What’s up these eskaters, it’s Neil with
Big Kids and on this channel we talk about DIY tips, vendors, and the electric
skateboard community! If you’re new here please consider subscribing to see more
videos just like this one. And don’t forget to check the show notes below for
any links or notes I leave in the description. In this video we’re gonna be
doing a tutorial on how to build a DIY electric skateboard. This is going to be
part 1 of a two-part series. In this video I’m gonna be building the
longboard deck and the drivetrain. Also I’m gonna be doing a raffle will giveaway
for this 1/5th scale hoverboard from the movie Back to the Future. To win this
click the link below for more details. But let’s go get the parts and get
building! So one thing I love doing is putting
together an electric skateboard and my buddy John had asked me to put one
together for him on a budget. So we’re gonna try doing that today and I’m
heading over to his house to go get those parts. Let’s see what he has. So
this John. Hey what’s up can you tell the people why you want a DIY board. Oh it’s
like I’ve always thought about getting one. It’s just like really fun and I
did like a lot of research and I looked up you know all the different boards
like Boosted and all those and it was just like hella expensive. So saw this
dude riding around neighborhood one day and asked him, hey man tell me about the
board. And it was right in the price range! So I was like can we build one and
yeah let’s do it! Looks like you got all the parts check it out oh yeah all right
bro I’ll check you later all right so let’s start off by putting together
the deck and the trucks I have a 41 inch deck here and the reason I chose this is
because it’s really that’s what she said my friend that’s gonna be using this
just kind of likes to cruise and the longer deck that you have with a longer
wheelbase the wheelbase is the space between the two trucks so the longer the
spaces between the two trucks the more stability you’ll have and then also to
consider the type of deck material this is a maple deck so it’s gonna be easier
to handle at higher speeds if you want something that will kind of muffle a
little bit of the vibration from the ground you might want to consider
something softer like bamboo what I ended up doing is getting these riser
pads that are made out of rubber to kind of just absorb a little bit of that
vibration so this is what I ended up getting I ended up getting caliber two
trucks you get any trucks that you want but these minimize the amount of
customization that you need to do because a lot of the motor mounts that
are out fit these type of trucks they’re 10 inches wide which will make space for
some big wheels and also they have this flat spot
if you actually look right here which actually helps when you put the motor
mount on so if you see the motor mount also has a flat spot and real just will
help out with any movement put the riser pad on first and then make sure that the
truck is pointing out this is called the kingpin and you want these are reverse
kingpin trucks you want these to be pointing out so what I did is I made sure that the
hardware was on first it just looks like four screws that you’re gonna want to
put through the top of the deck and then put make sure that the the riser pad is
on that way it makes it a lot bit easier to put your truck one screw on each nut
make sure those are nice and snug now it’s time to put on the bearings and the
wheels on to your trucks didn’t want to talk real quickly about the type of
wheel that you want to choose there are a couple different styles out there one
is being the flywheel clone which is very popular and then also is the
orangutan kegels both of those types of wheels are supported by a lot of the
Eastgate vendors and they do make wheel police that are a nice fit for these
type of wheels right in the middle is a hub actually fits real nicely with the
wheel pulley so that’s why for this build I just recommend flywheel clones
the flywheel clones also are huge as you can see here it’s
a big advantage to this is a higher top speed
you have a nice potential for top speed and at the same time when you’re going
over rough patches you’ll just kind of run over small gravel and things like
that without any hesitation something that I do recommend before choosing your
wheel is going to an East Gate calculator there are a bunch of them
online I’ll leave a link below where you can plug in your voltage your wheel a
pulley ratio and your wheel size to get your hypothetical high speed and that
will give you an idea of the parts that you want to buy these are your bearings
and then they come with two of them and then they also come with what’s called a
spacer the best way I find to put these onto your wheel is to put your bearing
onto the truck and then pop that wheel right onto your truck and then once you
kind of hear it click then you know it’s in place next you’re gonna want to put
your other side of the bearing on and then put your spacer on it’s a lot
easier that way pop adding it again if it doesn’t pop in correctly just use
your thumbs and there you go so here we have all the parts for the wheel pulley
and the wheel you’re going to get six bolts the 36 toothed pulley and this
