How to replace an oven thermostat in an electric cooker

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares. In this video I’m going to show you how
to replace the thermostat in this electric cooker. Now I’m using a Zanussi built-in
cooker for this video, but the process will be really similar for all domestic electric
ovens. Now this is your thermostat. The thermostat
control sits behind the temperature knob. This wire then runs round the back of the
oven. And then this capillary tube is seated at the top of the oven cavity. Now how will you know if you’ve got a damaged
thermostat. Well there’s three main signs: The first is that the temperature on the oven
is not reaching what you’ve set it to on the temperature knob. Or the second sign is
the temperature in the oven is always at maximum no matter what you’ve got it set to. The
last sign is if you’re not hearing the tell-tale click when you turn the control knob then,
yeah, it’s a sign that you’ll need to replace the thermostat. Now safety first, do make sure that your oven
is switched off at the mains before you get to work. There should be a switch in the general
vicinity, or if you can’t see it, it could be in one of the units, above, below or to
the side of the cooker but do make sure it’s switched off. The thermostat is situated at the back of
the cooker, so if you’ve got a built-in one like this one, then you’ll need to remove
it from its cavity. You can do this by removing these fitting screws here, and then lifting
the cooker out of its cavity and unplugging the cables. Once you’ve got the oven in
an open space with enough space to work on it you can get started. And the first thing
you’ll need to do is just remove the door. Now on most oven doors, there will be a latch
on either hinge, that when moved into the open position will allow you to close the
door up and lift it out. So here we can see the thermostat’s capillary
tube, which is situated at the top and back of the oven cavity. You just need to un-clip
it, like that. You can then move it round and leave it hanging like that and we’ll
get back to in a sec. I now need to remove the back panel from the
cooker. It’s held in place by torx screws. You can get a torx set on the eSpares website,
I’m just going to use a torx bit on the end of a screwdriver. I just need to remove
these two top panels as well. Now I’ve spun the cooker around, you can
see the wire feeding from the top of the cooker round and into the oven cavity. So now I can
just pull the capillary tube out of the cavity. I now need to just remove this fixing bracket
here, again, torx head screws holding it in place. So here we are at the thermostat control.
Now before I remove these wires there are two things I need to do. The first is to mark
one of these white wires with a pen. And the second is just take a photo. This way when
I come to put my new thermostat control in, I can wire it in exactly the same way this
one is wired. Now I’ve done that I can remove the clips.
I can then just remove the control knob from the front, and now I can take these two screws
out and remove the old thermostat control. I can now get rid of the old thermostat, and
put that to one side. And get my new one, and I’m now going to do the exact opposite
of what I’ve just done. Firstly I’m going to fix it to the front control panel, rewire
it, feed the wire through, put the capillary tube back into the oven cavity and fix it
all together. Now all I need to do is put the panels and
the door back onto the oven. Don’t forget to put the latches down on
the door when you are re-fitting it. That’s how easy it is to fit a thermostat
on an electric cooker. Before you get cooking again, it’s best to give it a bit of a clean
inside the oven cavity as there will probably be a bit of debris from the work you have
just done. Thermostats for all make and model of cooker
are available on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

52 comments on “How to replace an oven thermostat in an electric cooker”

  1. Jason Page says:

    I wish I'd seen this before letting Baumatic play with my oven. Good video. Thanks for posting it.

  2. MynameisEGIS says:

    Hi I know video is dated but if you can what will happen if I mix wires you marked
    Will permanently damage new element ? Or I just won't work and switch fix problem ? Thx !!

  3. eSpares says:


    Incorrectly wiring an electronic or electrical item can result in damage and/or affecting other parts. Make sure you get it right. Good luck!!!

  4. 403rose says:

    Thanks for posting this video. After watching this, my husband was able to fix our oven himself.

  5. eSpares says:

    Glad we could help.

  6. Sue Jameson says:

    Excellent tutorial, thank you

  7. eSpares says:

    You're welcome!


