How to Build Electronic Circuits : How to Safely Work with Electronics

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Let us talk about safety. When you are working with electronics and electricity you always
have to be mindful of safety. Safety is common sense, right? But if you do not understand
what’s is going on with electricity it might be hard use that common sense. You get a shock
in electricity when current flows through you. So you will find your technicians that
are working on high power items, microwaves, TVs and such like that though actually remove
your jewelry of watches, rings, necklaces, something that can go and hit and something
that is voltage that has high potential current output, rubber soled shoes. Now we are not
working in the high voltage items or actually that might be your thought. But there are
items, many items that have high voltage contained in them. This TV for instance has plenty of
high voltage in it. Yes, there is low power electronics, fly back transformer is generating
10s and 1000s of volts through the CRT here do not mess with it. As a matter of fact,
one hand is more than enough to even be closed by, you just do not want to touch it. Anything
that plugs in to the wall, you should be really careful because you have the house current
available. In house current, the outlet is typically set with the breaker to 15-20 amps.
That’s a lot of voltage, a lot of potential current that is available to give you shock,
you do not want to mess with it, also when you unplug something, it does not mean it
is safe. There are capacitors in here. A number of capacitors store energy and so if you unplug
it, there is still energy available potentially dangerous energy. Static electricity, you
have free electrons floating through like walking across the carpet, rubbing a balloon
on your head that is really high voltage, but there is not much current available to
that. So it is the current that gives you the shock.

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