8 comments on “HTTP and HTML | Internet 101 | Computer Science | Khan Academy”

  1. Zeus says:

    Really informative!

  2. Poo Is Tasty says:

    0:15, M I N E C R A F T .

  3. William Finnegan says:

    Wow, jasmine seems really smart. How does she know these things? Incredible.

  4. Alfonso G says:

    How do you explain fake views??

  5. Endrank luvs da 4 loko says:

    This is really cool! It's pretty wild to think about all of the things that have to happen in a computer fto do something like watch a video on youtube. Great video! This entire computer series Khan Academy is posting is really great! Thanks

  6. Vladimir josh says:

    I learnt how to become a good animator via this vid!

  7. Charles Novak says:

    CAs are 'tusted.'

    Not always. These are a plethora of CA you should disable for securities sake, say, on the average phone. Much less your home computer.

  8. Syasya awesome says:

    Yeyy finally. Please do more videos about coding~😍

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