How to convert old petrol bike to geared electric bike || INDIA’S FIRST FOUR GEARED ELECTRIC BIKE

hi, guys, I am Shalin and all of you are welcome to tech tube 360 and he is my friend Tejas. Hi Guys Today’s video is going to be very special because we have made India’s first four geared electric vehicle for which we were working on for the past six months and finally, this project is completed today Friends we have selected Bajaj Boxer bike form scrap We have selected Geared bike to convert because of the known disadvantage of electric vehicles of poor traction on load and slopes so for that reason, we have got a Geared bike As Tejas said We have got this vehicle from the scrap there are two advantages one is you are stopping a new vehicle from entering already populated Indian Roads secondly, your scrap value vehicle is converted to zero emissions eco-friendly vehicle you can expect an increase in life for another 12 to 15 years which was totally a scrap value vehicle yet another thing is that in electric vehicles, there is nothing that wears out easily so life expectancy is almost 15 years or more after conversion. So friends today’s video is going to be very interesting please watch till the end you will really enjoy watching this video Music!!! So, friends, we have got a Bajaj boxer bike for this conversion We have taken apart the entire engine and what are the modifications in the engine that I will show you step by step so let’s get started So these are some of the components that we don’t need like Engine head and block assembly it’s cover we don’t need an oil pump original crankshaft and connecting rod and piston not needed the timing chain is not required Kick is also not required no magneto required and its stator assembly too removed No need for an engine Block Air filter box carburetor connecting pipe not required No need for silencer too !!!! All this weight we are saving from our electric bike now I will show you what all modification we need to do in the engine and all those components that are required for engine modification and let’s see those parts So, friends, this is e-rikshaw motor If you know then there is a gear on this shaft that gear directly fits into the rear differential gearbox but as we are not using the differential box so we modified this motor shaft to So we opened up the motor and and turned the worm gear from the motor shaft made shaft found and filed one part of the shaft to a flat part for gear which will not slip on the shaft once it’s fixed by the grub screw So this was a motor modification This is the customized gear this gear will be fixed on this shaft tightened by L&key grub screws The motor will then rotate the gear and This smaller gear will fit on the customized shaft will show you that in a while this gear will be fitted on the customized shaft which will in turn spin the smaller gear at the bottom and the shaft through transmission will send the power to wheels And This is that customized shaft on which we will be This smaller gear which I showed you will be fixed here and finally through the gearbox, it will drive our rear wheel For Mounting the motor on to the engine this is the customized plate which is very thick almost 12mm thick these holes are drilled to match studs on the gearbox and at this adjacent side motor will be mounted So friends lets go ahead with engine assembly So as you can see all the parts lying in the tray So we will start our assembly So, friends, this is basically our bike In this, we have changed the throttle to as you can see to hall throttle and it’s matching grip on left side For battery, we have removed the tank from here we have welded an iron strip at the bottom i don’t know if you guys are able to see Ya I am talking about this strip on that this battery bay is fixed which will four batteries of 12v each which will power our bike 12v 20amp/Hr batteries and we will cover this later the hall throttle cable was short so we elongated it till controller here and the controller is fixed at empty space of air filter this is the controller connection plate here all the three phases are wired as you can see blue-green and yellow phase wires this is controller enable wire which will be connected to the key ignition switch in the wiring As you can see the entire engine is removed as we were to work on the making it electric So the primary modification in the bike as seen is done silencer too removed we will place the assembled engine in its place remains to be done I apologize for the surrounding noises but as this is an industrial area please excuse me so we will work on the engine after placing the engine at its place will show you wiring and connections So, friends, we will place batteries in the battery bay we will place all four one by one as you can see to connect all in series we will place them alternate positive and negative connections made with battery series wires isn’t that nice and perfect the tray which we have made holds the batteries perfectly we ill do connections in series so we will get 12v X 4=48v as our controller and motor are 48v rated Speeding up a bit to keep the video length under the limit Form these two leads we will draw the output Here thick wires which can carry 18 to 25 amps will be connected So these are our output tabs So as you can see the battery stand in fixed nice and snug let me just show you a top view After seat, the battery bay starts Music!!! Installing gearbox whilst the electric engine Music !! Music !! Music !! Speed 6X Friends thank for watching the video till the end what do you think about our electric vehicle which is eco-friendly maintenance free and green vehicle do let me know in the comment section below if you enjoyed watching the video please do give it a like do share this video if you have not subscribed to my channel please do subscribe to techtube360 and hit that notification bell icon so that you will be getting instant updates of our forthcoming videos and I will see you in my next video till then bye take care JAI HIND 🙂

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    Share your contact information . On email: [email protected]

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    Mare 48v 900 w motor thi loading cart banavvu Che to ketla ah ni battery lagadu ane kayu charger vapru ? Please help me.


    Sir ye bike sirf 40 ke speed tak he jati h kya

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    I want convart Yamaha Crux convart karneke leye ayega oil leak prabulam

  6. B J says:

    In any case, a vehicle having electric motor of more than 250 watt and /or speed above 25 KMs per hour is within the ambit of Motor Vehicles Act. RTO may have a say in the matter of any conversion. Please correct if I am wrong.

  7. Viraj wadatkar says:

    What is the total modification price and another bike cab run ??🤔🤔

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    Brilliant concept

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  13. Narasimhan Srinivasan says:

    hi, your effort is wonderful. I have an old Hero Honda CD 100 SS motorcycle that I haven't used for nearly 2 years. Can I convert it into an electric bike, it is a geared 4 stroke bike. Kindly help.. indicate what will be the cost, I live in Sahibabad, District Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR, only 2 kms. from Dilshad Garden).. my email i.d. is [email protected], if you write to me, I will convey my mobile numbers to you.

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    I need to know why you have added gear box? As I feel if the motor power goes directly to rear wheel gearless, it could give more power and more Kms per charge.
    Thank you

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