iPad Pro vs ARM Laptop – Can Galaxy Book S compete?!

There’s been a lot of hype around ARM laptops
in the past year because it basically gives you a less expensive laptop that’s thinner,
lighter, less expensive and packing more battery life than a traditional laptop. And that’s exactly what you get with Samsung’s
Galaxy Book S, which we believe is the best ARM laptop available right now. It’s packing a 7nm mobile ARM chip which
is not only powerful, but super efficient, so it doesn’t require loud fans to keep
it cool, which is one of my personal favorite benefits of this laptop. You also get incredibly good battery life,
rated up to 25 hours, running Windows 10 and featuring a keyboard and trackpad, just like
a laptop. Now if you’ve seen our review of the Galaxy
Book S, you’ll know that there are definitely some issues with it, mainly software support
and optimizations. So after using this for a couple of days,
we got to thinking, what if it makes more sense to simply skip out on this ARM laptop
and just go for Apple’s iPad Pro instead. Now it’s obviously a tablet that doesn’t
run desktop software, but it’s become more and more like an actual laptop in the past
year, thanks to tons of software improvements and new apps. If you want to learn about that, be sure to
check out our iPad Pro in 2020 review after this video. So to make our iPad Pro comparable to the
Galaxy Book S, we had to make sure it’s a 256GB model with LTE connectivity, since
that’s what you get with the Samsung. We also had to get a keyboard case, and the
Brydge Pro case for $100-150 on Amazon is the best out there. However, it doesn’t
pack a trackpad, which is exclusive to the upcoming Brydge Pro Plus which is shipping
next month. That brings the price of the iPad Pro to around
$1150 to $1200, a couple hundred more than the Book S, and that’s with the 11” iPad
Pro model, not the larger 12.9” which is more expensive and a better fit as a laptop
replacement. Another downside of the iPad is that you don’t
get true cursor support like you do with the ARM laptop. Now there are rumors that Apple is working
on a smart keyboard with a built-in trackpad which shows that there’s a chance Apple
will be adding cursor support, but there’s no guarantees. Getting into the comparison, the Book S is
quite a bit thinner and lighter compared to the iPad Pro with it’s keyboard case, but
the iPad has a much smaller footprint thanks to the 11” size. Samsung did an excellent job with their hinge,
being easy to open but sturdy as well. The hinge on the brydge keyboard isn’t as easy
to open, but it seems even more sturdy, and it has the added benefit of laying flat on
a table. Looking at them side by side, the display
on the Samsung is obviously much larger, but since it’s using a 16:9 aspect ratio, you
only get a bit more vertical space than the iPad, which is surprising, and you can obviously
remove the keyboard if you want to use it like a tablet, for even more vertical screen
real estate and for things like drawing. Since the keyboard case has to match the 11”
size of the iPad, the keys are a bit scrunched together so it’s not as comfortable to type
on compared to the Galaxy, which has a full-size keyboard with keys that feel better than on
the Brydge keyboard. They feel nice and tactile, just what you’d
expect from a laptop. And of course, the trackpad on the Book S
is the star of the show, with true cursor support with Windows 10. It’s definitely
not as good as a MacBook trackpad, but it’s actually decent compared to other Windows
laptops. Comparing the displays, the iPad Pro’s display
is quite a bit brighter, and it’s very color accurate with DCI-P3 wide color gamut. The major downside of the Galaxy Book S is
that the screen is very reflective alongside the lower brightness, so it’s definitely
harder to see the display when you’re in a bright room or outside. The Samsung’s display is a touchscreen, but
it doesn’t work nearly as well as the iPad Pro, which features 120hz ProMotion technology,
so it’s super smooth and fluid, and this also means that the Apple Pencil gets incredibly
low amounts of latency, so the drawing and note-taking experience is excellent. A huge benefit is that the speakers are really
nice and loud, sounding quite a bit louder than on the iPad Pro. However, the quality
itself was a bit dull and muted especially in the highs compared to the iPad Pro. The front-facing camera is also quite a bit
better on the iPad, here’s a comparison so you can see it for yourself. In terms of the ports, the iPad Pro features
just one USB-C port, which can be used to hook up to external storage drives and hubs
that give you extra ports. The Galaxy Book S actually comes with two
of them, which makes a huge difference! It also comes with a headphone jack, which is
