100 comments on “I Bought All The $1 Dollar Store Items on Wish..”

  1. Ryantdm Nguyen says:

    I have the mini microphone I have 2
    One is the same
    One is not

  2. SMR0M says:

    0% battery

  3. Pip Ljubicic says:

    me need free airpods

  4. Fuller Roberts says:

    Shipping 5$ so not a dollar

  5. Mayan Nassar says:

    I love that he is wearing 2 watches

  6. Tiny Torrance TV says:

    Music Studio off of Wish

  7. Weird Guy says:

    You should do a series where you try to find scams on wish then scam them back.
    That would be awesome

  8. Lay Young Official says:


  9. ASTRO BOY says:

    Pls make a gaming setup with wish only

  10. my name is mario says:


  11. JoshDaGamer says:

    5:02 jeez I nearly had a heart attack bc I thought that was the shipping price!😂

  12. slaymassivex says:

    He looks like a lesbian in the leatherjacket 🌈

  13. AA ABZ says:

    Shii your wearing an Ap BIG RACKS!!

  14. The Black Corner says:

    Wish code to get 50% – 60% discount:



  15. Maks Render says:

    You don’t give good reasons to at least buy this stuff …

  16. Picado, Kelvin says:

    Still using adapter for iPhones disgusting

  17. Aiyes says:

    Why does he have 2 watches on fool

  18. Ayla says:

    I like- sorry LOVE the turtles. Sksksksksksksksksksksksksk

  19. boui boi says:

    I like turtles 😉

  20. vivi olsen says:

    wish fun

  21. Dylan Dethanatos says:

    1k comments and ill send him a box of 1k condoms

  22. Abby Holder says:

    You should try to find google home alikes and amazon echos or Alexa type stuff

  23. pump 327 says:

    You had the tv controller in your hand

  24. salom Stewart says:

    Giveaway to all of us

  25. James Forsyth says:

    You don't shop on or you work for them. That talk, it is always the same it came early!!!! The s*** doesn't show up to the regular person I've ordered so much shit there and it never shows up and there's nobody to get ahold of… That's why it's called wish

  26. John Luyben says:

    Video starts at 8:30

  27. Sport Stacker.45 says:

    Does anyone notice he is wearing a Apple Watch on his right hand and a normal watch on his left hand

  28. LeafSalt says:

    the ad revenue isn't paying me enough

  29. vic vwm says:

    what program do you use to edit?

  30. erik says:

    I’m on my second pair of AirPods as of yesterday

  31. Florian M says:

    I pressed on this video and got a wish ad😂😂

  32. SprayJuice YT says:

    I actually got a wish ad at the begining

  33. Renoxxed says:

    I like turtles.

  34. Mild Somchit says:

    ‘I like turtles’ but why turtles? 🐢
    I dig that AirPods case.

  35. Leo Toaols says:

    Damn Keaton looking hot af mmmmmmmmm

  36. Leo Toaols says:

    Can u imagine if Keaton was your bf and u took him back to have dinner with your parents yet he looks hot af in the leather jacket…….talk about omg the perfect bf mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..mmmmmm…..mmmm……mmmmmmmmmm….

  37. Jd Gaming _ says:

    Why is he wearing 2 watches

  38. Masahiro Sakurai says:

    Youtuber: here’s a word about our sponsor

    Me: ight imma head out

  39. Jake Draws says:

    Here’s a game, Everytime the camera angle changes, take a shot!

  40. Reira Serizawa says:

    🌈 With the code ✨ zjcdgph ✨ you will receive a discount of 50% on your first order! 🌈

  41. Abdul Vallt says:

    Is it just me or does Siri come on at 0:33

  42. Super Avesome Experiments says:

    Who's been a fan of TechSmartt before 2019

    Gifting next 67 subscribers💙

  43. Izabella Diaz says:

    Oh I have a Vizio tv too

  44. Whimmpeyy says:

    You should do the most expensive items on wish

  45. Ricovali says:

    Does the lightning port fit with the protective case on?

  46. Tanner says:

    What is wish sponsored a wishbusters video

  47. OwO Anderson says:

    Bruh he was playing sir savage the 21st

  48. Rey Jhon Baguio says:

    Can you buy a 1$ Iphone11 in Wish for me because i cant buy it because i dont have Credit Cards Pleasee😔😔

  49. The Black Corner says:

    Wish code to get 50% – 60% discount:

  50. jake scobey says:

    I like turtles

  51. Quion Holmes says:

    Amazon busters

  52. 尊敬S0NKEI says:

    U r the best

  53. Nicholas Mason says:

    The most expensive items on wish

  54. James Thompson says:

    I thought you took Chinese in high school.