plate for the outside of the wheel and then you have the wheel if you look here
the wheel actually has these little gaps and then it also has these posts the
post you’re gonna want to align between this little space between the two holes
these holes are where you’re gonna screw in the the bolts and then you’re gonna
want it to go in between each post that she said like that I do recommend that
you find a drill bit that has possibly the same size as this so that you can
make kind of like a pilot hole for this to kind of go through you could see the
gap I’m gonna drill very close to the post because that’s where the bolts are
gonna go the bolts are now in place I’m want to make sure that they’re straight
as possible and I’m gonna manually put these in just so that there are no
mistakes putting them through what you’ll find is once they kind of come
out the other side you’re gonna want to take your wheel pulley and match it up
to the holes that are coming through I do find this part of the project to be
pretty challenging because you could get it screwed in but you want to make sure
that this wheel pulley is as flush and balanced that’s possible to the wheel
because you don’t want like a lopsided pulley kind of turning like this you
want it to really turn nice and even the whole way through so this is the motor
it’s a 63 74 motor at 198 kv k v is rpms per volt so the rotations per bolts
applied is 190 revolutions the higher the kv the higher top speed that you’re
going to have but then you sacrifice torque and then the lower the kv the
more torque you’re gonna have but then the more you sacrifice on the speed this
is a 63 74th motor so what that’s talking about is the size of the motor
it’s 63 millimeters in diameter and 74 millimeters
like it’s a big big motor definitely something that will get you up hills
with no problem if you do have some concerns about going
up hills and not ruining your motor you can always do a dual motor setup which
won’t necessarily make you go faster but it’s gonna help you get up those hills
more efficiently so this is the motor mount here’s what you get this is the D
clamp which attaches directly to the truck this is the motor plate which
attaches to the motor with these metrics screws so the reason I like this mount
is because it’s all aluminum which makes it an effective heat sink for the motor
every motor is a bit different so let’s start by putting the motor to the motor
plate so what I’m doing here is a preliminary dry fit of the bolts the
reason that you want to do that is so that you can make sure the belts have
the right clearance and the right tension after that you’re gonna want to
go and add some threadlocker to the bolts that are connected to the motor
and the pulley because the thread lockers super key to making sure the
bolts don’t loosen with the vibration of the motor so let’s go ahead and just
kind of loosely put these bolts on so that we could get an idea this right here is the 16 to 3 it
attaches to the shaft of the motor and what keeps this in place and not spin on
its own is this little metal piece that fits into the keyway so you’re gonna
want to put that in there if you see right here that should fit directly onto
here so I have the little metal piece in the keyway and then let’s slip this
motor pulley on and it’s done and what you’re going to want to do is make sure
to tighten these as tight as you can also add some threadlocker
after you’ve done your dry fit all motor moments are different but have kind of
the same concept with this specific motor mount I’m gonna put the D clamp on
and tighten it pretty tight and then I’ll add the motor plate onto the D
clamp right after I tighten everything the reason I do that is because if you
fasten the motor mount to the D clamp first and then put the D clamp on it
won’t fully tighten so you know you skate is not a perfect system like I’ve
mentioned and there are little quirks to different pieces and that’s kind of the
quirk about this motor mount after tinkering around for a little bit
and making sure my belt tension was right and everything was in place I’m
gonna start adding some threadlocker this is the thread blocker
blue and I’m gonna be the what I what I end up doing it to be honest with you
thread Locker is kind of like a glue slash like hardener that you add to the
threads just a little bit goes a long way
I’d add it to kind of just the bottom part you don’t need that much because it
really sticks and then go ahead and screw that in the way you want I hope that part one of my DIY electric
skateboard series was helpful to you guys together we built the longboard
the motor and the pulleys in my next video we’ll be putting together the
electronics and the electronic speed control if you guys built your electric
skateboard already what was most challenging to you guys leave a comment
below for other Eastgate builders to check out and learn from the Eastgate
community you guys and don’t forget to share it and smash that like button if
you like this video thanks again and see you in the next one yo what’s up these skaters Neil with big
kids are you looking – what’s up e skaters Neil with big kids are you
looking to build an electric one-fifth scale hoverboard from the


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