House Bill- 1052 Telecommunication

hello my name is Ashley Tyler and for my
video and my special skill I will be talking about, focusing on House bill
1052, this bill authorizes rural areas to create their own
telecommunication services including broadband. This would allow these
communities to provide and expand broadband services where other
commercial providers are not offered or provide limited availability. Thus,
improving accessibility.. Accessible broadband services to more rural
communities and increasing the revenue . Within this would also allow these
communities and localities to provide services cheaper than other providers. So,
allowing these communities to essentially, buy the services from commercial companies and then resell the services
to the smaller rural communities at a cheaper rate. So, again
this really helps the community build their revenue and helps rural communities
have greater access. So all in all it’s a good bill that really is
beneficial for these communities. Some challenges as noted in my hand
these rural communities are often faced challenges with accessing federal
funding sources due, to lack of maybe even just skilled grant writers. The lack
of funding hinders the growth of various infrastructures such as providing
broadband services. This is all cited within my handout. In addition to
that rural communities continue to linger behind compared to urban areas.
Many Americans utilize broadband services to access various things such
as baking, education, entertainment, and socialization. So these communities, these rural communities again, continuing to lag behind with this. And some
numbers of inadequate broadband services continue to impact about 24
million Americans. Which was at the end of 2016, almost into 2017. So not long ago. The special skill that I am attaching to this bill which, I think would help
is influencing. I chose this because I think this is a really important factor
within this. And who you know really matters at this point. Some key points
that I focused on is, doing your homework. Knowing the issues and the goals or supporters such as your stakeholders. Your stakeholders can have a big
influence on your bill. They can provide a lot of manpower you
know so focusing on relationships that
matter is one of the most is key. Yes, stakeholders have a fundamental impact
towards the organization’s performance. Knowing the individuals and
families who this could be impacting. How many people are you being impacted? Again, I stated roughly twenty- four million Americans going into
2017 we’re still impacted by not being able to access broadband
services. How broad is the impact? That goes hand in hand with how many people
are impacted. How long has the issue been an issue has been affected and what will
happen if not addressed? So, these are some important questions that we need to answer as we are focusing when we’re using the influencing skill. So, I hope
this was helpful and thank you for watching

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