Installing the Tundra Wireless Charging Tray

well good morning everybody how y’all
doing pretty good here and welcome to the channel today we’re gonna do the
epic the epic wireless charger install in the tundra over here we’ve got it
over where the Jeep goes so we’re going to go through step by step how to do
that never done it myself so I’ll be doing it
at the same time you guys are doing it first of all let’s just jump right in
let’s get started here what do you need well you need the wireless charger and
here is the part number once again if anybody’s wondering you can pick this up
at sparks parts calm and don’t forget they’re having a Cyber Monday and Black
Friday free shipping promotion going on right
now so if you’re gonna pick something up from them now is the time to do it and
don’t forget to use discount code rap motive for five percent off your order
so get into it we need the wireless charger which we have in this box I did
an unboxing the other day and then some directions you can print instructions
from sparks parts calm if you go to the park there’ll be a link at the bottom
with these instructions this is what I’m going to use the tools they say you need
are all right here not very much I did throw in the drill to kind of remove the
screws a little bit quicker but they don’t call for that so you need to trim
tools a towel maybe some sweet tea if you’re into that a ratchet with some
sockets screwdriver Phillips pliers and a snipper of some sort they call for a
side cutter I don’t have that and then the other thing that I don’t have is a
torque wrench we’re not going to use that so first things first we need to
pop the hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal and of course if you don’t know right
here is the negative terminal and you want to make sure you take this side of
it off not this part but the whole thing so you’ll want to remove this this nut
or loosen it anyway so you can pull that off so we’re going to go ahead and do
that all right this calls for the ever
necessary and needed 10 millimeter socket bulkhead got it loose let’s go
ahead and pull that off you want to make sure you set it out of the way so it
doesn’t pop back up there and make contact again while you’re doing this
okay next step is to remove this back piece if you will so there’s supposed to
be seven little clips those are those push clips inside here so we’re going to
see how easy this thing is to get off let’s give it a try
kind of doubt it and I was wrong I haven’t touched a trim tool all I did
was grab this corner at the seam and pull and it’s already started to come
off so that’s a good sign let’s do the other side Wow well so much for needing the trim tools now
we have it off let’s go ahead and see what we have back behind here this
should be wirings we’re going to need access here for power okay next up we’re
supposed to remove this little harness here so that would be these two white
plugins right there that are plugging into the power outlet and then this
little holder right down here looks just like one of those little squeeze things
so we’re gonna go ahead and hit that up next these should just pull right off
and think hopefully they do take note of the way they go just in case it’s pretty
simple you really can’t screw that up I don’t
think and let’s go ahead and pull this little piece out of here okay so you
guys can see this little piece it does have little push things on the sides
here there you can see if you push in on the left and the right that should push
right out of this hole that’s how it’s supposed to work it did work okay in the
end but a little bit of a trick a little screwdriver certainly does help now we
need to move on to the next step first of all we’re going to stuff some rags in
here so that when we’re taking these screws off we don’t drop anything down
in the vents here pretty simple little thing to do to save yourself a big
hassle okay I’ve got my rags in the holes here so that I don’t drop any of
these little screws down in here that will ruin your day so a pretty simple
thing to do I highly recommend you do that next up we’re going to remove these
screws there are eight of them and that’s going to free the center console
lid now a little tip for you open the lid before you start doing this so
that’ll relieve tension on this bracket here you see it’s spring-loaded so you
want to make sure you do that before you get going let’s go ahead and get those
removed alright then you want to grab this when
you take the last one out because I think we’re gonna be freewheeling let’s
see and we are so we have the center console will lid off now so now I can
take it over to a table outside of the truck to do the rest of this and that’ll
be the installation of the wireless charger itself in the center console lid
so let’s head over there and we’ll go on to the next step okay
we’ve got everything out of the table another little tip for you put a towel
or something down to sit your console lid on and then you won’t scrape
anything up so next up according to the directions we need to remove let’s see
the center console would latch that’s this latch right here it has two little
screws in it one here and one here so we’re going to
the way this isn’t spy mode either it just sits in there it’s just a simple
little latch assembly pretty easy we’ll lay it over there next to the screws
next up it’s refer to the batter Xu ohms we need to remove 16 flathead screws
these are the screws all around the edge of the center console itself so for this
we’re actually going to use the drill just to make things easier there we go
that should work in the directions it doesn’t mention this so here’s a tip for
you there are two more right here that it does not show removing so we’re going
to go ahead and pull those next comes right off so make sure you get
these other two up here that the directions don’t show so we have this
separate it now set that aside and now we need to remove six more screws one
two three four five six and that will remove the center part right here from
the lid so go ahead and pull those out he’s got to give it a little pop there
you go and make sure you keep these tucked in edges around but that removes
the center piece so that’s gone back let’s move on to the next step
we want to install the wireless charging trick here we go the wireless tray this
is where that little emblem would go if you removed it you know the sr5 were
limited or platinum badge that you would pull out of this tray and put here if
you wanted we’re skipping that it like I said so let’s go ahead and get this tray
set in there sits in there rather easily and
that’s it now let’s turn it over make sure that I don’t have any
of the cover sticking out here around the edges I don’t they did a great job
installing Hine so it’s not sticking out now we’re supposed to go ahead and put
the screws back in I am gonna do those with by hand because I don’t want to
over tighten with the drill which I surely would so we’re going to go ahead
and reinstall the screws okay full disclosure for you guys when I was
