How To Use An Electronic Parking Brake – Simple Demo!

In this video I’m going to show you how
to move off properly using an electronic handbrake in a car because a lot of the
more modern cars these days have electronic hand brakes that disengage
automatically, so in this car it’s an automatic car and but it will be very
similar to moving off in a manual there’s not a huge amount of difference
apart from a little bit with the clutch. So I’ll know that the handbrake is on
and the car is secured by the red light on the dashboard & then once I move off you’ll notice the red light will switch off itself, so in order to move
off all I have to do is put it into the right gear- D for automatic or one for
first gear give it some juice and the car will automatically go itself, I don’t
actually have to press this down to release it, which I notice a lot of
learner drivers do, it’s not necessary you just creating a little extra work for
yourself the car will automatically disengage and go by itself whether it’s
a manual car or automatic, ok I’m going to talk you through it here now & and I’ll show you how I stop as well in a couple of minutes ok, so in
this car it’s automatic so in order to get the car started I just give it a
little bit of juice (accelerator) that just automatically starts car and that’s
in this particular model anyway so I’m just going to put my foot on the foot brake to help disengage the car and make it ready to move off so what I do then is
I’m checking my surroundings as I’m doing this, I go into drive so from P over
to D here and all I have to do now is just simply give it a little bit of
juice and the car will automatically move off I don’t have to physically let
down this thing like I said ok so make sure all good there give her some
juice then and it goes itself no need for me to physically touch the automatic
electric handbrake there so it’s quite convenient it’s very useful it makes
life a lot easier for drivers moving off and it’s securely holds the car when
it’s on as well which is quite convenient if you’re ever towing a
trailer and you want that bit of extra security, so I’m going to be stopping
here now just a little bit further up I’m going to show you how I use the handbrake to stop the car I have to stop at this
stop sign first and I’ll stop a little bit further up so I’m coming to a nice
gentle stop here checking my mirrors as I do just braking nice and gentle So I pull up the handbrake here then you might hear a slight little noise, car holds, a bit of the juice then & off I go again
sometimes you hear that kind of a noise it’s kind of a clunking noise that just reassures you that the handbrake is properly secured it’s not
that loud in this car actually but it’s louder on other cars, so I’m just going to
park on the left now and do one final stop just pull in here so I’m going to bring it to a nice gentle stop I’m gonna brake very very gently, now so I pull up the
handbrake here like this then go into park and the car is nice and safely
secured then so once again when you’re moving off all you have to do is put it
into first gear or drive, give it some juice and the car will go by itself if
it’s a manual car put it into first gear give it a little bit of juice and as
you’re giving the juice bring up your clutch slowly and the car will
automatically move away you do not have to physically touch the automatic
electronic parking brake or handbrake and it does itself so it’s quite convenient. Anyway that’s the end of this video, if you enjoyed it please give it a
thumbs up and let me know in the comments section your experience of driving these
type of cars, thanks for watching, I’ll see you soon.

10 comments on “How To Use An Electronic Parking Brake – Simple Demo!”

  1. Dane Tyghe says:

    If you wish to support me by making a donation by PayPal please do so by following this link, I really appreciate the support.

  2. Nathan Lyons says:

    Are you allowed to the driving test in car with electric handbrake

  3. Daniel 1 says:

    The jaguar lifestyle suits you Dane 😉

  4. IT Security Tips says:

    This video is a godsend for me. Fiddling around with my Qashqai's electronic parking brake till the day I got it 🤦.

  5. David Wilder says:

    I like the reassuring pull on a lever and the physical sight of a good old handbrake that is up for on down for off. But then again Im a man who stands around for five minutes checking his car is safely parked up and locked before walking away. I love my car soooo much lol

  6. Nigel Downey says:

    I’m so used to my electronic parking brake now that I’d find it difficult to go back to the manual type now. It’s really convenient, especially with hill starts.

  7. S Sharma says:

    Hi Dane, do you provide pre tests? I need some on tallaght test route. If yes, how do I contact you?

  8. Caoimhe Darcy says:

    Hi Dane, have my first driving test in 3 weeks was wondering if you could go through the marking scheme, how people lose marks/get marks, what happens when they call me in etc. Love your videos btw!! Such a useful channel.

  9. Ruth Morgan says:

    sorry to bother you but I watched this video does this still happen if you are facing down hill and want to reverse up hill do you get your biting point and the break comes off also. Thank you in advance

  10. Paul Neri says:

    I must be doing something wrong in my new toyota corolla as I'm finding the EHB (manual car) a nightmare. The only way I seem to be able to get it to work albeit with a few bangs and shudders is to depress the EHB as I accelerate i.e. like the old manual type of hand brake!

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