Introducing Brompton Electric

My life is pretty fast-paced.
I’m always on the move. But I pack a lot in
and it keeps me energized. I really love the space around it.
The sense of freedom is wonderful. I still get a buzz from being able
to jump on a train to the city. I couldn’t do that on another bike. I’ve really got a reasonably active lifestyle. But I love the city,
and I can enjoy it even more on my bike. I need to feel that I’m ready for anything
that the day might hold. So it’s great to know
that I’ve got everything close to hand. Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal for me. We’ve combined Williams world-class engineering
with a classic Brompton design. To build a bike that we really believe
has the power to transform cities. It’s a fantastic project to be involved in. I’m really proud to see people
responding to it in such a positive way. For me, work and socialising
are one and the same. I’m very fortunate to meet new people.
I enjoy doing it. And that’s what makes the city so great. And it’s such a nice ride.
I feel like I’m flying through the streets. And it’s good to know that when I head home I can leave it all behind me
and really recharge. Even after a long day at work,
the city is full of new experiences. I want to be in it.
I want to see how life unfolds here.

53 comments on “Introducing Brompton Electric”

  1. Dash Cam Judge says:

    very cool

  2. shahirbear says:

    Hey I know that Jane person…wasn't she at gamespot or ign for England

  3. Smoothenbol says:

    Nice, powerful and smooth … but this bike weighs more than 15 kg, which I personally find a turn off, since I'm used to carry my Brommie on and off stairs on a daily basis. I would rather wait some years when batteries hopefully become lighter.

    found on

    2-speed: 13.7kg (16.6kg total with battery)
    6-speed: 14.4kg (17.3kg total with battery)

  4. David Fennessey says:

    Looks great just placed deposit I know it looks like other kits but you will probably find the quality and detail far superior to them I hope !

  5. Donald Parish says:

    Good to see the Nissan Leafs and BMW i3 parked next to building at 1:09

  6. Tenzin Dawa says:

    Still electric bikes are banned in newyork city.

  7. ThePhillyPharm says:

    Bummer no retrofit kit is available. I can't justify spending £2600-£2800 on a second Brompton.

  8. Israel González says:

    Nice CPs.

  9. Henrik Petersen says:

    show us the tech … not lifestyle pics

  10. Sacha Barbie says:

    Stupid video : we do not care about these people but about the bike = show the bike, not their faces or cars or buildings !

  11. Luiz Paulo Iazzetti Santos says:

    An ad about an electric bike. The way Darren look at the sweated cyclist. Subtle, nice touch.

  12. Ian Jukes says:

    Great idea but the battery should be where the rear carrier is normally fitted. The luggage system is great on Bromptons. You have taken away that flexibility with the battery in the bag.

    Poor video. We don't want to see pretty people we want to see the bike and we want details.

    £2500? Why so expensive?

  13. Jonathan James Harrison says:

    Why do I care about what jobs these people do? Tell me battery capacity, charge time, price, speed etc

  14. Azeem says:

    It's a good quality e bike and I get the ad selling a lifestyle. But, it is out of reach for most people pricewise. I would buy one, if it wasn't so expensive. For now, I'm going to have to be the sweaty cyclist that got the funny look in the office!

  15. Tora Harris says:

    I like to try it. Maybe take a shot at making one. There must be room to improve it.

  16. Hazzard0 says:

    Introducing Brompton electric with one of those stupid lifestyle videos. Introduce the bike by introducing the bike!

  17. Owen Wong says:

    please bring a electrical conversion kit to existing Brompton owner.

  18. José António Cunha says:

    Péssimo vídeo. Não mostra o essencial: a bicicleta e as suas novas funcionalidades. Querem promover o quê?

  19. Experiment Eight says:

    Jane Douglas!

  20. Voodoo Sixx says:

    For $3500 US I'll have to pass.

  21. Nigel Healy says:

    When the motor is not engaged, say you have a flat battery, and pick up the front wheel, how long does it spin? If you put in the minimum effort on the flat with no wind what is the distance til battery flat?

  22. Sanzo says:

    This Xmas I'm buying a Montague, Next Xmas, the Brompton Electric…

  23. Syafiq Shaharuddin says:

    NYCEWheels from US company had done this 3 years ago

    and the price is 500 pounds much more cheaper than the brompton offered except the Wh motor offered from the NYCEwheels was only 260Wh (brompton is 300Wh)

  24. chris 1 says:

    I can't understand why the battery didn't clip on at the back of the seat rather than taking up bag space at the front of the bike. Rethink !

