving events after connecting to the Eld Once you have connected to the vehicle’s ELD from the KeepTruckin App any recent Driving Events will appear in the yellow ribbon on the main screen under Unidentified Driving Tap the ribbon to see the Driving Events Claiming an Unidentified driving Event will add that Driving time to the corresponding Day’s law to claim an Unidentified driving event tap claim Driving event A confirmation will appear in a Green Bar once claimed That driving Event has been added to your respective Day’s Log DOT Inspection When an officer asks to view your logs use the DOT Inspection mode feature on the App to show your logs Tap the Menu icon Select DOT Inspection mode To allow an officer to inspect your logs Tap Begin Inspection After Your Logs Appear on the screen hand your divides to the Officer The Officer can swipe Left or right to view your logs You can also Email or Fax your logs to the Officer if the hardcopy is requested Tap The Send Logs button to Email or Fax your logs Enter The Fax Number Tap send to complete the fax The Officer will receive your logs within a few minutes Contact KeepTruckin Support Do you have questions or concerns regarding KeepTruckin? Contact the KeepTruckin Support team from the pulldown menu in your App Select Help and Support from the menu You can also Re-watch this video and Many Others Directly in the KeepTruckin App Tap on call support to call KeepTruckin or tap on email support to message KeepTruckin

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