It’s a NO from me! – TaoTronics BH060 ( Soundsurge 60 ) ANC Wireless Headphones Review (2019)

– What’s up fam? This is your boy El Jefe
and I’m here to talk to you guys about the TaoTronics BH060. Now, this headphone
wasn’t even on my radar and I like TaoTronics headphones. So it was a couple of subscribers
and a couple of viewers that had mentioned these
to me, and they reached out when I asked for
suggestions on headphones, they left them in the comments
section, so I reached out to TaoTronics and they
sent these over stat. So just a heads up, they did
send these over for my opinion. Now, if this is your first
time here, and you guys aren’t sure about the way I
do things, whether the company sends me out the product or
if I go out and buy it myself, I’m always gonna keep is
100% real with you guys and let you know whether or not they’re worth your hard earned money. So with that said, let’s get into it. So, the TaoTronics BH060s. These guys weren’t even on my radar yet. You know, as far as
TaoTronics headphones goes, you know in the 60 dollar
mark, I was recommending you guys pick the TaoTronics BH040s. You know I did a full review
and comparison reviews of these headphones, and
if you guys are interested in that, I’ll be leaving a link to that in the description box down below. So, those headphones, they rock. So here’s the BH060s, right? Let me do something quick, let me show you what comes out of the box. So, nice feeling, good feeling box. Got a little crunched up
in shipping, but no biggie. So, inside a nice plastic bag, they come in their own hard shell case, right? Pretty dope. Metallic TaoTronics logo, I like that. It even smells good. So, pop these open, you’ve got
your usual cables and stuff in a nice little baggie,
you got the charging cable, you got our three and a
half millimeter if you want to run them in wired mode, your happy unhappy card and your instruction manual. So they come with that. And then you’ve got the
headphones themselves. So, good feel to them. You know, nice, they fold
up, they fully rotate, premium feel, subtle
TaoTronics branding on them, I mean everything looks good,
the padding is excellent. So yeah, and then they fold
right up right into their case just like that, close
the case, easy storage. So, that out of the way. I know I normally don’t do that stuff, but I wanted to show it to you guys. So first off, let’s talk about
some of the things I like and then we’ll move into
the things I don’t like. So first up, build quality. So build quality is actually fairly good for a headphone that’s under 100 bucks. A lot of plastic in the build, I assume there’s some aluminum up in the top, in the headband piece
like they usually do. TaoTronics isn’t known for
making cheap headphones. I really like the build
quality of the BH040 and the BH060 is no slouch. Fully foldable, you got the
fully rotatable ear cups, plenty of cushioning
both on the ear cushions and on the headband
itself, and comfortable. You know, they’re also fairly lightweight, but they’re not overly lightweight. I would say probably mid range,
so let’s say not as heavy as like, your Bluedio
headphones that are all metal, but they also don’t feel
super light and cheap. So, I’d say they’re probably in a happy middle ground if you had to ask me. Now as far as battery life
goes, they are claiming 30 hours worth of playback time. In my testing, I managed
to squeeze right around 24 and a half hours with
active noise canceling turned on the entire time, still not bad. I’m sure if you left the ANC turned off, maybe listened to different types of music and different volume you
could probably squeeze out those 30 hours, but so far in my testing out of the box I got 24 and a half hours. Now, another cool
feature that they do have is a quick recharge feature,
so if you want to get, maybe they die on you and you
want to get back listening to music really quick,
they’re claiming five minutes will get you two hours
worth of playback time. I got maybe an extra hour and 15 minutes, but when I did a 10 minute
charge I got almost two hours. So I don’t know about that
five minute for two hours, but 10 minutes for two hours, for sure. And I think it’s a nice
touch that we’re starting to see that kind of
technology trickle down to some of the more
budget minded headphones. Now before I forget, I almost forgot to mention the connectivity. Now these headphones are
running Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity, so connecting
them up to my Galaxy, to my iPhone and even OnePlus
6, not an issue at all. And then, also important
to me, could be important to you guys, is also
video latency, or lag. As far as that goes, I haven’t
experienced any latency when running Android,
YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, any of that stuff, no latency whatsoever. As per usual though, on iPhone,
on the YouTube app for iOs, I did have a little bit of
latency, nothing too crazy, you know it’s nothing that
you can’t really deal with but it is there and I want
