I Survived the 2019 Martin Lynch Hog Roast – Ham Radio Day

Have you ever seen one that big before? [LADY] No I don’t think I have…! So I’m
taking a video of you taking a picture of me ha ha brilliant ladies and gentlemen
welcome to DX Commander my name is Callum and today we’re down here at a Martin
Lynch open day but they call it the hog roast there’s all great people here the
two Icom men who I think I worried them a bit
the SDR Play guy he was very communacative and helpful Martin .. Martin Lynch I thank him really for being very supportive of me and an whole team down
here Gary & Tony and the whole nine yards you You allright Callum? .. You having a good time? Yes. My buddy Martin.. Fancy seeing you here on our open day
well I just thank you for being so supportive with me so right you’re very
welcome you seem to have a soft spot for the
guys that thies hard. We do especially when they’re from the UK yeah go to support
your own manufacturers and that’s why in there already
are the big boys from my Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood and everybody else I love
British engineers and British manufacturing seeing we used to be a
great British engineering nation years ago things have changed hopefully it
might come back who knows so people like you you know we’ve got to get behind you
get you rocking and rolling . There seems to be more guys working portable these
days than they used to be .. Yeah there are I had a guy yesterday actually had an
interesting story he was running qrp and yes we do support qrp operators despite
what you’ve got reading in RADCOM and he was in yesterday typical of a qrp
operate he sent them set himself up on Reigate Hill I think was last year
operating on four meters running QRP working into Germany when
suddenly got a tap on the door and there’s a policeman saying what are you
doing said well I’m a Radio Amateur Station well I want to see some details cut a
very long story short the policeman wasn’t happy with the response he got
– he’s a regular customer and has really lovely
fellow I won’t say what his call sign is and next thing he knew there were four
police trucks turned up pulled him out of the vehicle and suggested that he was
jamming the drones at Gatwick when all that was kicking off last year and he’s
never been back to that Hill again . He saw the funny side of it but it wasn’t a nice experience at the time they were doing a
job a bit heavy-handed he thought but yes there’s a lot and portable
operations so much fun yeah I mean I used to have a couple of motorhomes rule
Raty old things they were there’s something magical about it I’ve quite
a decent station at home setting up driving off for the day parked up on
some he’ll get me old and turn around and that mainly VHF in those days on two
meters SSB and I absolutely loved it and a lot of people are doing the same thing
they always have done portable operation is we know Thea’s because I can’t put up
these antennas at home so I don’t worry about it getting you car whatever is anything
you know portable and you can have hours of it . Do you think there is a
tendency for the manufactures now to be making smaller radio now? Well, look at what Icom are ding. Coming out the 705 I mean that that beast is just gonna be
brilliant when it comes out next year there’s so many back orders which I
think just shows you people do like portable operation you know you don’t need
to run big amplifiers yes just a lot of big amplifiers we sell a helluva lot
more low power kit yeah a lot more pulse and it also encourages people to get the
morse key out as well but you know I’ve never forgotten it I
think once she parts you more tests if you’ve got managed to get to 12-13 words
a minute it never never goes out your brain it’s like learning a language when
you’re younger but and it might be a bit bit more difficult when you get older
that portable operation I’m right behind ya I wish you all the best thank you
thank you very much coming over and messing with your brilliant YouTube
channel is almost a good of presenters may night he’s far better than I but what
it what a great guy and please support the British manufacturers especially DX
Commander – cheerio.. Tips that you’ve done and some of the ones that you do
were you taking the piss ripping the piss tongue-in-cheek yet yes brilliant
what’s your name Martin , M1KE quite a newly rare the rich
from the old ones yeah just come on okay you’re one
about half the size of that barking drivers one night nice to meet you James
high-speed 0 u ju j hey hey we’ve got guys just seen you online with the
videos yeah and very interesting I’ve actually got a confession! Working out
whether or not it was twice the height before he came down here! So if you haven’t been to Martin Lynch get your ass down here next year there’s some not
a nice people a lot of effort was put in if you know what I mean
and hey over here see you next time!

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