I’m here with Doro. We’re gonna teach her how to ride. You just saw it on the street and were like
“Oh, i think i can do that” Doro: Yeah of course, its a very cool thing. That’s not normal. Hey guys its Kuji Rolls
Here making a video on how to ride an electric unicycle for the first time There’s already a ton of videos out there teach you how to ride an electric unicycle,
but i kinda wanna put my own spin on it, make some jokes,
and make it a little easier to try to cover everything you need to know
from the gear the wheel
where and how to practice Anyways, this is just a beginners tutorial
that will get you rolling for the first time Alright now, lets check out the gear You want to start with a pretty low tire pressure probably around 25 PSI that will delay the
movements of the unicycle and make it easier to start You already have these high-tops which is a really good idea
you wanna protect those bumps right there You might get something like that. See that? First, put your foot on make sure your foot
is center of the pedal with the same amount hanging off the front
as the back Next lets put the ankle pads in the right
spot you wanna put them right under your ankle
bumps so, right there same goes for this side
ok, now we got some pads on were gonna start this timer here if youre right footed
put your right foot on first if its rotating on you
bend your knee and move it forward until you can step on it without it spinning on you make sure your feet are in the middle
dont right to start riding right away wiggle your ankles in until the press against
the pad or the frame the natural tendency is to hunch forward
but dont do that!!! keep your chest up
close your eyes and pretend you are standing on the ground to dismount take your left foot off and keep your right
foot on the pedal when you mount
keep your hands on the wall and then just readjust your feet
Doro: Ah, how do i… the next step is to familiarize yourself with
the way the unicycle moves just rock forward and back first try to spin around in a circle keep on doing this until you get comfortable
with that the next step is to get comfortable hopping
up and down with one foot next, try going forward while keeping your
right foot on the pedal and just landing on your left
you might feel some uncomfortable pressure on the inside of your shin
but thats normal that will go away with time
the point of this exercise is so you can safely dismount with a little speed and not lose
control of the wheel the next thing you want to do is just go up
and down the wall relying less and less on the wall
try to twist your hips with the wheel hold onto that wall while youre mounting try not using your hands
itll be tough at first but itll make sure your feet are in the correct
position and it will be a lot less tiring in the long run any other thoughts right now? Doro: oh, its a little bit more difficult
than i thought Using the wall is probably more convenient
for most people but if you have a friend that can help you
out thatll be better if you want, you can hold onto my shoulders like this. it helps to have some speed… so lets get some speed on you your knees should be as straight as possible but bent so that they buckle if you hit something
unexpected try to rely on me the least you can
keep your eyes off in the distance shoulders upright
and you rotate around and kinda go in a circle the natural intuition is to turn away from the fall
but that is the exact opposite of what you want to do
you want to turn into the fall your toes are the key to steering
to turn right, just put a little more pressure on your right toe
and vice versa for the left so now youre getting there
youre almost ready for the next step put one foot down
oh perfect ok alright, now were going to part 2
where she can learn how to go from one point to another point on her own without any assistance
so were gonna go find some place its really cool that you can just walk with
it like this alright, so the next step would be to try
to get you from here all the way over to here dont forget to always remember to adjust your feet Does that make it more comfortable? Doro: yeah, a little bit So what you wanna do here is hold yourself up against the wall. adjust yourself so you’re pointing towards the wall you wanna look over there continue rocking until your comfortable
bring it back, lean forward and just try to just catch yourself on that
wall No, go faster. go faster Get used to a little more speed You wanna go about this speed Doro: If i go with speed and then… i dunno. You dont want to damage the thing? Yes. Dont worry about damaging the thing. its robust, see? check this out
you dont need to worry about it Thats not a problem? Its not a problem at all so you can just crash it. its going to survive
its going to have some scratches, but its fine so dont worry about it you kinda want to have that feeling
youre about to fall into a pool but dont bend your hips! you gotta trust you wanna do a nice belly flop try to put more weight onto your toes for safety reasons as you continue to try
this make sure you can keep your right foot on
the pedal and if youre falling try to turn into the
direction of the fall Almost! This is one of the biggest mistakes i see
Do not attempt to free mount youre only wasting your time and energy
use the wall until you know how to ride first readjust, align Congratulations! You got it You managed to get 10m in about 50 minutes do it again oh yessss Doro: I dont know how to stop To stop, you just want to lean back and put weight onto your heels. its mainly a trust issue nicely done
Just over an hour Not giving up
Doro: No no Im afraid of those The trick is to keep your ankles in tight, bend your knees, and go onto your tippy toes everything above your hips does not move
and you just legs do all the shocking for you but they might be a bit challenging initially. i wouldnt recommend it right now actually Shes getting it. shes getting it
youre maneuvering through these people already yeah, i think i get it now
what are you feeling so far? its really nice, its more difficult than i
thought it would be it makes fun. once you get going a little bit longer you get a feeling for it and then when you showed me again like doing a little bit like the superman
style and going on my tippy toes
and focusing on something far behind How long did you think it was going to take
you? I dunno, i thought when i only made few little progress i thought oh my god this will take forever
and then all of a sudden…i dunno. it was functioning This is a success youve learned how to ride in
in how long? an hour and a half As youre learning it will kinda feel quite exhausting and quite tiring to stay on
and thats not unusual so dont feel obligated to do it all in one
go you can break it up into several different
sessions if there are any tips you guys have that you
want to recommend to others just comment down below
that’d be great now this is just a beginners tutorial
i hope that this really helped you just getting started
but if you guys wanna learn more advanced techniques
like how to jump or go down stairs
hit that subscribe button down below and stay tuned

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