Ham Radio Adventures 20: What makes a great site for VHF operating?

9 comments on “Ham Radio Adventures 20: What makes a great site for VHF operating?”

  1. joker50ae says:

    Thanks for your video. The weather here in Oregon is the same as yours, wind and rain, but that will change for the better soon. Thanks again KG7CQG.

  2. Richard Thomas says:

    Clearly the portaloo in the background is one of those 'things', though at that angle it's going to be a different kind of QRM!

  3. The Old Hobbit says:

    Thank you Richard for sharing and of course taking the time to get out there in those awful conditions and get some radio done!! 2mtr FM is really something I plan to do more of with my trusty FT 817 and as I really enjoy the portable side of the hobby, some of my gear is of course from SB. As an M6 I am already restricted so a good setup and a good site is even more important hihi. Once again thank you…..

  4. NICKGAR7 says:

    Tnx video Richard…Spent many a day up there when I lived in Flash 93AE. Now moved a little bit further away. Certainly gets the inclement WX much of the time! The ‘shadow area’ certainly proves itself around Axe Edge just up the road when parked away from the SE Edge. Thanks, Nick M1DDD

  5. Steve GM0HUU says:

    Thanks Richard. Curious to know what rig you were using and maybe how you attach the co-linear mast to your motorhome please? Also wondering if you ever get anyone (e.g. police?) asking what you're doing parked up at roadside for longish periods? Do you ever get asked to "move along please sir"?

  6. Kevin Helijeepworld says:

    Need a more aerodynamic vehicle for vhf uhf summits🤣😱😉

  7. John Kershaw says:

    Simply a wonderful video. I love mobile/portable operations. Keep up the good work. John N6NRO

  8. Federer935 says:

    Great informative video Richard – now I know what to look for. Some decent weather would be nice though. Thanks for posting.

  9. John Flowers says:

    Excellent video Richard, and a great site, I used it many times when I lived in the area 20 years ago, but be aware that G3CKR/p use it in the big VHF contests. Very popular with microwaves too. 73 G0JLF

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