missing on the iPad Pro. So you’re definitely getting better ports on the Samsung. While both of these devices have a matching
256GB of storage, you can get up to 1TB on the iPad Pro if you’re willing to pay a
couple hundred bucks more. However, the Samsung comes with a microSD card slot, allowing you
to get an extra 1TB of storage at a much lower price. File management was definitely better on the
Samsung compared to Apple’s Files app which just doesn’t have as much functionality,
but it’s been much improved with iPadOS. Even though the battery on the Galaxy Book
S is only around 40% larger than the battery on the iPad Pro, it’s rated for 25 hours
of battery life compared to around 10 on the iPad Pro. Now in the real-world, we definitely didn’t
see that much battery life, we experienced around 16 to 20 depending on what you’re
doing, which is definitely better than the 6-8 hours we saw on this iPad Pro. One thing we did notice is that the standby
battery life was worse on the Samsung, draining more battery life while not in use compared
to the iPad Pro. Now before we talk about software differences,
I want to get into the performance. When looking at standard benchmarks like Geekbench
5’s CPU test, the iPad Pro is getting around 2x more multi-core performance, which is surprising
because it’s around a year and a half old. We usually run the graphics test in Geekbench,
but it doesn’t work on ARM laptops, so we had to skip that test. We instead found a graphics browser test called
MotionMark version 1.1, and here, the Galaxy Books S scored 102 points compared to 694
on the iPad Pro, which is a pretty massive difference. We also tested the Speedometer 2.0 browser
benchmark, which shows us general browser performance for basically anything on the
web. In this test, the Galaxy scored 59.3 points
compared to 137 on the iPad Pro, so you’re definitely getting a much better web-browsing
experience on the iPad. We actually ran this test on three different
browsers on the Book S, Firefox, the new Edge and Google Chrome, and the new Edge scored
the best with that 59.3 score we achieved since it’s the most optimized for ARM chips. Now putting benchmarks aside, we decided to
compare the real-world performance between the two. We first played Asphalt 9, and on the iPad
Pro, it runs incredibly well. Perfectly smooth at 60 frames per second. The Galaxy Book S,
on the other hand, was horribly choppy. The FPS was so low that it was basically unplayable. We also downloaded Photoshop on both of these
devices, and even with 8GB of RAM on the Book S compared to 4 on the iPad Pro, the experience
was much more smooth on the iPad. For example, the spot healing brush was much
more responsive and quicker on the iPad than on the Book S. Now while the Samsung does get Windows 10,
it doesn’t support 64bit apps, which are basically most of them, including the most
powerful apps, so you’re very limited in terms of the apps you can use. Another downside is that since it runs Windows
10 and not Android, you don’t get access to any mobile apps either. On the iPad Pro, you obviously don’t get
any desktop apps but you get access to a massive library of iOS apps, which are all very optimized.
A lot of them have also been updated to use more and more of the iPad Pro’s power, so
they all work very well. This means that gaming is going to be many
times better than on the Book S. But of course, you don’t get a cursor and
real full-size desktop apps, like the QuickBooks Online app for business owners. On the other hand, the iPad does have it’s
own highly optimized app for that. So it comes down to the final question, is
it worth buying an ARM laptop right now when you can just buy an iPad Pro? Honestly, I still think it’s a bit too early
for ARM, since a lot of desktop apps haven’t been updated for 32bit or optimized for ARM
chips. You just don’t get the same software support compared to how many apps you can
get on the iPad. And since iPadOS was such an excellent update,
the iPad Pro actually functions well as a laptop replacement, so we would honestly choose
that instead of the Galaxy Book S. Now we are excited for Apple to switch their
MacBooks to ARM, because first of all, those MacBooks will have access to all of the great
iOS apps alongside desktop apps, something that you just can’t get on the Galaxy Book
S. And Apple’s been working very hard to make
it easier for developers to turn their 64bit apps into 32bit apps, so they transition to
ARM will be quite a bit quicker in terms of software. But for now, the iPad Pro is an excellent
choice, but at a slightly higher price since you’ll have to buy a keyboard case as well. Whichever one you choose, we’ll have links
down in the description below. If you enjoyed this video, check out those
two videos right over there and click the circle above to subscribe. Thanks for watching,
and we’ll see you in the next one!

