How to Teach Your Grandma to Use the Computer

Hi! So you need to teach your grandmother how to use the computer. I have no freaking idea why would you do this. First, I don’t know why your grandma would want to learn it. She probably thinks that the computer is the greatest evil ever created, guilty of all the bad things that happen to you: You don’t have a girlfriend. COMPUTER!!! You have pain in your back, neck, hair, fingernails COMPUTER!!! you can’t even finish the 5 plates your grandma gives you for breakfast. COMPUTER!!! And so on. Second, I don’t know why you would want to teach her. It’s literally the hardest thing in the world. The only thing that’s harder is watching this boring video to the end. But, if you really have to do this, here go a few tips. First of all, motivation is the key to success. Google crochet and knitting patterns and show them to your grandma. Once she understands that the computer can be an infinite source of those… she’ll become the best student ever! You can also show her some cat pictures, that always helps. Now she’s ready to start learning. As in every other subject, you have to begin with the basics. So tell her about the basic components, such as the motherboard, the CPU, GPU, different kinds of memory and so on. Then teach her one or two low-level programming languages. I would recommend C and Assembly. After that, it’s time to introduce your grandmother to the greatest invention in the human history: the Internet. Once again, we start with the basics, in this case, it’s the Internetish. Teach her some common expressions that she’ll need when she starts to surf the Web: and some others. Next, she needs to learn about Internet culture, so, memes, basically. Some excellent examples of those are popping on your screen right now. Internet can be a scary and a hostile place for beginners, so you need to make sure that your grandmother feels safe and comfortable instead. And to achieve that there’s nothing better than communicating with some polite and mature people. So create an account on Chatroulette for your grandmother, and introduce her to Dota 2. That’s it! Now that she got used to the Web, she can finally do all the things she ever wanted to, like watching porn, trolling fanboys, and writing extremely offensive comments! Now, if all of this is too much work for you, there is another solution. Show grandma an online casino and she’ll learn everything she needs to know in a couple of minutes. Just don’t give her any credit cards! Most importantly, tell your grandmother to like this video, and subscribe to Bears&Cookies! Bye!

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