Is App Store Optimization (ASO) Dead?

what is up app nation it is Steve be
young founder of at masters calm the place you go when you want action-packed
content related to growing your app business and today I want to talk about
is a s o dead and what can you focus on in 2020 as you try to grow downloads
organically look it spoiler alert it’s getting harder and harder especially for
the smaller publishers to utilize ESO and grow that organic traffic a lot of
outside variables before keyword optimization would be phenomenal you can
update some keywords put some keywords here in there and then boom you’re off
and running you see instant growth but unfortunately these days there’s a lot
of other factors that go in to keyword rankings that makes it harder for
smaller app publishers to really utilize keyword optimization and get that growth
so this is a presentation that I did for the mobile growth summit that just
happened in February 2020 and I wanted to show it to you guys for YouTube
hey so in 2020 what is working today so I don’t know for me like so much is
changing that frankly I’m like man all right I don’t know and so we’re gonna
explore this together and what I really want to do and this is
my way of doing this with YouTube is kind of figure out and highlight some of
the things are working today and then as things change continue to update this
content on YouTube obviously to tell you what’s not working and what is working
today alright for those who aren’t familiar I
do have a podcast check it out and it is the number one podcast I would say we’ve
been doing this for eight years now 700 plus episodes with some of the most
famous people at publishers out there Chris Barton who founded Shazam David I
shall create a color switch a bunch of different founders here Matthew Hall
created Crossy Road William Todd who was a VP for Rovio Keith tier who did who
co-founded TechCrunch so really remarkable people I want to showcase
them this is how I’ve built my whole bread and learn from these thought
leaders to then hopefully share back with you what everything that I’ve
learned alright some of our big clients out there
Red Bull next door McAfee whoonga fun plus and there
Gamze got a bunch more that I haven’t updated this but a lot of big-name
clients are working with us as well okay so if you haven’t checked it out go to
app master Jacques comm slash iTunes and you’re obviously watching this on
YouTube alright let’s get into some of the tips
here number one focus on high traffic keywords in the app title if you’ve been
following my channel you know this tip but I want to make sure you utilize this
tip as well here’s a tip that I feel like a lot of beginner asos miss that
the US app store indexes the Spanish Mexico localization so if you put
English keywords in your Spanish Mexico localization you can double the amount
of keywords that you’re targeting so definitely have a different app title
than us and your Spanish Mexico okay because that allows you to rank for
different keywords really well I want to share this case study for a client and
this is why I feel like going after high traffic keywords is so valuable so
there’s a client of ours that was doing roughly about 80 downloads a day without
really any big ASO they had a brand term that had high traffic so about 4.0
traffic and they were number one and there were number one for this other
keyword that was decent traffic and it’s not a lot but I think the 4.0 is driving
most of the traffic and so you can kind of guess that okay a 4.0 would probably
translate to about 60 downloads 60 to 80 downloads right so they’re just doing
number one for that that was the big keyword driver in my opinion because
they weren’t ranking really well for anything else when we updated it we saw
that we got to 300 downloads a day so literally almost 5x their downloads
right and what we saw was we went after this really generic high traffic keyword
and were able to get number five for that ranking and obviously there are
these nice keywords that have decent traffic and low competition where two
and four but this was the big driver and when we got to number two for this
particular keyword we’re driving thousands of downloads a day so that’s
the power of search when you can get it that high alright so really having this
keyword in the title helped jump it from I think we’re number eighty to number 5
and we’re able to see that huge increase in downloads so that’s why it’s really
important to have those high traffic no matter the competition key
words in your app title now I have shared different hacks on the app
masters Academy on how do you rank well for these set by keywords that trick is
working still but not working as well as it did back here in this case study but
you gotta have to check out app masters Academy because I can’t share for free
I’m here alright the next thing you want to focus on is generating a lot of App
Store ratings a lot of them so I’ve shared that you can buy some right be
careful when you do that but one of the best things you can do is integrate that
iOS default iOS review prompt because it allows users to review your app without
leaving your actual app and going to the App Store so I see this from a lot of
app stills but you have to integrate this don’t use that default message
won’t like our game and then it takes me to the App Store I don’t leave it but I
can easily leave it here and we’ve seen clients double the amount of ratings by
integrating this app store prompt so here’s an example of Zinio that I
absolutely love and Zinio what they do really well is sort of lead the user to
a five-star so the first screenshot is love our app please rate us five stars
or would you rate us five stars and if they say yes they say right now no no
problem they don’t the once they hit right now
then they show the prompt right because there are limitations to showing this
prompt you can only show it about three times in a given year I think that’s
what the limitations are it may have been upgraded but it was just three
three times you can show this prompt three times in a year span okay see it’s
put know things cool I’m not gonna show you this problem but they said would you
rate us five stars well it says here please rate us five stars and they’d be
in a phenomenally grow the amount of ratings that they have so look at this
in a nine year span they had about seven thousand you know over seven thousand