  8. Acecool444 says:

    What actually goes wrong with the thermostat to cause it to always rise to the highest temperature. I removed the top of the thermostat and saw that everything seemed to be in it's proper order, no breakage or loose connections on the copper wire either. But! The copper sensor seated inside the thermostat wasn't slowly fluctuating to turn off the oven when the 150 – 200 degrees was met, which allows the oven heating element to reach highest temp. Yes, I turned power fuse amp on to test this.

  9. telosfd says:

    Nice video. What is the cost of this job without the price of the thermostat in UK?

  10. eSpares says:

    It can vary from one repairer to another, but one option might be to try a fixed-price repair service such as Repaircare. Thanks!

  11. AdnaneLondon says:

    that was nice and helpful .. thanks a lot

  12. Hatsumi Ouellette says:

    thanks very helpful
    working on bosch wall oven

  13. The Bee Guru's Apprentice says:

    nice one, really helped me. 🙂

  14. Bruce Gordon says:

    Good video, very informative and good camera work as well.

  15. Margaret Barr says:

    great tutorial thanks , ordering my thermostat just now from a Mr Watt i swear im telling the truth he gave me some good advice also , thankyou bruce i ve just taken my old wonky thermostat off myself with your expert help 🙂

  16. John B says:

    Any suggestions on what to do if your oven is still overheating, whatever the temp setting is AFTER you have replaced the thermostat like this? (Just done it this afternoon and still have the same problem, but Loved you video and would never have had the guts to give it a go otherwise!) Assuming I didn't damage the new thermostat and it wasn't already bust (which I'm pretty sure is that case) is there anything else that can cause these symptoms?

  17. Cliffe Osteopaths says:

    Thank you Rory and espares for a great instructive film. Really useful and we followed it step by step. Had a laugh and unfortunately now discovered that there is something else that needs repairing too! Still more fun ahead. Fan is working so next… the oven heating element.

  18. Margaret Johnson says:

    I had The thermostat and oven element replaced( did not do it myself ) with parts supplied by e spares. initially the circuit breaker was tripping out when the temperature in the oven rose. so I thought it was thermostat. Now the element does not heat up at all. could it be wired wrongly or is it a faulty part?

  19. C B says:

    If I replace the thermostat with a PID controller, would it be as simple as connecting those wires connected to the thermostat to the controller's ssr?

  20. Evelyn Blacklock says:

    Thanks so much this helped me to fix my oven! You guys are superstars – straight forward instructions and transferable to a number of models. I would emphasise that taking pics when taking apart came in very useful too when reassembling

  21. Lee S says:

    Hi, we have a built in bosch oven HBN 43M5.OB & the cooling fan just runs constantly when the unit is not in use. Could you guide us to the likely part needing replacement please? thanks

  22. Paul Fearn says:

    hi can you confirm if the thermostat is the isdue.. my oven switches off i can turn it back on and it will work then after a shortwhile turns off again..thanks

  23. Daniel Burke says:

    I replaced the oven element in my Electrolux cooker which had blown then the element went in the grill shortly afterwards, the grill and oven are heating ok but the oven is full of smoke . The oven is clean and I allowed it some time to dry out but it's still filled with smoke. I would appreciate your advice on the subject

  24. Karl Meneghella says:

    Thank you. I don't have this oven but it did highlight the fault.

  25. Naomi Hunter says:

    Hi, I am just about to order part to replace as I think my thermostat is the issue. Wonder if you could confirm please
    2 days ago over only worked below 150degrees, grill and hob fine. Yesterday only grill and hob work, Today only the hobs work. I assume it is a faulty thermostat and not clock/an element for example but is there any way to be sure? Thank You

  26. Louise Dixon says:

    have a bush dual fuel oven was wondering how to change the thermo

  27. Alex Vainer says:

    Thank for this video it was very helpful!

  28. Henry Gonsalves says:

    Thanks for an excellent demo.

  29. The Mouse says:


  30. David Jones says:

    Help please. Purchased Energy Regulator (ES212776) for Creda 40063 from espares but wiring is different. Can you advise where each wire goes. No videos available for different or new universal regulators

  31. Marius Ruzas says:

    Nice! Thank you!

