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(gentle electronic music) – [Voiceover] Methode
Electronics introduces our high performance, high voltage, fast close switchgear technology, developed for demanding high voltage, high current applications where nothing can be left to chance. With Methode patented
technology at its core, our switchgear offers high performance, function, and durability, while
remaining smaller, lighter, and offering greater flexibility in design than current market alternatives. Tens of thousands Methode
switchgear devices are in service today,
delivering optimal, safe, and reliable performance
at an affordable price. Let’s take a look at just one example. To keep up with demand, electricity providers across the globe are becoming evermore reliant on supplementary, yet often,
remote energy sources. Such great distances between
the supply and the demand necessitate the use of high
voltage direct current, or HVDC transmission, a technology devised to transmit bulk electricity efficiently
over long distances, and interconnect AC power grids. Methode’s high performance, high voltage, fast close switchgear is at the forefront of voltage source
converter-based HVDC technology. (upbeat electronic music) At the receiving end of the HVDC link, the traveled DC voltage
is inverted back to AC. Thousands of power modules, each containing several Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor devices, are connected in series to form one long semiconductor chain. Should any one power
module develop a fault, the Insulated Gate Bipolar
Transistor devices, inside the power module,
will fail open circuit, breaking the chain, and causing
the voltage source converter to fail, with catastrophic results. Methode’s high performance, high voltage, fast close switchgear technology
can solve this problem. Fitted in parallel to each power module, Methode switchgear instantly
detects arising faults, and automatically fires closed to provide an alternative current path that bypasses any faulty power module without breaking the
series connection chain, all in under eight milliseconds, so now, should a power
module suddenly fail, the voltage source converter
will continue to function, unaffected and uninterrupted, ensuring the HVDC link
remains fully operational, (gentle electronic music) and there’s more. In the event that a Methode
switchgear device is fired, it immediately sends an alert to the HVDC link operator who, assured that the
device can safely remain in its fired state until
the fault is cleared, can schedule an inspection
of the affected module during the next routine maintenance visit, and, if that was not enough, Methode’s robust switchgear design means that it can be easily
reset once a fault is cleared, either locally or remotely,
to go again and again, without compromising performance,
safety, or reliability. Methode’s high performance, high voltage fast close switchgear,
making safe and reliable HVDC transmission scheme
operation possible. (upbeat electronic music) So now, the question is if Methode switchgear technology can offer such high performance and function in the HVDC world, what can it do for you? (upbeat electronic music) After all, Methode is possibilities. (upbeat electronic music)

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