How does my Computer Science background fit at the CIA?

If you’re like me, you want to
use your computer science skills for something meaningful —
something bigger than yourself. The CIA is the perfect
place to make this happen. Here, your talents
make it possible for us to safeguard the national
security of America through the collection
and production of critical foreign
intelligence for the President and senior policymakers. When I come to work each day,
I know that I am contributing to a mission greater
than myself. If you’re a computer scientist,
you might be wondering where you fit
in at the CIA. A variety of opportunities
are available that fit your background. You could develop,
test, implement and maintain complex
Agency applications, systems and services as an
Apps Developer. You could also be a Technical
Intelligence Officer as part of the Directorate of Science
& Technology in the role of technical analysis, technical
development, technical research or technical operations. Or, you could serve as
a Cyber Threat Analyst. You would be researching and
analyzing dynamic cyber threats to this country that are
constantly on the rise. If you have an interest in
world affairs, you could serve in the Directorate of
Operations, where you would help with the clandestine
collection and dissemination of intelligence from
human sources. This Directorate
hires all backgrounds, but with your knowledge of
computers and technology, you may be better positioned to
identify and obtain information about foreign cyber programs,
capabilities and actors that may pose a threat
to US national security, thereby enabling our ability
to counter those threats. Computer scientists
have successful careers in the Directorate of Operations as Collection Management
Officers, Operations Officers or Staff Operations Officers. No matter what professional
path you choose, a career in the CIA will
give you a unique role in keeping not only the United
States, but the world, safer. You have a lot of career
choices in the CIA. Now, the only question is:
Where do you want to serve? If you want more information on
available opportunities, please visit

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