How To Convert 3 Wire Dryer Electrical Outlet to 4 Wire

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  1. jeffostroff says:

    ✅ Tools/Parts in this dryer electrical outlet video:

    Fluke FLK2AC Voltage Detector:

    Leviton 278 30-Amp, 4-Wire Dryer Outlet

    G.E. Wire 30-amp Dryer Cord:

  2. Ryan Thomas says:

    Two questions,

    One I placed the green ground wire in the original place without the little shiny piece. Also the dryer I bought after changing the prong to 4 from 3 won’t turn on. I didn’t have it tested with the 3 prong because there wasn’t an outlet.

    How can I test to see if there is anything else failing my dryer

  3. ScubaCat3 says:

    I just swap over one wire at a time so I don't get them mixed up. Great video, thanks for posting it!

  4. Mountain Rat says:

    What if I dont have a neutral?

  5. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8627 says:

    Hey could you help me figure this out with my dryer outlet. So it's a three wire outlet(white, black, copper) and the plug is a four prong plug. What/where should I connect everything?

  6. Janice Anderson says:

    i want that installed screwdriver set… where did you get it… BTW Great Video and Very Informative! Thanks!

  7. Joe Altorfer says:

    I only have 3 wires in wall, black/red/white. Can I install a jumper from the neutral to the ground on the 4 wire outlet and avoid running a new ground wire?

  8. Big Blue says:

    Is ground wire always copper?

  9. Genius Dog Poocho says:

    I have a 4 wires 3-10 for 220 dryer, can I connect outlet 110 about 1 food away, to the same box and the same wires, using one wire the red or the black for positive and negative to white. Can you please let me know or anybody else can you advise me on that, thank you. I like to do it in the right way by the code.

  10. Scott Dee says:

    Is the common wire also the ground wire?

  11. clifford dicarlo says:

    At 4:19 you said that red and black are 120 degrees out-of-phase. Actually the red and black wires are 180 degrees out-of-phase.

  12. Malaquias Turcio says:

    He talk to much shit

  13. karla garza says:

    Great video!
    I have a 3 prong outlet and want to change to a 4 prong, but the wall outlet only has 3 wires, there is no ground wire, can I add a ground wire to the metal box attaching it with a screw, would that work for my electric dryer? Or DEFENETLY must run the ground wire from the main electrical box?

  14. Broke but Fast says:

    You skipped the part telling me if the red white black and copper go in specific ports on the new socket. Guess im about to find out.

  15. Richard A. Valdes says:

    Run a ground green wire to a grounding rod conviente located outside . Easier than running a new green wire all the way back to the breaker box. Will that work?

  16. Rick X says:

    Just attach the X & Y wires… oh yea? WTF what is an X wire, which color? NEVER MENTIONED it in the video… GO elsewhere so you don't blow up your dryer & breaker panel & burn down your house… NOT GOOD

  17. King Super Saiyan says:

    Thanks to the crappy design of those outlets, you can plug it halfway in and there's live voltage. The pins are not even sleathed

  18. YZMOTO #80 says:

    “Plus or minus “ ? “4 conductor” ? Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t be giving electrical instructions.

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