How to Build Electronic Circuits : Inductors & Their Function

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What is in an inductor? Well an inductor would be a coil of wire. There we have a small inductor. Inductors
resist changes in current flow. They are measured in Henrys. The higher the henries the larger
the inductor. Now electricity flows through a conductor, which this is a conductor that
is wrapped around this pencil and produces a magnetic field by forming an intercoil like
this. It strengthens that magnetic field. So if by increasing the henries, again the
henries are how it is measured. A coil can also work the opposite even a piece of straight
wire for instance take this piece of wire here, it is straight it still has inductance
in it, but increase it if you start coiling that. I am going to connect it to my volt
meter here. I am going to pass the super magnet over this piece of wire. I have the meter
setup here to read AC voltage because the magnetic field is going to be alternating
the north and south poles. So I want to try to measure it. What I am going do instead
of just passing it once or I want to spin it in place and I should get some type of
reading here.
You can see that the reading bouncing around, but I am getting voltage being produced through
this conductor with the magnetic field passing by it.

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