  25. Kurt Brendley says:

    Very excited for this! I can't wait for this to come to the states.

    @bromptom – Will you create a smaller battery for airplane travel? The battery would have to meet the following requirements to allow airplane travel:
    – The device must have a watt-hour rating of less than or equal to 100Wh.
    – The battery design must have been tested to a test standard referred to as “UN38.3.”


  26. jaime claramunt figueras says:

    motor en la rueda delantero, no saben ustedes que es muy peligroso.

  27. 曾铭 says:

    put it in 3D online will help people knowing Bromptonbicycle more clearly, we also supply 3D configurator online.

  28. bagan scissors says:

    light years ahead of the pack

  29. paul Wills says:

    Where are the facts ? This bike is incredibly overpriced for what it is !

  30. nomatesman says:

    how much does it weigh compared to a normal Brompton? also, how long does the charge last/time to recharge?

  31. Maverick Goose says:

    Really? I guess people where getting to slim the last decade.

  32. Susie Lowe says:

    awesome me my mum n dad n partner are gettin one …been tryin to find a bike like this for long time but never invested as never found one that i truly like …this looks perfect 😁😁

  33. Nugraha Pierre says:

    We're cyclist and just don't care about silly electric powered bike, why wasting time to develop it

  34. Super -sim says:

    Rides horrible motor cuts in and out on u turns effecting balance. Skids front wheel easy.

  35. Rick M Cross says:

    maybe if other folding bikes weren't less than half the price of a brompton people would buy them

  36. Thomas M says:

    It would have been better to publish a video with practical information, setting out technical specifications including weight, battery capacity, charge time and projected range. The concept is interesting, but the happy lifestyle video is unnecessary and tells us nothing we want to know.

  37. Charles Baudot says:

    Everything seems to be very easy for these people, the marketing dude has to pass very friendly metro gate and the weather is perfect for biking. In where I work, I would have to lift the 17kg 6-speed electric Brompton to at least 1,50m above the ground to come across the revolving doors. Twice a day, is it really practical? on rainy day too?

  38. Ced Sen-Gil says:

    A battery in a big bag… horrible. Sorry Ahooga do it better.

  39. chriswalker232 says:

    such a cheesy advert… lol x 1000

  40. Frank Hooper says:

    What I find strange with the new Brompton electric bicycle is that there's no option for a rear carrier rack when putting your spec together. I'd have thought this more important on the electric version than on the non-electric, given the more limited options for front luggage. This notwithstanding, it is on my wish-list for the future!

  41. Phil Dewhurst says:

    Sorry to see one of the riders in your video not wearing a helmet. Recently witnessed a collision between two helmetless cyclists. Both taken to hospital with nasty head injuries, blood everywhere. Not worth the chance in my view. So many nice helmets to choose from.

  42. Frank Hooper says:

    I'm surprised the the electric Brompton doesn't include the option of a rear rack, seeing as the front luggage options are much more limited than a non-electric.

  43. Chris Yong says:

    Brompton is truly an awesome bike… if you like to see my Brompton Brunei video –

  44. morning morning says:

    Give me one 🙂

  45. 기차맨 says:

    브룸톤 12단 장착

  46. fabian arias says:

    unfortunately the representative in Chile (Becykel), not tare the country, also has few accessories and spare parts. Hopefully they will look for another representation. Why Brompton does not sell an original conversion kit, we can perfectly change in our Brompton only the elements that make it electric instead of buying it all?

  47. Robert Ostman says:

    is there a cheaper option for those who are poor??… how about if one wants to use a similar thing to do deliveries in ubereats or similar?…

  48. Regular Joe says:

    Blah blah blah…..specs please

  49. C4GIF says:

    Alles so schön bunt hier und so tolllerant!

  50. IainB says:

    Gives no useful information about the bike whatsoever. A bullshit ego trip for Brompton showing the demographic they aspire to sell to. I am not in there. Sadface.

  51. Thiago de Castro says:

    No one care about their jobs!

  52. C0deH0wler says:

    Cycling in Netherlands: normalized, practical, for the family, for the masses. Almost everywhere else, basically: SPOOOORTS!!!!

    You see now why this was made? Because utilitarian cycling has been destroyed in most places. You just find sports stuff. Luckily utilitarian cycling is coming back, and this video is one helping to promote practical cycling solutions. One example in this case: transit + cycling combination, which is basically ignored everywhere except NL. See their 12,500 train station parking facility!

  53. Devo Fauzan Rahman says:

    I was expecting real electric folding bike, not this bullshit

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