How To – Scrap Electronics – RAM Chips

So today we’ve got some old ram chips, what
we’re going to do is process these by cutting off the gold plated pins on the end, we’ve
also got a very old processor. As you can see a significant amount of pretty much pure
solid gold on there. That will be processed later through heating the chip and the pins
will fall off, as they are only very lightly attached through solder and they literally
just slide off, you can scrape them with a knife. All we’re going to do to remove the
gold plated pins on here is, using a pain of tin snips, literally just cut off
the end of the board, that removes the pins. Over time, I’ve built up a bit of a stash
and then when we’ve got an entire box full, maybe 200 of so sets of pins we’ll process
those and I’ll be showing that in a later video.

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