iReliev Wireless TENS / EMS Therapeutic Wearable System Review – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and the folks
at iReliev sent me one of their products to review. what’s in the box?
let’s find out. so let’s open up this nice carrying case and find out.
so iReliev sent me their Wireless TENS EMS therapeutic wearable system. and so
you all probably know I love TENS units. I think when they’re used in conjunction
with exercises and stretches, they can give you a lot of pain relief. and so
their unit is really really cool. what I love about it is, first of all, that it’s
wireless. Wireless is such a neat concept now because even though just traditional
units are great and they work fine, a lot of times there’s a lot of wires all over
the place. and with TENS and EMS units, you can wear them while you’re doing
things, stretches and exercises, or even just doing out and about activities. so
when it’s wireless, it makes it just it’s more convenient. it’s less noticeable if
you don’t want people to see what’s going on. and so it’s just a nice benefit
to have with a TENS EMS unit. so you can see here their remote or the thing
that’s controlling these pieces, which are the wireless pieces, is nice and
small. so once you get everything started, you can put it in your pocket and then
just go on and not have to worry about it at all. so these are the little pods
that go with it. and so what’s cool about this is that they sync up really easily
with the unit. and so it comes with two, but they also have expandable packs so
you can use up to four different channels. and so with the channels, it’s
also really nice because you just turn these on. and if they’re all on they will
sync together, so if you want to use it so if I if I turn the intensity up both
of these go up, you can or you can actually set it so they’re all
independent. so let’s say you wanted to work on your leg and you want to work on
your shoulder at the same time, but you didn’t want them to be synced together
doing the same thing because one might be you need to be more intensity. you
could do that independently, so that just kind of makes it a lot easier overall. so
it also comes with the two electrode pads here to go with the controlling
unit pods here. and so what’s really cool is this again
it’s just a super easy setup. you see this is it’s nice because it’s a nice
big pad. it’s got the two here so you can kind of put wherever your area of pain
is in the middle. and so these just snap on super easy. it doesn’t take much just
to get them snapped in just like that. and so it also is rechargeable and it
comes with this, and again this little carrying case. what I like about this is
everything has its own little spot, so you don’t have to have everything
jumbled together. you can take it with you. you can take it to work. you can
travel with it. it’s just all nice they’re together which is always really
nice because if you’re like me, you like to have everything organized. so
what you want to do is when you when you first get ready to get started, turn on
the pods first. either you know the one or two that you want to use, and then so
once you get this on, this has some settings that tells you what is this. so
you really just, you’ve got the on button. I mean your off button and
your on button, and your settings, and your channels here. so you just want to
hold it down for two seconds and it’ll come on. it’s got a nice backlight here
so if you’re in you know, if you’re trying to go to sleep, you know you want
to put it on a little bit to calm down before you go to sleep, you can kind of
see what’s going on with that backlight there. once the little wireless thing
comes on it means that they’re connected. so if that doesn’t come on, that means
that they’re not quite synching together yet. so you’ve got the tens and EMS
component. and of course, like I said, if you’ve seen some of my videos you know
what tens is but tens is transcutaneous electrical nerve
stimulation. and so really that’s working those surface nerves. it is specifically
for pain control. that’s what you’re using a TENS unit for. EMS is electrical
muscle stimulation, and that’s actually working the muscles. they are two
different types of currents, so you really don’t want to use one for the
other. you really know if you just want to do pain control, you’re trying to
relax, maybe you’re trying to do a stretch and it hurts, use the tens. if
you’re trying to get some of that muscle retraining back, or you know if you’ve
done a workout and your muscles are fatigued and you want to kind of help
them recover, then you use the EMS. and so you you can use the different ones for
that. so it’s got 14 different modes total for the TENS and the EMS.
so it’s got a lot of options for you, which is really nice, and I like that as
well. and so what I just think is so important and they’ve done a great job
is their instructional manual. because I know a lot of you have asked me
questions with your own unit in the past, and it’s a little bit tough because most
of the units come with a manual, but a lot of them are different. some of them
are very similar, and if you’ve used one before you can kind of figure out how to
use the other, but what’s really nice when you have a nice manual like this is
not only do they tell you how to set everything up, and it shows you how to
set you know if you want the the one channel using all of them, or if you want
independent Channel. it’s got colored pictures to show you how to do all of
these. But what I really like, and I think people appreciate this as well, is it
goes through each setting. so here you can see it’s got your tens settings, and
your EMS settings. and it tells you not only the benefits of which ones they do,