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  1. Anukul Sharma Bhatra says:

    First in everything

  2. Max Tech says:

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  3. Texting World says:


  4. Nick Motsarsky says:

    S20 Ultra photo comparison coming soon?

  5. Michael Latta says:

    You should have compared to the 12.9 ipad

  6. Aung Naing Htet says:

    ARM Laptops are just shits untill they support 64 bits and ipad os is still not so good but Ipad os has the great potential

  7. Carson W says:

    Should have compared to the Bryde Pro+ with a 12.9' ipad since that would be a better comparison.

  8. D31 5M says:

    The new edge is great

  9. Al van der Laan says:

    Let's talk about history… First EVERY darn app needed to go from 16 bit to 32 to 64 bit. Now we are limiting ourselves by putting a "putt-putt" engine in a laptop? Why not use a phone? ARM is so dead, I sincerely hope Tim is not allowing Apple to even look at that chip, even when youtube creators think it might work it is never going to work. We wanted PWA, WebApps, that was gonna save us all, Chromebooks were the top sellers! If I were a betting man: Everything on iPad and iPad OS. Sure you can't run professional apps on it, but you can use Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel and that is what most people use, who cares about a bookkeeping piece of garbage that overcharges each year? Yeah, I know, my wife swears by QuickBooks or whatever, so she runs a Windows 10 laptop with an Intel processor. Call me a boomer, or old fashioned, but I am so sick and tired of flip flopping between systems that never give what they promised.

  10. Davout says:

    I'm a huge believer in ARM chips I I think they have a future in the PC world. But that job is only for Apple to make. Every other company is a support company. Apple is the only company that can make the whole industry to switch to ARM. Just no other company has the money and influence to make it happen.

    I like that Samsung is aat least trying to make something. This is clearly an unfinished product but a try nontheless. In my opinion it just cannot compete with the iPad because the ipad has more available apps and those apps which are supported on both run better on the iPad due to the far more powerful hardware and display.

  11. Vladder Max says:

    I Think Samsung Should’ve Added A Build In Android Emulator For Their Galaxy Book Laptops
    Cause Most Android Apps Are x86

  12. Tim R. says:

    $150 more but you actually get software for it… And in terms of raw power it's also much better. It's kind of a joke how much more powerful the A12X from 1.5 years ago is. In this comparison I would go with the iPad any day because it's better in just every possible way except "Trackpad" which is a weak argument in my opinion and ports if you need them.

    In terms of storage: don't forget that the 1TB internal storage of the iPad is WAY faster than a MicroSD will ever be…

  13. Doctor Brain says:

    Galaxy Book Flex vs MacBook

  14. Shahzar Bukhlaw says:

    I don't wanna interrupt but there was a green thing covering half of the screen for me.???

  15. Dustin Lee says:

    This video is more a review of the Brydge keyboard.

  16. Theo GT says:

    Imagine that the iPad Pro could run mac os . So with a mouse cursor, all mac os programs run etc…. . Then I would dispose of my 15 inch Macbook pro and only work with my ipad pro, which is connected to my 34 inch LG ultrawide monitor.

  17. andyH_England says:

    The prices for the iPad Pro are a lot cheaper than what was quoted due to the new iPad coming soon. A fairer test will be the new iPad Pro 2020 v Book S, rather than an 18-month-old iPad! Still, it is sad how bad ARM is that an old iPad can make the Galaxy Book S look so slow. ATM even mid-range Chromebooks are better than ARM laptops for overall usage.

  18. Oleh Khomey says:

    Didn't get the thing about 32 bits transition and Apple. Aren't their "A whatever" chips 64 bits?

  19. Paul White says:

    Apple ARM chips are 64bit and they will support 64bit ARM code in MacOS.

  20. Ale Miguel says:

    Just a clarification, the iPad Pro is 64 bit architecture , not 32 bit


  21. Grumpy Robin says:

    You realize you could do 99% of what the ipad pro does with a regular ipad right? it would still beat the arm laptop in performance. The only problem is the lightning port so you would need lightning to usb out port and other ports which for the ipad pro would be easier with an all in one dock. but you still get out waaaaay cheaper

  22. Nick Soong says:

    I think you mixed up 64-bit with 32-bit…

  23. Michael says:

    The iPad is much better in every way!!

  24. Aswin Hanagal says:

    Less expensive?

  25. Peter Wan says:

    the security of edge outperform the chrome.

  26. Led Zeppelin says:

    Samsung is rubbish!

