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Scan documents or photos from your HP printer to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device using the HP Smart app. Install HP Smart on your device from the App or Play store, and then add your printer to HP Smart. On your printer, load the document or photo to scan on the scanner glass, using the guides for correct placement. If you are scanning multiple documents, load them into the Automatic Document Feeder, if your printer is equipped with one. On your device, open HP Smart. If you have multiple printers added to HP
Smart, select the printer where you loaded the document. Tap your scan option. If prompted, tap Allow to enable access to your device. On iPhones or iPads, tap Scanner to set the printer as the scan source. Tap the gear or Settings icon, adjust any
desired scan settings, and then tap Close or tap outside the Settings window. Tap the Preview icon to scan the image. If desired, drag the blue dots to adjust the
borders of the scan, and then tap Scan or the blue shutter button. To scan any additional pages, tap the Additional Pages icon. With all pages scanned, you can rename your scan, save, print, and share it through HP Smart.

7 comments on “How to Scan on a Mobile Device Using HP Smart | HP Printers | HP”

  1. Prince Ab says:

    Its work on onli iphone not work in android device

  2. Zuzar Gadiwala says:

    can we use food color ink in hp 5820 printer?

  3. Ste Z says:

    Not working, android huawei p20 lite

  4. Akash Azad says:

    This is not working neither on my android device nor on the windows laptop and i purchased hp 126nw today but this SCAN feature from HP smart is not working. Shall i register a complaint for the same issue?

  5. Dark Dan says:

    I used to scan and email with little effort, now I've been trying to send a simple PDF for a job proposal for 2 hours now. The link mentioned in other comments iPhone only…I use the equipment I purchased from hp for my small business so a lot of help is wanted!

  6. FUN AT TAMIL TECH says:

    I don't have WiFi printer so please help me to take scan using otg cable…

  7. Phil Ragonesi says:

    I’m trying to scan several documents but it says i need additional scanning software but i already have the hp smart app. What else do i need

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