Job Opportunities in Germany: Computer Science

welcome everybody to the second episode
of job opportunities in Germany and in this video we are going to take up the
field computer science engineering my name is Bharat and this is Jobs 101
computer science Computer science in general has been a very well-paid field
in Germany so anybody who does informatik which is the german word for
computer science is known to earn a lot more than any kind of other fields in
engineering the types of specializations if you want to come for masters in
Germany that you could choose from are intelligent systems data science data
analytics and data engineering software engineering and management computer
science data and web engineering automotive software engineering and the
computer science field in Germany is so influential that just one University
like TUM has offered so many different specializations so some of these are
Computer Sciences games engineering business informatics bioinformatics
biomedical computing data engineering and analytics robotics cognition and
intelligence computational science and engineering now let’s talk about what
kind of salaries people in the field of computer science can expect after their
bachelor’s after their masters and after ten years of work experience so if you
have done bachelor’s you can expect to earn forty four thousand euros per year
right after your bachelor’s and then if you have done master’s in the same field
in Germany you can expect to earn up to 49 thousand euros per year which is also
very good sum and if you keep on working in the same field for the next ten years
or you have ten years of work experience then you can expect to earn 70 thousand
euros per year notice that all of these are median salaries that means there
could be a low one there could be a high one but in general the most number of
people who are getting a salary is going to be forty-four thousand after
bachelors 49 thousand after masters and 70 thousand after ten years of work
experience now let’s move towards the third major point which is what are the
major companies what are the major players in the field of computer science
in Germany so the first major very attractive company for the students and
for the job seekers in Germany is Google BMW Group s AP Microsoft Apple
Amazon Crytek Blizzard BSI BSI is a federal government agency for the
security in informatics or in Computer Sciences in general the students find it
very attractive especially the Germans because you get a lot of benefits from
the state and in general it has a better pension after the job ends then comes
IBM and Vidya Air plus and the German Space Research Center which is the DLR I
even have the cool paper colors of that company yeah if you want to do your
masters in Germany and want to do a job afterwards or if you directly come in
for a job to Germany these are the companies you should absolutely take a
look on there are also a lot of startups which are popping up every now and then
and you also have some middle and small-sized industries or companies
which are there in Germany but there you have more focus on German in general the
requirement of German in informatics or in Computer Sciences is less but anybody
who tells you that you don’t need German to have good job opportunities in
Germany that is PR misleading don’t believe those people now because you are
in my channel and you’re watching this video let me give you some insider tips
which the professors generally tell the students here and in general what the
company tell the students who are applying to different companies after
their masters is done or who are directly coming here for their jobs
the first very important point is if you are doing your masters here make sure
that you have some kind of internship done within your curriculum or you have
some reaction job alongside your masters that really helps both of these kinds of
employment gives you work experience and it also allows the company to evaluate
you over a longer period of time so it’s not like they sit you in for an
interview one or two hours and then they try to make an entire picture of you
it’s really not a smart way of evaluating if a person would be a good
fit for the company the best way for the companies to see if this person would be
eligible or would fit nicely in the company is by giving an internship or
some kind of part-time job to the students so that they can see if this
person fits perfectly in the company how was he performing in his job and so
on now the second very important point is if you cannot find any kind of
reaction and jobs or internships try to make your own projects try to do some
web dev in project on the side some app
development whatever it is that you’re really interested in just talk to the
professors see what kind of ideas they have and create a project on your own
this will really have come in contact with the startups during your masters or
already when you’re in India so try to talk to them see what kind of problems
they are facing what kind of people do they need and just try to give them some
kind of value try to offer them some kind of suggestions so that we can
connect with them on a more professional and a personal level and it is going to
be easier for them to just give you a job or like bring you in to make the
theme stronger in general stay in touch with the startups for the same reason I
am also doing a collaboration with the German Ministry of Economics and the
video will be coming up soon they have these different digital hubs and
different cities in Germany and we are going to interview the one in Hamburg
and talk to some new startups so that you guys who are the young talent and
the startups who are trying to do something have a better linkage with
each other and you can see if there is some kind of company you are some kind
of people with whom you would be interested to talk to with whom you
would be entrusted to grow the business and so on
so that is going to be a really important collaboration keep an eye out
for that I will also put important links in the description which you can just
read by yourself but most of the links are in German that is why I’m making
this video because most of the times there is this disconnect between
information which is giving in German and the people who want to use it so
there is where I come Forest in Germany more like bridging a gap between India
and Germany but anyways the last and the most important tip which I’ve already
mentioned before is it is important for you to learn German of course in
informatics and computer science jobs you don’t need it as much but anybody
like I said who says that you don’t need German to just get better opportunities
in Germany or to get a job in Germany they are misleading you miss guiding you
and I wouldn’t advise you to listen to those kind of people so to summarize
this whole video computer science is a really strong field in Germany and
there’s a huge demand for people who are qualified who know what they are doing
who have the skills in the German job market so I would highly encourage you
to just start preparing yourself for the German job culture or the job market and
if you have any kind of questions you can write in the comment section so if
you want to session one-on-one you can come to my
website and apply for that and don’t forget to share this video so that you
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some value out of it and I will see you in the next video bye

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