Jeep Wrangler Cobra CB Radio (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install

This Cobra CB Radio is for those of you that
have a 1987 and up Wrangler, and are looking for a radio that you can install in your Jeep
very easily, not have a big, bulky CB radio sitting on the dash or in the center console. Something that you can hide away and that
still has a ton of functionality. So getting this installed is going to be an
easy two out of three wrenches. I give it an easy two out of three because
there is some wiring involved, but overall this is a fairly simple process. Now, this radio is going to be more expensive
than some of the other ones on the market, but you are going to get a lot of additional
features with this radio as far as functionality goes. And probably the biggest feature of this radio
is that the whole brains of the operation is just this little small box here that you
can mount anywhere you like, hide it out of the way. And then when you want to be able to use your
radio, all you need to do is attach the hand piece that has all of your controls on it,
and also your speaker built right into it. When you don’t wanna use it, you can unscrew
it, hide that away and no one would ever know that you have a radio, which is really nice
for theft protection. So the biggest feature of this radio is what
I’ve mentioned already, that the brains of everything are just this small box here that
you can mount out of the way, where you’re never gonna see it. And then just have the handpiece when you
need it, when you want to have your radio. Now, that is a very nice feature and that’s
the reason that a lot of people purchase this radio. But you are getting a ton of features with
this radio as well. This radio is gonna be able to monitor two
channels at once. You’re going to, of course, get your 40 CB
channels, but you’re also going to get 10 different weather channels. This is going to have an easy one-touch button
that will get you back to your emergency channel, your channel nine. This is also going to have some great noise
cancelling technology built right into it, so other than just your squelch, which of
course you’re still going to have to adjust, you can turn that on and it will eliminate
as much of the additional feedback noise through the speakers as possible, which again is just
a really nice feature. This does have a lot of the features that
a lot of you are looking for in a CB radio. Plus it has that compact mounting location
and mounting specification, which is a very nice feature to have. So getting this installed is going to be an
easy two out of three wrenches. I give it an easy two out of three, because
there is some wiring involved, but overall this is a fairly simple process. If you’re not comfortable with automotive
wiring, you could probably figure this out because there are only two wires to the installation. However, if you’d rather take your Jeep to
have it installed at a shop, you can certainly do that as well. Now the first step in this installation is
going to be mounting the brainbox of this radio, and you can really mount that behind
the dashboard, behind your glovebox, and your center console. Anywhere you want to, to hide it up and out
of the way. From there you’re gonna have to power that,
and you do have a positive and a negative lead, and you’re gonna want to power that
directly from the battery if at all possible, because you want the cleanest power possible
to that unit. That’s going to eliminate any additional back-feeding,
or any additional static that you might otherwise get if you pick up power through a switch
or a resistor or anything like that. So, nice clean power directly from the battery
if you can get it. Now, you do wanna be able to have access to
this small wire that comes off of that brain, that’s where you’re going to hook up the rest
of the radio. So make sure that it’s not in a completely
inaccessible location, but you can hide that up out of the way if you choose to. The next step is of course running your wire
out to your antenna and hooking that up. And as with any radio, you are going to have
to use a SWR meter in order to tune this so that you can use it safely and effectively. This radio will run you right around $135,
but I do think that’s still a very fair price for the features that you’re getting and the
ability to remote mount this system so you don’t have to figure out where you’re gonna
put a much larger CB radio. If you are looking to spend less money, but
be able to communicate over CB, there are some less expensive radios out there, they’re
just gonna have far fewer features. So if you’re looking for a radio that has
a ton of bells and whistles and the ability to remote-mount it up out of the way, I definitely
recommend taking a look at this Cobra CB Radio that you can find right here at

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