I paid a buck for this old computer

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  1. modstek says:

    Just to be clear this is not my last video only my last HP dc7800 sff. To be honest it's getting harder to find decent tech deals in my area that I can afford that's why videos are so far in between, but please be patient I'm always on the hunt!
    Thank you everyone

  2. Jays game's says:

    nice computer

  3. old phone radio says:

    We have these hp compacts at my school

  4. The Legendary Pickle says:

    How do you get your stickers?

  5. craZy_y0 says:

    What's that music you've used in the video around when you made the sticker? I like it but doesn't look like you have it credited in the description my dude 🙁

  6. UV Xehn says:

    He is so cringy

  7. ryan taylor says:


  8. Final Northzy says:

    Look exactly the same as my school pc

  9. AwSmDuDe says:

    But can it run minesweeper?

  10. DudeThatsEffedUp says:

    Lol I had one of these machines I upgraded the ram,cpu and added a PNY GeForce GT 730 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card
    played overwatch on lower med settings it until 2017 when I built my 800$ system.

  11. virus killerism says:

    Where the hell do you get these PCs from? For a buck? seriously?

  12. Adam On Reddit says:

    lmao no fps counter, whats the point…

  13. Rohan Ghosh says:

    live Benchmark without any Fps counter Makes so sense! isn't it?

  14. dwayne dub says:

    Sweet build

  15. Bylga says:

    Very nice =D

  16. Alexander Kasabyan says:

    Talk about CPU bottleneck …

  17. AlexDaKing says:

    Roses are red and violets are blue you paid one buck but u got 70k+ views.

  18. Joe Jones says:

    Just not very good. Nice try. B+ for effort and customization, other then that, Kind of boring.

  19. RoadMan1994 says:

    what and useless test, just as you removed the FPS counter. what was the point in that? you don't think pepole want too see what FPS you get with the setup?

  20. Gamma! says:

    shoula plastidipped the motherboard

  21. ShivPlayz says:

    Does anyone know if u can play roblox on this with not so much lagg

  22. Derrick Small says:

    cool build but 720p not acceptable lol keep up the good work

  23. g513 says:

    Hp sffs are shit, the CPU only has a heatsink and no fan, mine overheated

  24. aonythebest21 says:

    Guys in 2030 this guy is going to take poop and turn it into a pc XD

  25. Warrior Of Allah says:

    This guy build console looking PC better than multi-billion dollar company consoles.

  26. julius carino says:


  27. ZVEKI says:

    Hey when i want to upgrade my RAM from 4 to 8 what do i need to change except for ram

  28. realhoffman _ says:

    My work lit uses thse they have like 250 Mb ram

  29. Thomas Crown says:

    Did the new Batwoman show sponsor this video?

  30. YourAvgGamer says:

    My $chool´$ computer$

  31. 05PRODUCTIONS says:

    what is tape mod

  32. Dpoplabs says:

    Now that's a Cinebench render! 7:33

  33. xGqki says:

    dude you made this pc a beast, you are a legend

  34. Mørdecai says:

    my biggest dissapointment in the video is you didnt use the batman car when demoing rocket league… hahaha

  35. Bogdan Soroka says:

    The intro is like hviysbsigsufsfhsufshgihuehfsysvs 58 dollars fgysivssgfs

  36. Zion River says:

    hey great video im going to sub so i can see more like this.

  37. RYAN'S GAME WORLD says:


  38. ye ye says:

    What did you say in the start?

  39. David Trumble says:

    Wow absolutely beautiful, well done, really nice .

  40. Bob Semple tank says:

    you are so underrated

  41. Ticho Plays says:

    every computer is flippable tbh just depends on the condition and the type but like those hp desktops thats a ez buck 🙂

  42. THEPOWER99FM says:

    Old batman computer ok sure why not its batman hes awsomeness.

  43. Alex Bacon says:

    I literally have one of these

  44. Red Scorpian says:

    why no fps?

  45. Rob USMC says:

    wow you did so good, I am really impressed , that was really nice what you said about your dad , I agree I take care of my stuff also, I wish I had your computer knowledge though, 1st timer here cant wait to see more new sub

  46. emanandchill says:

    Yo thats a good cpu if it runs batman…wtf.

  47. Blight-kun // osu! says:

    could have been good with just plain black colour

  48. Blight-kun // osu! says:

    but why batman design, its not like there is preinstalled batman game trilogies

  49. Sam Davis says:

    You should ad your videos

  50. mohammed rakha says:

    I guess there was a decent fps drop because of the consumption of the CPU
    It reached 100% during the fight in Batman game

  51. AdamBazarsnake says:

    2019-"Does it run Minecraft?"