  55. TRL - DanielShaya says:

    I got a wish add while watching XD

  56. PRO MTB says:

    "I wanna see how good the whites and the blacks look"

  57. Aalpha 11.4 says:

    Try Joom, same item like Wish with free shipping !

  58. Vlogs With Katya says:

    Can I have the microphone pelase

  59. Unknown ?¿ says:

    Nobody :

    Literally nobody:

    Me : oH mY GoD JoHaNa CeDdiA

  60. ㄚ乇丂 says:

    I like turtles

  61. Jarred Scheidecker says:

    i thought something happened to you but i must have accidentally unsubscribed
    glad ur alive

  62. xex-jd modz says:

    this guy should get off youtube daft p*ick

  63. xex-jd modz says:

    itsyeboi: i will let my subscribers spend my money for a day

    techsmartt: I order only free stuff I am poor

  64. The High Pineapple says:

    Not for nothing, but if you have the means to rock a phone that costs over a grand, it would seem kinda foolish to wanna snag a dollar case from Wish to protect said investment. Just saying.

  65. Lillebrorsan Vincent says:

    respect because you have the iphonr xs/ xs max wallpaper on iphone 11 pro

  66. Noah Bundonis says:

    I like turtles

  67. CUPCAKEBORIS says:

    WOWWWW when did he get a nose job and become a crack addict o.o hes soo much skinnier than he used to be…. like far out

  68. Randomguy says:

    Can you send a pair of those “lost” airpods that you found? I would love it

  69. Honyx says:

    You look stupid trying to flex with that apple watch and AP… smh

  70. Joseph Lange says:

    Wishbusters season 3 should have one episode just you buying phones

  71. CammoAmmo says:

    I like turtles

  72. Gswag G wawa says:

    Enjoy up to 50% off your order.

    Valid Nov 15 – 18. Max discount $100 per order. Can be redeemed twice.

    Use code:

  73. Luke Hollins says:

    for season 3 you should build a set just for wish videos

  74. jou2009 says:

    you should make a video called .buying wierd things from wish.

  75. jou2009 says:

    buy unusual stuff from wish

  76. ツVapxz says:

    i left my llaptop on all night watching your videos nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo free money

  77. Yael Molina says:

    Wtf when he said hey siri my phones siri turned on, what the fuck

  78. Alex Mari says:

    The part where I left off watching: 0:36

  79. RavenTeen15 says:

    I like turtles 😉

  80. Sahmeth Mahendrakumar says:

    Phones, all phones from whis, because there don't look like the photoshop Pictures

  81. Lodovico Giuliani says:

    I’m Italian

  82. Nekun says:

    The high pitched noise

  83. Bachz says:

    You aren’t a very good YouTube anymore tbh

  84. is this name taken says:

    I wouldn't even listen to dababy on free wish headphones

  85. Alex King says:

    That last one is no use to me because l have AirPods l can charge my phone with a cord🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  86. Charis Cheng says:

    I want Season 3 to have a episode on where you buy PC Parts from Wish to build a computer. Check out Linus Tech Tips’s PC Builds if you don’t get it.

  87. Mohamed Maqil says:

    Is it ironic there was wish ad when i watched this

  88. Attilio Baldo says:

    adoro il tuo italiano XD 7:33

  89. Anita Skytte says:

    I love seeing your wish videos and hope you'll test some off these Bluetooth earphones, which can hang around your neck, when not used. 😃🤩

  90. FutureWinter Cox says:


  91. Hello ;-; says:

    Him: Uses iPhone 11 max or whatever for test
    Me: Wow nice phone
    Him: Pulls our other phone (iPhone X max or whatever) to test phone case
    Me: Wow nice ph- 😨😱
    Him also: okay so I found some AirPods I think this is my….
    Me: Cool AirPods—
    Him: …47th pair-
    Me: 😭😨😱

  92. Brandi Munguia says:

    I’m wondering if the girl who bought the air pods skin mean she was waiting for her AirPods to arrive to see if the skin fits the case properly. A lot of times, when I order electronics online, I go on amazon or wish to buy accessories for it before the electronic has even arrived.

  93. Megan Conn says:


  94. Jam - Brawl Stars says:

    Im a rockstar but a popstar

    -TechSmartt 2019

  95. Fort Duty says:

    you used the remote when u talked to remote are we that dumb?

  96. morgan holly says:

    Apple Watch Bands on Wish !!

  97. X3erxyz plight says:

    can u do a fidget episode with spinners and stuff

  98. Ask Prytz says:

    He just had 0% on the Mac

  99. Queen Allyssa says:

    Try Vova it’s free shipping !!

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