How to Connect Bluetooth Receipt Printer to the Loyverse POS

Hello. My name is Edward from Loyverse
team and today we are going to be talking about Bluetooth printers. Bluetooth printers are really popular in the business world today. It’s used for so
many tasks such as printing out receipts printing orders and printing bills so
many others that we cannot mention here so today we are going to focus on how to
connect bluetooth printers to Loyverse POS. Some of the benefits of using Bluetooth
printers is that first of all it’s wireless, so you don’t actually need to
be close by to print out receipts. Secondly it’s easy to connect. You just
have to connect to the Bluetooth and that’s it. And lastly if you are using a
mobile printer it means that you can move around with it unlike the
stationary printer that needs to be connected to power and just stationary
as the name implies. At Loyverse along with developing the point of sale software we
need for running a small business we also have tested the necessary hardware
that you need to go along with it. So before you purchase a hardware please
consult our list of supported hardware on our website. And now we are going to
review the devices we need to connect first I have my iPad with Loyverse POS
installed on it. And right us we have three
different printers. Some of them are mobile printers meaning you can move
them around and this last one is a stationary printer it means it has to
stay one place and you have to connect it to a power. It means to always be
connected to power these two operates on a battery so it doesn’t matter. And this
is a Star SM-T300i this is an Epson TM-P20 and this last one Epson TM-m30. Before you connect the printer to
the mobile device the first thing you need to do with the power is on. Go to your
settings and in your settings put on the Bluetooth. And the devices go in to search for the printer that we had already put on. Then when it discovers the device, you
connect to the device. So after you have successfully paired the device with the
Bluetooth printer the next thing you need to do is to go to the Loyverse POS
application and then you sign in. I have already signed in so I just put in my
pin and I am presented with the sale screen. What you’d want to do is to go to
menu then tap ‘Settings’ and in Settings go to ‘Printers’ we have printers here
then you click the top to small button here to add a new printer. Let’s call our
printer Epson and under the list of printer model we are going to select our
printer. Our printer is Epson TM-P20 then after doing that you just need to
search for the printer. Then you select the printer
tap OK. Now let’s try and see if it works that’s test our let’s print our test
receipt. And here we have our test receipt. Then I
can select if I want to print receipts and bills with this printer or print
others well I want to print receipts and bills so I select that, and I want to
print receipt and bills automatically and
I save the settings. As you can see we have our printer settings here. Once I
have saved it I can go back to my Sales screen select an item that I
want to sell, charge the item and select a payment’s type. Once I have done thats the printer automatically print out the receipt. And here it is. Now that you have successfully connected Loyverse POS to
your Bluetooth printer it is important to note that you can connect multiple
Bluetooth printers to one POS device, but you cannot connect multiple POS
devices to one Bluetooth printer.

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  1. Loyverse Point of Sale System says:

    1. Benefits of using Bluetooth printers [0:36]
    2. Devices we need [1:29]
    3. Connect devices [2:10]
    4. Setup the printer on the Loyverse POS [2:40]
    5. Make a sale and print a receipt [4:16]

    The list of receipt printers compatible with Loyverse POS

  2. Lina Jiang says:

    Such a useful and functional software for small store owners ,we are a Bluetooth supplier from China,also compatible with your software,so many clients use your software for sales receipts printing,it’s really good solution to retailers 👍

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