five hundred five star ratings but from launching this campaign they’re able to
get a ton more just out pace the past nine years in just one month alone so
just that leading the user be like hey do you love our app would you rate us
five stars if they yes then ask him for it can really
filter the people who love your app and aren’t gonna give you that five stars so
you’re kind of leading the user to a five star rating next is all about
creative optimization like I said before keyword optimization isn’t as important
anymore and so creative optimization is truly truly important now this is what
we’re trying to help our clients do as well so for those who want to play a
game I’ve shared this case study in the past but which Icahn led to a 50% growth
in downloads without changing the keywords without changing anything else
A or B and I’ll give it a little bit of a pause here so you can decide okay so
it is actually a that one it led to a 50% increase in downloads so really pay
attention we didn’t change anything else we only change icons so really pay
attention especially on Google Play when the app icon is very prominent in the
search results all right again screenshots so important and this is
what I do with every single screenshot optimization that we’re working on is
talk about what the app does for a screenshot and why you should use us the
social proof what we do and why we’re cool essentially right and this led to a
91% increase in downloads by just changing the screenshots we didn’t do
anything else to the keywords nothing else just change the screenshots around
so we had this saying look here’s what exactly what we do and look at we’re
trusted so you want to tell them be clear on what you do don’t try to be
clever be clear on what you do and give them some social proof if you don’t have
that social proof then what I would say is borrow it meaning
Einstein said this or blah blah blah said that all right so like these things
are variables of social proof anything that you can say like right here 91%
increase in downloads it’s sort of social proof and some odd number that
you can put so not like 100 some non-round number that actually leaves
some more trust so the fact that I’m saying 91% increase in downloads is much
better than me saying 2x increase in downloads although they’re very much
similar right because there’s more trust inherent trust when I just tell you that
any 1% rather than just sink 2x and round it up so try to get as specific of
a number as you possibly can all right next backlinks still working
well on Google Play so if you think about SEO and building up backlinks to
your website and that helping with your overall keyword rankings same thing
applies on Google Play so that is literally linking the keyword that
you’re targeting to your Google Play app store and that signals to Google
hey this keyword is very relevant to this particular app I’ve got case
studies with clients where they’re ranking really well for very competitive
games by building backlinks so here’s just a screenshot again for proof that
here the app was ranking close to 10 for this particular keyword but because
we’re building backlinks they’re able to get it to number 2 for this particular
keyword and it’s a very very competitive keyword this is on Google Play so that
requires a lot of work but if you need help let us know we’re happy to help out
but it does require a lot of work because we have to reach out to blog
publishers and let them know hey this app exists and essentially pay them and
link back to our App Store link alright so the before and I would say this is
late 2019 before we could do keyword optimization and we would see instant
growth now I feel like keyword optimization doesn’t lead to instant
growth that’s not to say keyword optimization isn’t important that’s just
to say if you’re just thinking that keyword optimization is gonna lead to
instant growth you’re probably not gonna see those instant growth metrics what
you need to do is still have that foundation but focus on all the other
variables that are related to ASO so here the factors keyword optimization
still important although I just want to curb your expectations creative
optimization running search ads and Google Adwords focusing on Appstore
reviews and definitely focusing on monetization and retention so those are
the factors you’ve got to focus on you can’t just do keyword research keyword
optimization and poof you’re up and running it’s gonna be a part of the
puzzle now and I think it’s becoming an equal part of the puzzle with all these
other factors I that’s it guys let me know what you
think and what you are experiencing in the App Store’s with ASO because frankly
this YouTube channel is a community let’s help each other out here’s what
I’m noticing what are you noticing if you don’t want to tell me publicly just
email me Steve at masters calm or dot CEO Steve at masters calm and let me
know I’m happy to chat with you and kind of just share some knowledge and trade
knowledge with what’s working and what’s not working for us alright if you want
to see some of our tactics go check out at masters Academy com
that shows you all the ASO strategies that we have in our arsenal and get
access to that along with PR Apple feature like everything we do for our
clients is in there everything I know about how to grow app downloads is in at
masters Academy com alright guys until next time I’ll see you on the next video you

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    You gotta upgrade your camera it lags so much.

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    Great Content.ASO will never be dead.ASO is all about algorithm apple and google have on there app store and algorithm always be there so the ASO.

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    ASO will never be dead, we are going top day by day already 2 year and have around 2500 keywords in US )

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    I love the Zinio rating flow. Makes a lot of sense. Less clicks the better

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    Steve I think ASO will never be dead but it'll start changing rapidly soon enough to give app marketers a hard time

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    In my Experience , ASO is dead . You must invest in ads .

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