  52. Paramvir Atwal says:

    You should build custom cases for people, you can have them pay before you build it so you dont lose money on nonpayment.

  53. Jatttase says:

    Ah shiet my school wants their computers back

  54. Burken Productions says:

    Haha funny video! I like the commentary you do! Keep up the good work man! Definately subscribe to this funny dude guys!! 😀

  55. beanwithbacon says:

    Would have been a lot cooler had you used the proper Batman logo.

  56. Peppa pig says:

    I'll buy that computer for 2 dollars

  57. Dee 1 says:


  58. Yveltal Brooks says:

    Where Can I get old PC's like that especially the beige ones??????

  59. InGlouRiouS BasTerDs Gaming says:

    Nice very nice 👍

  60. ThursdayMonkey475 says:

    This is exactly the kind of PC channel I've been looking for.

  61. MOHD says:

    Should've put an fps counter.

  62. Datriax Sondor says:

    A buck, for an HP? You got ripped off, bud.

  63. T Hunter says:

    very nice, liked

  64. DanielC says:

    In Russia, PC doesn`t show FPS
    FPS shows the PC 😀

  65. hiJetty says:

    customs stickers are proven to add & improve overclock powers & add 5hp to any cars.

  66. VG_Reem says:

    it's like 42fps

  67. Hypno Toad says:

    I'm super confused. How do you overclock a cpu with electrical tape? and why didn't you show that part? Also you never showed yourself putting a heatsink on the cpu….

  68. Double tap Productions says:

    I wanna see a frame Rate not CPU usage

  69. Vauxite says:

    Looks cool but lacks performance.

  70. Matter says:

    I had a stroke

  71. Vantat says:

    bruh i thought he was speaking spanish at the start

  72. Loudymod says:

    Those are my school computers

  73. random name says:

    Batman Died in endgame 🙁

  74. Sincity Gaming says:

    Hey how you doing, I was wondering if you would be willing to sell that or if you could build me one that looks equally awesome. Doesn't have to be Batman but I would love for a custom like that

  75. Gamers best friend says:

    if this costs a buck then mine costs a cent

  76. homelessEh says:

    nice speed up on the cinibench at first i was like WTF no way its that fast then i see the sub 300 score ..Ah that makes sence.

  77. Ethan Knight says:

    I didn’t think you could RICE a computer…. but you did it

  78. Eduardo Ferreira says:

    awful taste great execution tbh

  79. V.G.C. says:

    But can it run Minecraft?

  80. Nolluske says:

    what the frick did u say 0:00

  81. Tuomas koivisto says:


  82. Nevo says:


  83. Brazuka_TXT says:

    he put everything on the stats but fps wtf

  84. Lalogix says:

    Your moding skills are insane…

  85. rem kanji says:

    i would of went with the low profile gtx 1050 since a core2quad overclocked can actually handle it

  86. Gero Azmodii says:

    You Rock Dude! Amazing Video!

  87. ???????? says:

    Does it runn pubg?

  88. pmilitary047 says:

    I've got one of these, stock HP small forms, handling 4K video editing nicely, can put 3 HDD inside if you swap the disk drive for your 3rd HDD.

  89. NotSoBrown says:

    hey so i got an issue where my pc was bumped and it looked like my videocard (1070) died and my pc crashed. After that it would boot up and my screen was on but displayed nothing but black (display was lit but was black still). I put my gt 1030 in for the meantime and it acts fine. But if any bump happens the same crash happens but my 1030 works, if i have my 1070 in the case i have to have it horizontal and on the floor, but if it shifts in any directing and makes the pcie flex it crashes instantly. I think its the mobo but cant afford another to check for a couple months :/ what do you think?

  90. frhn says:

    You mean, b u c c ?

  91. NOTgay Boi says:

    The amount of time and effort you went through to do all this is amazing but i hate the fact that most people in the comments are all wining about a stupid FPS counter, its not about the PC its about the effort and fun making the thing ffs.

  92. franco bee says:

    what tf is this nonsense????

  93. Happy McJoyjoy says:

    You can buy jigsaw blades that can cut thin sheet metal like that. Would probably be easier to get out a complex shape like that, with the help of a step drill bit.

  94. will says:

    I have this pc rip me


    RGB on a SSD can cause the SSD drive to become flaky and stop working so don't do it, if you don't believe me as Ryan on Level1Techs.

  96. Sekryld says:

    DC7700 please

  97. Kaguya Houraisan says:


  98. Ale YT says:

    But your wife what thinks about the unlimited amount of hp pc in your house?!😂

  99. Lorenzo Quintero says:

    Why do you never show the complete modification?

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