How To DM On Instagram On Computer ✅ Use IG to Direct Message Someone On PC/Mac/Laptop 2019

How To DM On Instagram On Computer ✅ Use IG to Direct Message Someone On PC/Mac/Laptop 2019 hey guys then I’m gonna show you how to
get DM on PC what the mo NPC will do is access your Instagram DMS on your
computer so you need to install this through your phone so iOS or Android but
then you’ll be able to access it through the Instagram comm site it’s very simple
guys I’ll show you how to do it first step on iOS open settings general if I
try not refresh make sure this is own Wi-Fi mobile data no iPhone Android just
skip that step but next open your web browser go to sideload dot CC justic lab
and press go now I’d be taken to a list about like
this just go up to the search and type in diem and you will see it should be
right at home I click throwing on there yeah diem on PC so just press third
injection and it will start to download so just go to be patient what’s this
guys shouldn’t take too long there is take a message there yes we’re almost
done now do you think those drops of this all
you have to do is download two of them I’m wrong with 30 seconds it’s just the
bypass code signing guys very simple suggest so the dope now I’m just gonna
wait for both please finish downloading okay guys one has finished on the ring
so just open this another 30 seconds I’m not gonna wait the full 30 out of
interest in time but yeah this one’s done to you so open this with 30 seconds
you know if you use or anything just make sure it’s 30 seconds and you will
have DM on PC let me just leave the few apps that you installed once you see the
icon on your home screen because you know you come anymore and there it is
guys all you have to do is open this enter Instagram login and you will have
DM on PC unlocked now just to clarify you don’t enter Instagram password it’s
just like a sign in through Instagram tech deal so you don’t have to get this
up your password you just authorized it to access the early amps so they can
send it to you on the web Instagram 100% trustworthy guys this is not just some
random app developer they have been releasing apps it is for years for
social media so thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you did
leave a like and a comment below and I will see you in the next one

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  2. Jose Pirela says:

    thanks bro for this information now i can tom use IG on my pc (Y)

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    very awesome video.really love it dude

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    Amazing trick to use dm on instagram on pc. Thanks for sharing. 😀😆

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    Trally worked for me on my laptop, Thanks.

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    It perfectly worked, Recommend this video.

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    Omg. You shared really outstanding way to Direct message instagram on PC. I tried and it is working well . Thank you

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    This strategy worked awesomely I was able to DM on Instagram on my PC the process was so fast and easy thanks man💪💪

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    I'm on my PC way more than my phone so this is awesome! I followed your instructions and Instagram is working great on PC. Thanks for sharing this trick.

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    100% genuine.. Thanks tutorials guruji 🙂 💖

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