but what you’re supposed to feel with it. and this is important because sometimes
if you don’t know what you’re supposed to feel, you’re kind of like I don’t know
is this feeling a good feeling? is this a bad feeling? you know what do I do?
and so this over here on the EMS side also kind of shows you when you should
maybe use it. so you know if you’re if you’re sore after a workout, use this
setting. you know if you want to help retrain those muscles, use this setting.
and so it’s just it’s a lot of nice good information that’s not always in the
manuals. and I think it’s really important to know how to use your tens
unit or your EMS unit because if you’re just putting it on, and you don’t know
what you’re doing ,you’re not getting the best benefit out of it. and so having
this really helps you utilize your unit to the best that you can use it too. and
really give that pain relief, really get those muscles working, and to be able
to use them with stretches and exercises. so I really like that component as well.
so let me put it on real quick and just kind of show you how it works. so I had
turned everything off. I’m going to turn everything back on. so again I turned
this the the pod on first, and then I turn the unit on just holding that
button down. so this is a fairly larger pad. you might would you know use it on
your leg your thigh or something. I’m just gonna use it on my
arm to kind of show you you can. my arms are not as big as some other people’s
but, so you can just kind of wrap it around like that. so depending on where
your pain is with when it’s a wireless one just like this and if you’re just
using one pod, you probably want to put it almost directly over the area or in
the center of the area. so the two quote you know channels going back and forth
and that one channel are kind of encompasses that. you know if you had two
together, you might if your pain was here, you put one a little bit lower and one
on top and then so it’s kind of getting that whole area. so as you can see here
you can change the channels by pressing on the setting button, and what the
setting button does is it’ll blink and I’ll show you. so this is on the tens. if
you wanted to change it you could change using the buttons up and down. so now
it’s the EMS. if you want to go back to tens, you go there, and then if you want
to go to your programs, or your modes, or your channels, you can go up and down
with that one. and then you can also set the time over here. and so you know just
I usually say honestly probably more than 15 or 20 minutes a time you don’t
need to, but you could. the the settings go up higher than that. and then you have
your intensity here. so I always say you know go until you start to feel
something because some of the settings you might get to two or three before you
actually feel anything. so I’m already feeling just a little a little. it’s
probably the acupuncture setting where I’m feeling it it’s almost like
someone’s just tapping on me a little bit. so with tens since it’s for pain
control, you want it to be strong, but you want to be comfortable. so when people
say you know which settings should I use? well you can look in the manual and see
what they suggest, but if you’re looking for pain control, you really want it to
be whatever it feels good for you. so you know setting one for me might be great,
but for you setting two or three might be better. so really I would say go
through the settings and see how they feel. but again, you want to be strong but
comfortable. with the tens unit, you really shouldn’t have a sustained
contraction. it shouldn’t just be holding the muscles. so if that’s happening, you
have it too high, or maybe you need to slightly replace or move the electrode
around place it in a different place. so that’s kind of nice
that you can do that. and then if you want to again change the settings you
just kind of go all the way around again until it’s blinking. so it’s pretty easy
to use. pretty straightforward. nothing too fancy, but that’s nice because
sometimes you don’t want fancy, you just want you know, you’re hurting. you want to
get this thing on or your muscles are fatigued you want to recover them. you
want to get it on and get going, and so this option is a really great thing. I
love the wireless. I love the extra information in the manual just to help
you really utilize your unit. so if you’re interested in purchasing the iReliev
unit or any of their other products, make sure and click on the link
up there. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there. and remember be
safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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    Heard Medicare approves this with a doctor's description. I can I order this unit from Medicare?.

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    Hi Doctor Jo. I wanted to know if it's possible you could do a video about muscular imbalances throughout the entire body and how to fix them.

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    How would or should this be used with piriformis syndrome or sciatica? Can't seem to find any specifics regarding this.

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    This device would be good for sciatic nerve damage?

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    Hi Dr. Jo – Since the device is for nerve or muscular pain, I’m assuming I shouldn’t use it for my Achilles tendinitis? My Rt one is very tender/sore from overuse. Daily pincer grip massage using thumb & index finger producing little results. Going on 5 days. Thank you!

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    Congrat for your very good video. So, what do you think about '' russian stimulation '' ?

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