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Hi I’m Craig Philips and welcome to my Tiling Trade Tips where I’m going to be revealing my top DIY secrets to help you save money and time. On this episode I’m going to be showing you how to cut large format tiles. Now it’s essential to have the right equipment to cut your tiles. The staff at Tile Mountain are happy to help you and advise you what’s the right type for your type of tiles. kobalt tile saw reviews This particularly what I’m about to cut, is
a 1200mm long by 600mm wide and I’m going to cut it the full length. Now the unit I’m about to use is a 1250mm straight railed tile cutter I’ve got it fixed down to a work bench I’ve placed my tile in the centre of it I’ve got my mark where I’m about to cut I’ve pushed it all the way up-to the front
to make sure it’s square, on the sections here. I’m going to place the blade onto the mark I’m about to cut starting off by pressing it down gently pulling it back 10mm and then working my way all the way up to the top. It’s vital that you score that from the very
bottom right the way up there, to the top. This type of machine, you lift the arm up,
you press the handle down and in the breaking arms, you place on top of the tile it’s straddling over your score mark it’s about 30mm set back from the top of the tile and then just going put a short sharp press motion down to break the tile. Now it doesn’t matter what size tile it is,
the cutting methods are all the same, the smaller the tile, the smaller the unit. Now this tile cutter is a moveable breaker which allows me to score individual mosaic tiles and then break them separately. Now after you’ve scored each tile twist the handle, raise the blade up and you can pull the arm back press down the cutting arm onto each individual tile and press to break. As you can see, the glass section is cut on the mosaics now I can take my trimming knife and cut the mesh at the back. Now you may not only have straight cuts you might come across some tricky cuts like cutting a corner out of a tile like this great way of doing it is using a wet cutter now it’s called a wet cutter you apply some water in the reservoir that keeps the blade cool and it reduces the dust. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching my Tiling Trade Tips. If you want to watch any further Tiling Tips maybe order some free tile samples or just enquire about the vast range of products that Tile Mountain stock please visit the website

17 comments on “How to Cut Porcelain and Ceramic Floor Tiles – Tile Mountain”

  1. Jeremy Michelle Colombo says:

    What brand cutter are you using? I can't find great reviews on local hardware store cutters.

  2. D V says:

    On your first cut you chipped off a corner… and then you ignore it, as if it didn't happen… sneaky 😉

  3. Mihkel Buschman says:

    Thanks for the video. Very informative.

  4. Ranjit Singh says:

    HI Craig, you re excellent. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Farah Deeva Salian says:

    wow! where can i buy the smaller tile cutter?

  6. zanmirrob says:

    Great stuff Craig.

  7. Salim Mca says:

    اتمني سلعة مثل هذه في الجزائر

  8. Carol Kierstein says:

    Ever tried mosaic stone tile?

  9. Take2 Custom Remodeling says:

    I have a 7/16"x 2'x 4' mat finished porcelain tile to cut. What my best method?

  10. Ginger says:

    what about cutting a large circle in large tile?

  11. migele figo says:

    THANK YOU very skilful what cutter do you use?

  12. Beech1900pilot says:

    Can you use the wet saw.ypu profiled at the end on a large format tile? Say 1000 mm long for rip cuts?

  13. ishtapinks says:

    Watched this concise video once and quickly tiled my entrance way. Thanks!

  14. Yee Choon be be says:

    Tile' s cutting are so much fun ' s ! Largest sizes of tile' s are very expensive ' s ! Am I right ? So

  15. Yee Choon be be says:

    I see ! Smart ' s working tool's ! Well spend ' s ( time's and money's , well

  16. Mike P says:

    Snapped the corner off in first tile :D.
    But regarding the cutter. Can you get nice straight edge from it? (similar to new tile edge) Or you taking new tile for every piece you need?

  17. TO NO says:

    Anybody can cut tiles with an expensive machine!!!

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