Jobs Y’all. Explore Information and Computer Technology!

Texas has jobs, y’all. Thousands of good-paying
jobs waiting to be filled. Satisfying jobs that can turn into lifelong careers. Rewarding
jobs in eight high-demand industries all over the state. Industries like information and
computer technology. By 2026, the information and computer technology
industry is expected to employ more than 290,000 people in Texas, with pay ranging up to hundreds
of thousands of dollars a year, from jobs that require an industry-recognized certification
to jobs that require postgraduate degrees. Like troubleshooting technology issues? You
might become a computer network support specialist. Like solving technology problems? You could
make a great computer systems analyst. Good at programming? The industry needs software
developers. Whatever your dream, can help
you explore careers in Texas industries. Empower yourself at– your
career, your story.

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