  27. Anthony Oluwabiyi says:

    Are you reviewing or advertising Ipad? Review laptop to laptop etc. No impressed

  28. J C says:

    Software support is critical, until Apple shifts Mac apps or Microsoft shifts windows apps to ARM, the iPad Pro is the king of the RISC processing machines

  29. Женька Аксёнович says:

    Again this ugly iPad keyboard … one of the worst

  30. Mohammad Ekal says:

    Omg the screen of ipad pro is best screen I’ve ever seen is joke when u watching movies on it and smothness is not real when i was at apple store last week . .ipad pro is the best .windows i feel is so dated and boring.ipad 12.9 should come with keyborad from apple for free and is gonna good bounce

  31. Amoolya Garg says:

    Even an iPad air will beat an arm laptop any day for at least next 3 years

  32. tom black says:

    Just buy the magic keyboard…stop buying shit like this

  33. VanMan 23 says:

    In my opinion, ARM laptops are not gonna take off until Apple does it themselves. My dream computer, at the moment, is a MacBook Air with an improved display, the magic keyboard, and an iPad Pro processor. That would sell like hot cakes and I’ll ditch my current MacBook Air for that theoretical MacBook.

  34. tom black says:

    What a load of crap the book s truly is

  35. Peter Peter says:

    Basically the book s is a laptop trying to give tablet features , and the iPad is a Tablet tryna to give laptop features

  36. Mauricio Valdivia says:

    You should compare it to tab s6 to make it more realistic

  37. José Luis says:

    Remeber that in 3 weeks with the iPad Pro 2020; the 11" 256GB with LTE will be cost 900$ (900$ less) and the 12,9" 256GB with LTE, 1150$ (200$ less).

  38. Frince Cornista says:

    Can you do a review on the galaxy book flex?

  39. MaVi DeNiZ says:

    is it good for programming ?

  40. Billy says:

    You said Apple is making it easier for devs to convert their 64 bit apps to 32 bit? That makes no sense what so ever. All of Apple's ARM chips are 64 Bit and they phased out 32 bit apps. What you meant to say was Apple made it easier for devs to code in a universal platform agnostic language that can run on both """""x86 64 bit""""" CPUs and 64 bit ARM CPUs

  41. John J says:

    Support for arm on windows should be growing a bit more quickly. The only thing developers need to do is recompile, literally nothing else, so it should be insanely simple and easy. Also they’re working on 64-bit emulation for those that can’t be recompiled

  42. Crystalchaos says:

    Since Windows on ARM is in it's infancy; I'd love to see the Galaxy Book S have a dual boot option for Android 10/OneUI with Samsung DeX as the default interface. Is there a market for a laptop like that?

  43. Noob Gamer says:

    The Galaxy Book S is a Laptop for WORK and Not for playing!

  44. Shaun Halgryn says:

    Thanks for the gaming and photoshop comparison. How do they compare with office suites such as word, excel, email etc?

  45. Douglas Cesconetto says:

    I have an iPad Pro for a little bit more than a year and it simply not efficient as a laptop, if you're student and you do very basic tasks like read, browsing and watching vídeos, fine, but it's not a computer and to get things done I always have to switch to a computer, if Apple releases a fully optimized ARM 12 inch laptop it would be at least 3 generations ahead any other competitors and looks like we gonna have that very soon.

  46. Fadic4 says:

    Getting a windows 10 laptop with an ARM processor is like getting a pickup truck that can’t tow.

  47. Music Factory Studios says:

    You should try Manjaro Linux on the Samsung you would have a better experience than windows since more creative apps like Kdenlive, Handbrake, and others which are optimized for the Arm's "aarch64" architecture right now. Windows has a lot of catching up to do for ARM.

  48. THE X - GENERATION says:

    By spending a little bit more ,one. Should get dell's XPS base model with 8gb of ram ,which is much better than both of them in my opinion.

  49. ElecTrance 92 says:

    Apple will also have problem to export Mac os to arm, as most app is build for x86. Native arm apps for both big os is the obstacle here.

  50. 배태웅 says:

    This comparison is just silly. Who use ultra thin laptops for gaming and photoshop? Galaxy book is clearly targeted for office workers. Real office365 and full desktop browsing experience with keyboard. Office work on ipad? This is just joke.

  51. Brent Smithline says:

    Thing is Apple is not going to use 32 bit applications on it's ARM chip. The iPad Pro is a A12X Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture Neural Engine Embedded M12 coprocessor already running iPadOS/UNIX (OS family: Unix-like, based on Darwin [BSD], iOS). macOS (OS family: Unix, Macintosh). I am sure in R&D they already have had on the Apple campus for a number of years laptops running macOS on ARM 64 bit chips.

