How To Download MedallionClass™ Digital Experiences

(relaxing music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the
Princess Cruises MedallionClass Experience Collection. (relaxing music) MedallionClass digital experiences help you streamline,
customize and maximize your Princess Cruise vacation. From bookmarking activities to your own personalized itinerary and finding your ShipMates on board, to interactive fun, service on demand and navigating around the
ship during your cruise, MedallionClass digital experiences create special moments to delight you. Access these experiences
from your smart device by using the free MedallionClass app. You can use the MedallionClass
app before you voyage to: set up your OceanProfile,
link a booking reservation, select the types of activities
you’re interested in, share food allergies,
change your password, see a countdown to your
next booked voyage, add or change your profile picture, view sailed and booked voyages, see your assigned cabin
number, booking number and muster station information, get OceanReady by scanning your passport and ordering your
OceanMedallion and accessories, use JourneyView to see
and bookmark activities happening during your voyage,
as many as 60 days out, create your Tagalong with PlayOcean, get familiar with the games
featured within Ocean Casino. Then when it’s time to
cruise, the MedallionClass app puts everything at your fingertips, on-demand services, family
and friends locator, ship navigation, anywhere
wagering, and interactive fun. Download the MedallionClass app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Be sure to visit the
MedallionClass YouTube channel for more tips on the
MedallionClass Experience. (relaxing music)

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