to let you guys know that. And then for those of you
who are either doing mobile gaming, the games that I
played, Pokemon Go, Asphalt Assault, stuff like that,
there’s some latency there. There’s always gonna be latency
as far as gaming goes, as far as I can tell they haven’t
found a way to resolve that. This has nothing to do
with the headphones, this is more about the
app and the way that games are played and designed,
not gonna get into all that. But as far as gaming goes
there is quite a bit of delay. Now, let’s talk about the sound quality. This is what a lot of people are here for so let’s talk about that real quick. It’s sort of a double edged sword here. So, sound quality to me
is actually pretty good for a budget set of headphones. I think the sound quality
on these is actually better than the TaoTronics
BH040, slightly more volume, bass seems a little
bit deeper, so not bad. I really do like the way that these sound. But there is a but,
and it’s something that for some people could be a deal breaker. So, that is when we talk about the active noise cancellation. And for that, let’s take it outside. So, as far as the noise canceling goes, if you want to block out
some of the ambient noise whether you’re outdoors
like this, or if you’re in a train on your commute,
or maybe on the bus, whatever it might be, they’re good at blocking out low frequency noise. So, obviously they’re not
gonna be as good as like, your Sony XM3s or your Bose
QC35s, but for a headphone that’s well under 100 bucks,
it’s actually fairly good. Now, what other people
aren’t talking about, and what I’ve noticed
in some of the reviews, and yes I do read people’s Amazon reviews, is that they’re not
mentioning the fact that the noise canceling
reduces some of the bass and some of the mid range
on these headphones. Now, it isn’t anything too drastic. It’s not, say, as bad as what
you get on the Bluedio T4s or the T5s where it
totally cuts out the bass, but there is a noticeable reduction. So definitely keep that in mind. You know, if that’s a huge
deal to you, or that’s a major deal breaker, then you may want to pass on there, but it is different. The BH040s you activate the
noise canceling and there was actually a slight
improvement in the sound quality, but on the BH060s there
is a slight reduction and I figured you guys
should know about that. So at this time am I
gonna recommend you guys going out and picking
up the TaoTronics BH060? To keep it real with you guys,
I’m gonna have to say no. Even though that loss of
sound quality to the active noise canceling is small,
to me it’s enough to where it sort of ruins the experience
for me because it’s like it’s pulling the soul out of the music. Losing that little bit of
base, little bit of mid range, is a deal breaker for me personally. Now, you guys might feel differently. Maybe you’re looking for a set
of headphones around 60 bucks that are comfortable,
come with a carrying case, good battery life, recharge
quickly, and comfortable. And maybe you’re not a stickler
for the noise canceling, that’s not that big a deal for you. These will do a good job and they’ll get the job done for you. But for me personally,
considering the other options out there in this market
in the same price range, you got the MPOW H5s, you’ve
even got the TaoTronics BH040, or even the MPOW H10s,
those options all give you great sound and noise
canceling without sacrificing the sound quality to have
that noise canceling. So, I don’t know, that’s why
it’s a no go for me though. It’s because you have
better options out there. And even if you wanted to
spend a little extra money, you could get like the
Soundcore Space NCs if you wanted to keep it under 100 bucks and that’ll be a great option for you. So, for your boy El Jefe,
for right now, my personal opinion, I would skip on
the BH060s until they get that loss of bass issue sorted out. But, let me know what you guys think. If you guys agree with your boy El Jefe, leave that down in the comment section. And if you guys have any
recommendations on good headphones for under 60
bucks, that’s the reason I even made this video
was based on your guys recommendations, leave them down there. I love hearing your guys’ suggestions. And as always, if you guys like this video go ahead and smash that like button, and if you guys didn’t like this video, go ahead and hit the dislike button. I know there’s always one
or two of you out there and I don’t want you feeling left out. And if you haven’t done so already consider joining the fam,
hit that subscribe button along with the small notification bell that way you never miss
any of my weekly videos. So with all that said, I
hope I brought you guys some good value today, I
hope you enjoyed this video, I hope everybody has a great week, and I will see you guys in my next video.

81 comments on “It’s a NO from me! – TaoTronics BH060 ( Soundsurge 60 ) ANC Wireless Headphones Review (2019)”

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