  52. Abdul Karim Razak says:

    Samsung all the way

  53. Graham says:

    Well, I've got both and since buying the Galaxy Book S I hardly ever use my iPad Pro and no longer carry it around with me – it sits next to my bed as a glorified audiobook player. The Galaxy S on the other hand goes with me and is used frequently – the instant on + rapid speed + ability to run 32-bit Windows software has it so useful; and of course the 4G internet is essential too, but all of my laptops for the last 7 or so years have had mobile broadband. No the real difference between the Galaxy S and all previous laptops I've had is never shutting it down and instant on and long battery life and no heat. I've reverted to older software though as it can't run x64 windows software but actually, that's been a great reminder that my older versions of photoshop, dreamweaver, statistical software etc. are just fine. The only frustrating thing about the Galaxy Book S is the lack of dropbox! But, Windows on ARM has ended my days with Apple and the need or desire to carry aroud a laptop and tablet.

  54. Ghislayne says:

    monitor shown at 1:03 ?

  55. elenchus says:

    you can split the difference with the excellent Tab S6 in DeX mode. I have iPad Pros too and the S6 has come closest of the two to becoming something akin to an ARM laptop, although I still love my iPad Pro.

  56. Adrianna Jackson says:

    Which would carry for four miles?

  57. Mouse GamingMC says:

    Why bother? The tab S4 and s6 is already better than iPad pro so of course the book is better

  58. rick Chapman says:

    There are many iPad solutions to make the cost of memory cheeper than this shows. iPad has all kinds of desktop software solutions too

  59. Justin says:

    Brydge 👏 is 👏 not👏 an 👏official 👏product👏, use👏 the original👏 keyboard

  60. The Scientist says:

    A usual review from an Applesheep. Since when iPad and iPad OS become a laptop 🤣🤣🤣🤣 when old android 4.4.2 KitKat has better multitasking capability. Let alone newer versions or windows. Only sheeps will take this probable DVD player over a full windows. Surface pro is way better which can be use as both fully laptop and tablet and more powerful! Which also has a decent battery life.

  61. SAURABH SINGH says:

    Apple is best.
    iPad is best.
    Samsung is just trash.

  62. Nerd Detected says:

    isn't it funny how the galaxy book s while performing so bad in games still gets more fps than the best mac book pro

  63. vincent fong says:

    I am a developer. I won't bother porting my software to windows arm anytime soon.

  64. GamingWiffJohn says:

    4:18 So weird that how I hear it, is the complete opposite if what you said Max! Guess I can only compare it in the store to be sure of it then! That said, LOUDER=BETTER imho since the quality seems GREAT!

  65. GamingWiffJohn says:

    At 7:00 …that score only tests the webbrowser! I did it on my desktop with Chrome and only scored 269.58 (+-22%)! That's with an AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAM, 512GB Nvme Samsung SSD and Nvidia GTX2070! Either Safari for iPad is optimized so stupidly well…or the benchmark isn't that trustworthy…or Chrome just sucks terrible…forget about Edge which you used on the Galaxy Book S. On my Huawei Mate 20 I only got 56.21 (+-28%). The heck! That phone has the same SoC-performance as an iPhone Xs!!

  66. GamingWiffJohn says:

    07:14 My darn Desktop only got 74 at Speedometer 2.0! A desktop with enough performance that surpasses the latest Base mac Pro! :/

  67. Scott Chiste says:

    It’s a $999 laptop against a $799 iPad Pro, that’s the price it starts at

  68. iMiguelAOG says:

    The Book S is perfect for web browsing, web apps, docs, media consumption, you know general use. But it seems the iPad Pro is better for work, gaming, productivity, art, and more.
    I think Windows 10 on ARM has a long way to go. I can see Chrome OS being better suited for it. What I don't get is why Samsung's upcoming Chromebook has an i5 processor and this Windows laptop has an ARM chip. I feel like they should be swapped.

  69. Mustafa Manya says:

    I don't like apple but ipad is the best

  70. Mustafa Fadil says:

    I bought the iPad Pro 11 inch with the conviction that Apple said it is more than 80% of the laptops

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    Amazing video!!!! I learned a lot. Please make a video on Galaxy book flex Vs iPad pro

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    So the question would really be who does more things better ?

  74. SportsManDan 100 says:

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    I do love the battery in my 11 Pro Max does last a lot longer thank you Apple for that

  76. The World English says:

    Mac vs PC Laptop

  77. Daniel Urry says:

    IPad Pro still kicks ass! Just swapped my £1500 gaming laptop for a 12” iPad Pro (3 weeks ago) and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.
    Loving it 👍🏻😄

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