How to make computer faster using piriform defraggler Professional

hi guys welcome to my another video
tutorial today I will show you how to make fast your computer speed using the
Defraggler Software I have cracked version check description
download link is given below if you want to know what is a fragment and fragment
please check description open Defraggler select local Drive which you want to
Defrag suppose I want to Defrag the C Drive and make sure you have at least
10% three space on your local Drive to Defrag so I have 28% percent free disk space on
C Drive this software also shows you your local drive health as well whenever local disk Defraging do not use your computer and don’t use your selected drive leave your computer free and wait until defrag complete thanks for watching

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  1. Tejas Sontakey says:

    You can defrag or prevent fragmentation permanently using Diskeeper18

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