I bought cheap electric bike at Aliexpress

Today we will make an experiment. Now I am going to order one of the cheapest
electric bikes on Aliexpress. I am very interested to know what Chinese
engineers can offer for this money and if it is a good idea at all to buy such a product. After some time of surfing the site I liked
this one! Quite good characteristics, it looks awesome
to my mind and besides the price is very affordable in comparison with some other models. Well sink or swim, I am buying it! Well and after about a month of waiting I
finally got my parcel, and now we all together will put this device on severe tests, lets
go! Nearly forgot to say hello to you, Hi guys
as usually its me just a voice over and you are watching review machines. Here it is – the child of the Chinese engineering
genius. I still have no idea about its performance
but I can say it definitely looks awesome! Stylish and a bit reserved that usually isn’t
peculiar to Chinese products. Such a design resulted for the most part from
an interesting solution. The matter is the battery is integrated right
into the frame of the bike. In this way we don’t have other additional
capacity mounted on the bike besides there are less wires outside the frame and the total
look is really very decent. But it’s a matter of taste of course, we
had better look at the specs. As to the main specs. The power of the motor is 350 watts, the battery
is 48 volts and 10,8 amper hours capacity. The frame is foldable. There is an access to the battery when the
frame is folded. To charge the battery it can be dismantled
or you can plug in the bike itself. I liked the computer – big and bright display
with pleasant lighting, many functions. But what I don’t like there is no any manual
documents, and we had to guess how to use the computer. The throttle handle is quite pleasant for
the touch. The changing of the ranges gear and disk brakes
are Shimano, the wheels are 26 inches. Then we have a rear and front suspension,
foldable treadles, quite comfortable seat. Well I think we covered all the main specs,
but it’s a high time to test how it works! We decided to test the bike not in the boring
streets and parks but in the real forest road. To tell the truth I doubted that the 350 watts
motor can go well on a forest ground, taking into account that my weight is about 85 kilos. But to my surprise it shows a very decent
performance. Maybe Chinese put the 500 watts here by mistake? Who knows… The treadle drive works properly as well as
the changing of the gears. But you should know that the bike weighs about
30 kilos and its rather a lot, so it takes much strengths to use the treadle drive. So don’t count seriously on treadles – the
electric drive – that is I really enjoy! Guys if you still haven’t tried any electric
transport, you’d better do it! This bike or any another bike scooter or vehicle
– no matter. This awesome electric smooth power – I think
it’s a future. That is why we are so interested in various
electric transport on this channel! As I said there is a suspension system on
the bike. But I think it’s the cheapest so it doesn’t
work greatly. Front suspension for example is too weak for
me I can feel it when crossing some roots on the ground. Anyway to my mind its better to have such
suspension that do totally without it. Besides it should work properly in the city
conditions. The brakes work properly, I can’t say nothing
bad about them. As to the foldable frame…many people say
it is not very good, cause it is not very reliable. Well…maybe…but on the other hand there
is a great advantage. I easily can put the bike in the trunk of
my car, and I don’t have to think about trailers or something like that. Besides the folding gear looks very durable,
I really doubt that it can be damaged soon. What do you think guys, foldable frame it’s
an advantage or not. Please post your comments. Now we are going to test one of the most important
characteristic of any kind of electric transport. It is a range. Lets move to the good road where we will check
the range and maximum speed. But we have to recharge the battery, so see
you tomorrow guys! Glad to see you again and we are full of charge
and new strengths and ready to continue our tests! The weather is so fine today, the road is
plain, but a bit windy. First of all lets check the computer and compare
the info with the gps application. As you can see it’s the same, so the computer
works well. Now we start to measure the distance and when
the battery is full lets check the maximum speed. Well I was really surprised because I didn’t
think that 350 watts bike can move so swiftly. As you can see the maximum speed I managed
to get is 42 km.h – it is a decent result to my mind. If the rider weighted about 60 kilos the speed
would be even more! Ok, lets move on! There is an economizer in computer and it
helps very much to save the energy while moving. I tried not to push the throttle for more
than 50% and keep the speed about 25 km/h. I think this regime is the most economical
for the battery. Meantime we passed the first so called checkpoint
10 km. Well keep on going. A very useful feature for long rides it’s
a cruise control. To switch it on you should press the right
button and hold it for three seconds. The bike keeps the proper speed and you may
just enjoy your ride and awesome weather. And we’ve got the second checkpoint 20 km. Now the battery indicator shows approximately
the half of charge. Lets check the maximum speed now. As you can see 36 km/h with 50% of charge
– not bad! 30 km – well I think it is already a decent
result for a charge. Lets move on. Well, I think the finish is near…now the
maximum speed is only 15 km/h. Well, that’s all! It switched off! To my mind the total result is quite good. 37 kms – I think its an impressive result
taking into account that the bike is very cheap! So what conclusion can we make out of our
test? I really think it is a decent bike taking
into account its price. Of course there are some drawbacks, it’s
a bit heavy, suspension is very simple and cheap, and after all, I can’t make any conclusions
about the reliability cause it’s a matter of time. Now its new and works quite well, but how
long will it work? I hope somebody already has such a bike and
can share with us his impressions about his bike after several years of use. See you in the comments! Thanks for watching guys! Please subscribe the channel if you liked
this video, stay with us, it will be many more interesting materials here, good bye!

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