How to Pause Devices with Ignite Wifi Hub | Rogers Ignite WiFi Hub

Welcome. Today we’ll show you
how to pause devices using Ignite WiFi Hub from Rogers. Let’s go. Ignite WiFi Hub gives you incredible access
and controls to manage your home network. When it’s time to swap screen time for dinnertime
or downtime, it’s easy to pause the WiFi for a single device or an entire
user profile. To begin, just open the Ignite WiFi app or
go to and sign in with your MyRogers username and password. Now select Devices. Select the one you want
to pause and select Pause Device. You can choose to pause for a specific amount of time
or indefinitely until you choose to unpause. You can also pause access to all the devices
on a user profile. Select People. Select the user profile you’d
like to pause. Select Pause All Devices. Now you can control who gets online and when.
When a device or profile is paused, if the user tries going on the Internet while connected
to your home network, their browser will display a message saying that the content cannot be
reached or that the Internet is down. Please note: This feature does not block Internet
access using cellular data such as LTE. Download Ignite WiFi Hub from Rogers from
your App Store today.

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