  32. golfgtioz says:

    Just a quick question if I may, my oven keeps tripping the rcbo when the oven reaches temperature and clicks off, I’ve checked all the 5 elements for resistance with a multi meter and they all seem fine. I’m thinking the thermostat is causing an earth leak somehow, any ideas ?

  33. zaftra says:

    Can the thermostat make everything dead in an oven? Temp indicator light, oven light and fan? Thanks. Ironically, only thing I do get is the click when turning the knob on.

  34. Cornish Dave says:

    Thanks for the video. I have a stand alone indesit oven, The oven switches on from cold and heats up. when it reaches the set temperature it trips the RCD. when you reset the power and turn on the oven it trips as soon as it hits the thermostat temperature. Is this the element or the thermostat most likely?

  35. Mary Eller says:

    After cleaning my self cleaning oven the door locked sign is flashing and want go out and can't get oven to work. Can you help me. It's a Kenmore

  36. Kim Greer says:

    I have a mini range leisure electric cooker..the oven light and fan come on the oven gets lukewarm but no hotter, the top oven is fine, so are the hob rings and I can hear the fan…is this likely to be the thermostat please..thank you

  37. tospicy4ya says:

    Mine is tripping the rcd oils it be the thermostat

  38. harriet boyd says:

    Creda Concept top oven not heating properly. Could it be the thermostat?

  39. Absee Janzouree says:

    That was very helpful. I have a Bush oven which switches itself off after a a few minutes then automatically comes back on after a while. Maybe after it cools.. is this a thermostat issue or could it be a cut off switch or something??? Your assistance would be appreciated

  40. Noreen bi bi says:


    Love your videos! Insightful as always!

    I have a Lamona 4401 oven. It gives some heat, and the oven light isn't turning on / and the fan isn't working (I'm assuming as it doesn't make a noise as it does when its on).

    Is the thermostat the most likely culprit? Thank you in advance for your help!!

  41. addis addis says:

    hi can you help me to find a smeg 2500 watt hob upper heating element for a42

  42. Troy Lewis says:

    Great set of videos on mending fan ovens well done! Much appreciated 🙂

  43. Paul says:

    Thanks for the video.
    My zanussi oven is inconsistent ,one day its hot then days later when i use it it doesn't feel as hot despite setting it at 190°.Could this thermostats be a likely problem ?

  44. Josh K says:

    Great straight forward instructional video. Helped me a lot and saved me some $$$$

  45. Mat Smith says:

    Any idea what the thing is at 2:53 with orange and black wires going in to it (orange at top, black at bottom, near the entry point of the grill)?

  46. david says:

    Hello, good morning, I have an electric stove and the temperature selector and thermostat has broken down and I called a specialized technician and he came in my house dismounted the two went away and said he would come back with the two new parts and never came back, I bought the new parts but I am afraid to connect them because there are many wires and plugs, so I would like to know if you have any electric stove of the brand logik model LFTC60A12 that can take some photos of the connections of the temperature selector and the thermostat and can send me so I can assemble without damaging the new parts I bought …. Thanks and look forward

  47. Nkokhelo Gumede says:

    It’s was helpful to me thank you 🙏

  48. iSharon Smith says:

    Will have a goo at changing the thermostat – looks fairly straight forward. Thank you for posting the video.

  49. iSharon Smith says:

    Our oven heats up but goes past the set temperature then cools to below the set temperature…..and keeps cycling up and down. I'm assuming it's the thermostat. Is this the case?

  50. sean hetherington says:

    Hi Rory
    Just wondering if you can point me I the right direction please
    I have a lamona oven
    And it's working fine but when I turn the thermostat off
    The power indicator light is staying on .. but the light is faint

    Is this some thing to worries about .

    Thanks James

  51. Peter McGill says:

    Good bloke. Explained things well, and didn't patronise viewer.

  52. fophinho says:

    I have a Smeg oven that gives me an error 1 alarm and stops the oven. The only info I can find is that it's probably related to the thermostat. Do you know something about this? Nice explanatory video by the way!

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