Hidalgo continues to attract investments and diversify its economy

We have very important pillars,
such as our privileged geographical location, We are 60 km from the largest, if not one of the largest, markets in the world. We have a north-south,
east-west connectivity, We connect to the Gulf of Mexico,
to the Pacific. Mexico is going to have new airports, The international airport in Santa Lucia is, let’s say, the closest point that the
Hidalgo state could have. It is practically the state of Hidalgo. Hidalgo will have its own airport that will be integrated into the airport system as announced by the president of the republic. Our rates of violence and crime are lower, Seeing the centre of Mexico is experiencing
challenges with violence and crime, Hidalgo is a haven for security. We are in the Top-10 the states
with the least violence in Mexico, we are even comparable
with California or New York. We currently have a new video surveillance system with 5000 cameras in operation,
but we will have 10,000 security cameras that will be connected to a new
high-tech control centre, for the safety of people and
for business security; The Control, command, communications,
computation and coordination, will be the most sophisticated
in Latin America. From 2016 to 2019 the investment has grown by approximately 160%, 50bn pesos of investment in 29 months, is a record figure, You are talking about
more than $2.5 billion dollars that is generating more jobs; We want to continue providing
a single window to the investor; Here they don’t have to deal with
12 secretariats of state to get building permits, just a single window
that solves all the problems. Diversify the economy. Today the investments
that are landing are Asian, they are from Canada,
they are European, they are from South America even. Within the strategic sectors
of Hidalgo, development is obviously
centred on the energy sector. We are already bringing investments
of approximately $1bn in renewable energy and clean energy. We are establishing the necessary mechanisms so that Hidalgo can become a national reference for the manufacturing of electric cars. JAC Motirs is already manufacturing
the prototypes of the first electric cars that will be produced in Hidalgo
and sold in the country. The future is in agri-business and in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the largest pharmaceutical
companies in Mexico, Farmacias Guadalajara,
will be here in Hidalgo. We already have many success stories, the main being the 15bn pesos for the establishment of the world’s largest
beer-producing plant in Hidalgo, it took no more than 364 days from the conception of the plant
until was put into operation. That is going to place us, perhaps, as one of the states with the highest
level of beer exportation in the world. To try to shield that situation
we made a new legal regulations to have, less regulatory ties
so that the investments canbe made. The efforts that we are making
in the matter of regulation, have already received recognition the National Observatory
has placed us first Hidalgo is a very interesting state because it has had an
investment promotion strategy and a generation of secure
legal conditions for investors that is based largely on the regulatory reform that stipulates a licence to operate a company
must be granted in 36 hours. The first state that successfully
gendered the regulation at the municipal level to generate
this favourable business environment for the deployment of communication
networks was Hidalgo. One of the largest telecommunications
companies in Mexico committed significant investments
in the state of Hidalgo. I believe investors
should have great confidence that the state of Hidalgo has adopted
regulatory improvement disciplines that are advanced with respect to the rest
of the federal entities of Mexico. We already already legislated for more than 10 figures of public-private partnerships. The OECD is studying Hidalgo,
is making recommendations for Hidalgo and they points to us as an example
of policy success in economic regulation. Hidalgo, from 2016 to 2019 has managed to improve its rating Standard & Poor’s Global and Fitch ratings. We managed for the first time in 30 years to move from negative scores
to stable scores.

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