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  1. Kishore VNVV says:

    Many thanks bro for your video. It just worked. Before watching this video, I was moving earth and heaven to find a solution to remove my credit card details from Google Account. The problem was that I subscribed to a an App for one month through Play Store by using credit card. The next month also, subscription amount was deducted from my card without even asking for OTP. My problem is solved with your help. Many thanks indeed once again.

  2. Sushmita Konthoujam says:

    U deserved a like button

  3. happy jocker says:

    Thank you sooo muchhhhhhh

  4. S Maity says:

    love you bhai ! thank you


    Thank you brother for this supportive video❤❤😘😘

  6. Shaimaa Anwer says:

    Thank you.. I was going crazy as I don't want to keep my Credit card info saved.. Big like

  7. Sounak Das says:


  8. DINU UIKEY says:

    Thank you.. very much
    This is very useful video for me.

  9. The Gacha Couple says:


  10. Lijo Nyorak says:

    Thanks bro

  11. Ethio must says:

    Thanks man keep it up!


    Thanks bhai

  13. Mahendiran S says:

    Thanks bro

  14. Spartacus_ says:

    Thanks. Its helped

  15. Alexpmgr8 K3 says:

    Sweet, thanks matey

  16. Ajay Rajput says:

    Thnx brother

  17. SRAVAN NANI says:

    To bro

  18. Ashok Sharma says:


  19. Bikram Raj says:

    Thanks bro very helpful video

  20. jamshad jamshad says:


  21. Alka says:

    thanks a lot 🙂

  22. Milk TEA says:

    Most people: you saved MEEEEEEE
    Me: I just wanna remove my older brother's credit card info, cause I wanted cute cut pro…lol I asked for permission so it wasn't a worry……BUT I WANTED TO REMOVE IT…..thanks sir :3

  23. randomdude151 says:

    Step by step it was helpful and I was able to remove the info thank you so much.

  24. Farman Afridi says:


  25. Badal Pawar says:

    pls make video on paytm,phone pe,jiomoney remove debit cards??

  26. Saroj Kumar Sahu says:

    Thanks sir🙏🏻🙏🏻

  27. Sanjeev Sharma says:

    Thanks 👍

  28. Gang_ 727_staR says:

    Thanks man
    Really helpful and thank God you speak English

  29. Ajmal Achu says:

    Thank u bro

  30. Rose Rioflorido says:

    Thanks mate, it is really helpful…👍👍👍

  31. Genesis Null says:

    Thank you si much for this video! Straight forward and you asked the process!

  32. Waleed Ali says:

    Really helpful 👍

  33. Jagadeesh Chowdary says:

    Thanks bro for ur information

  34. That one Edgy Ass Youtuber says:

    Your a savior..

    When my dad's card declined at the super market i PANICKED, im scared of him finding out ;( thank god i found away to remove all traces of me using mah dad's card.

  35. Sandesh Surve says:

    thanks bro its useful

  36. sureshsirimilla says:

    Good news bro
    Tq for sharing knowledge

  37. Debasish Mondal says:


  38. Pradeep Singh says:

    Thanks bro..
    Done with unauthorized transportation.

  39. Itschanart says:

    working thanks

  40. Thegod 22 says:


  41. Eeee Eeee says:


  42. Effa Nabila says:

    Tqqq very much .

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  45. VISHNU RATHORE says:

    Thanks a lot…bro

  46. Siavash Achakzai says:

    Thx bro

  47. killerrghostlol_ plays says:

    God yes

    I finally found the video my mom is gonna kill me for using her card for 400 robux

  48. AzyPebble says:

    Wow thank u may buddha bless u n ur family n friends

  49. Squishified says:

    Thanks man, fuckers are snarky.

  50. chong joon hau says:

    help lots!!! thanks bro!!!

  51. Marko Pandrc says:

    Hey dude you helped me out here is new sub

  52. Shanu Muthukulam says:

    Thank you bro 🙂

  53. Abhishek Goswami says:

    Thank you bro
    My friend purchase some app in my account with his card but don't know how to remove your video is so helpful for me and him

  54. mohit kumar says:

    Very nice video I got big help. Thanks

  55. Fardowsa Abdullahi says:

    Thank you so much, it was helpful video😃

  56. noel SYDNEY says:

    Thanks buddy

  57. Raagamay Karaokes 2 says:


  58. Jayasingh Singh says:

    tq and nice video

  59. Kavi Praveen says:


  60. Faris Zakria says:

    superb 🙂

  61. Tahir Mehmood says:

    Really helpful. Much appreciated.

  62. Deepak sehgal says:

    Thx Bro👍🏼

  63. HD SIDDHARTH SiDhU says:

    Thanks bro

  64. Raj KISHORE says:

    Thanks buddy 😍😍

  65. aditya arya says:


  66. injustice kombat says:

    Thank you

  67. Vel murugan says:

    Anna your video vara leavel

  68. beel beel says:

    Thx u so much

  69. Ruchi Chaudhary says:

    Thanks you so much

  70. Ruchi Chaudhary says:

    Adding is very easy but removing is like hell.. Very smart people behinds these apps

  71. KHERWAL KORA says:

    Love u bro

  72. BINAYAK GAMING says:


  73. Nikhil Sawarkar says:

    After removing card details we will lose our subscription??

  74. lovely mani says:

    Thanks bro

  75. SANdY SURiRA says:

    Really thankful ♥️

  76. abdul shake says:

    Thanks bro

  77. Bradley Kayaban says:

    Thanks so much

  78. Nani illa says:

    this very helps full bro thank you

  79. Eyal Malako says:

    Thank… very usefully…:)

  80. Hemanta Kumar says:

    Thank you bro

  81. Jason says:

    Lief saver

  82. Ajinkya Jadhav says:

    I'm here because my subscription is renewed and I lost my 850 rupees 😭😭

  83. Akash Das says:

    Thanks you bro.. Thanks from my heart

  84. Khan Gaming says:

    Tankq brother

  85. Venkat Ramanan says:

    You saved my life.. 😘

  86. Bhavin Shah says:

    Thanks bro…..👍👍🙏🙏

  87. RAMAKRISHNAN. S says:

    Thanks for your help…

  88. Mohd Shakeb says:

    Thanks alot.actually my dad card is saved on my Google play store.i too don't know how it is saved on my gmail.someone have subscribed to youtube permium.and my dad got message that someone has debited money he scolded me lot.then i checked his bank statement where it gone and remove debit card info from my account by seeing ur video.that cheap dirty bloody Google cut the money without sending and otp.thanks bro lot this video saves me of further scam

  89. Faizi Khan says:

    Thanks buddy 👍 good going 😁

  90. Владимир Костић says:

    I tried to remove, but if I could, I'd have to add ANOTHER CARD to pay with.

  91. Rashmi Mohapatra says:

    Thank you yar


    Thanks you

  93. Shekhar Chikhlikar says:

    Thank y

  94. Bloodyagent says:

    Thank you very much sir 🙂

  95. Foodi lovers says:

    Thank u bro ✌️

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    Work for me thanks

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