putting the charger back in I did make a mistake I put two of the screws here
that was an error they don’t go there I hope I didn’t ruin these for what does
go there they go here here here here here and here so I screwed up there I
took those out to put them where they’re supposed to be but I have a feeling I
may have made these holes too big now I don’t know we’ll see they were kind of
hard to put in but that happens maybe I’ll put some Loctite or something in
there let’s move on to the next step now okay
there was one screw I forgot to remove doesn’t really matter everything is
still the same as it was that’s this back screw right here on the hinge I’m
supposed to take that one out because we’re going to put some kind of
no protective piece then I guess so go ahead and remove that now we’re caught
up with where the directions say we should be and that is to secure the
furnace or the wire coming from the charger on the inside of the rail that
set is here and you’re supposed to secure it with a wire tie approximately
all right here so we’re going to go ahead and do that and it does say to
secure it loosely so we will do it loosely
so go ahead and get a water tire around there so we have that done next up it
talks about this hinge cover and that is this kind of funky looking piece that
comes in the kit you’re supposed to remove this red tape and it’s adhesive
and it looks to me like it goes on here something like like this
and that’s going to hold the wire inside this channel away from the moving hinge
so I’m going to go ahead and do that next all I’m going to do is stick this
on and then screw it down so that we have that in the right location okay
we’ve got our screw back in so we’re golden there are two wire ties on here
and now according to the directions were supposed to flip this thing over and
we’re going to put another wire tie right here on this edge to keep this
away from the moving parts because keep in mind this is going to move up and
down in use so I’m going to go ahead and get another wire tie right here on this
corner okay real quick to show you the finished product when you’re done it
should look like this with this wire kind of pointing up towards the
passenger’s side if you will sit tight right here in the corner that’s how it’s
supposed to be of course it’s going to be underneath once we get this all back
together now we need to go ahead and put the back
cover back on if you recall it just sits on here with those 16 screws so I’m
going to spare you that we’re going to go ahead and and get this thing back on
like so and then we’ll be back okay we’ve got all of the screws back to end
our full disclosure like to be honest with you guys you remember I put those
two screws in incorrectly here because I wasn’t paying attention I did strip them
out so I had to put bigger screws in here it’s not a big deal so I have to
these little dinky ones right here lucked over because they wouldn’t fit in
the new holes I created so one thing I’ll let you guys know the instructions
here do not tell you to go ahead and put the latch back on kind of important you
want it to latch right so we’re going to go ahead and put that on if you recall
it just simply screws on right up here in the club it’s pretty easy so I’m
going to go ahead and put that back on and then we’ll continue on with the
install okay we are back inside the truck now I’ve just loosely fastened the
console lid with the new charger in it on the console because we do have to zip
tie right behind this part here so we wanted to leave it loose but we have the
wiring harness this is all just plug and play the end here that you see that is
white it is actually going to plug back into the power outlet jack right here
and then this end which was originally plugged into that power outlet there is
going to plug in to this side of the wiring harness and then this little
female connector here is going to plug into this connector here for the
charging pad and that’s it all plug and play no splicing and nothing crazy okay
just to show you guys what I’ve done we’ve got it connected here to the
charger up top zip tie here just to the centerpiece of the bow the bracket that
holds the center console on there and then some zip ties here to the existing
wiring that was down here zip tie here and then I zip tied right up close to
where the new harness plugs in to the power outlet that’s it now I mean just
go ahead and put the rest of the screws back in here and then push this back
cover back on and put my little Center thing back on here and then we shall be
done okay we’re all done everything’s put back together the cover for the back
there one little tip for you when you put it on you kind of got to go up you
know kind of up because it has two little prongs that fit down from the top
so you kind of go up and then down and it latches right in it goes back in just
as easily as it came off piece of cake so I haven’t tested it yet I do have the
battery reconnected we’re going to go ahead and turn the truck on because I’m
sure you have to have power for it to work and we’re gonna see what happens
let’s go ahead and try it here we go turn the truck on oh the truck didn’t
like that well I was a little scary the truck started then it’s shut immediately
off no no indications on the dash all I did was disconnect the battery so I’m
not quite sure how that would have been an issue all right let’s uh let’s look
down here this is the finished product you guys can see I did put my robbed
motive badge back in here went in nicely so now we should be able to push this
button and something happens and it did check that out we have power now I have
my phone the guinea pig here let’s make sure it’s off and let’s set it in there
check that out did you guys see that it shows charging right up here right there
in the corner it is charging it says 83% I don’t know
if you guys can see that probably not it was set 83% charged
let’s go ahead and take it off of there and now the lights go back to green I
guess that means it’s ready you can see the screen doesn’t say anything about
charging so let’s go ahead and lay it back in there and there you go check
that out okay that’s it that’s the end of the
install this was pretty simple Don a scale to one to five five being the
hardest I’d probably give this about a two not very difficult it’s definitely
plug and play fantastic I would highly recommend it I will leave the part
number down below if you guys are interested in this it’s about one
hundred and fifty eight bucks I think something like that before the five
percent rob motive discount so don’t forget head over to sparks parts you can
pick this up there and don’t forget to use discount code Rob motors for five
percent up I like it glad I did it leave a comment down below let me know is this
interest you guys at all I have something you might think about doing as
usual appreciate you guys watching don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and
we’ll see you next time on the web have a great day

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