H-1B Electronic Registration Process: Attorneys and Representatives

It’s quick and easy to
sign up to submit registrations that provide the opportunity to
file petitions for H-1B workers as an attorney or accredited
representative. First, go to my.usgs.gov. If you already have
a my USC is account, click sign in and enter your email and
password. If you don’t have an account, click Sign up and
follow the instructions to create your account. If you have
an account, choose how you would like to receive your
verification code and enter it when you receive it. Next, select your account type.
I am a legal representative and confirm that you are an attorney
or accredited representative. If you received at USCIS account acceptance notice after
previously filing petitions or applications by
paper that document has the information necessary to link
your account now. Only some paper filed forms are eligible
for linking to your online account. Enter the online access
code listed on the notice along with the date you were
accredited or your bar number as appropriate. If you do not have
an online access code, simply press Create Account. Next, you
will enter your personal information and address. After
that, you will choose whether you are an attorney or
accredited representative and then enter your organization
name, contact information and notification preferences. Then
you will have the chance to review all the information you
have provided and certified that it is complete and correct. Now it’s time to register your
clients. Click Add a client to my account. Next, choose which
type of client you would like to add. For the H-1B registration
process you will select ‘company’ and then enter your clients
information. Now you can start the H-1B registration process,
select H-1B registration and then start form. After reading
through the H-1B overview screens click start to create
your registration. On the following screens you
will provide information about the perspective petitioning
company, the authorized signatory and the beneficiary.
After you have provided information about the
beneficiary, click ‘Save entry.’ You can add registrations for
additional beneficiaries and effectively create a batch
submission by clicking’ Add another beneficiary.’ You can
submit registrations for up to 250 beneficiaries per submission
In other words, up to 250 registrations in one batch.
If you wish to submit registrations for more than 250
beneficiaries, simply repeat the entire registration process to
create a new batch of registrations for the additional
beneficiaries. You’ll have the chance to review your
registration or registrations before submission. A red alert
message will let you know that you have not completed all
fields and required information. A green alert means you can
proceed to the next step. Next, you’ll review and certify the
registration or registrations. The next step is to fill out your G-28.
Notice of entry of appearance as attorney or accredited
representative. After you complete the G-28, you will be
given a one time passcode to provide to your client, the
prospective petitioner, on whose behalf you were attempting to
submit the H-1B registration or registrations. Your client will
need to sign up for a registrant account type and then enter this
passcode within 30 days to add you as a representative. Your
client can then review the G-28 and H-1B registration or
registrations. In your account, you’ll be able to see when your
client approved and signed the G-28 and H-1B registration or
registrations. The final step is to pay the required fee $10 for
each registration, meaning $10 for each beneficiary registered
in a batch submission. You will then be taken to the pay. gov
website where you will provide your payment information and hit
submit. Congratulations, you have successfully submitted an
H-1B registration! You can go into your account at any time to
check the status of your registrations. You’ll even be
able to download a CSV file of all the beneficiaries you
registered. Once you submit a registration, you won’t be able
to edit it. You will however have the ability to delete a
registration. For example, if you discover an error after
submission, until the time that the initial registration period
closes, and Submit a separate registration with a new $10 fee.
You can delete an individual registration even if submitted
as part of a batch without affecting the other
registrations submitted with that batch. Deleted
registrations will not have their $10 fee refunded. We will
notify you by March 31, 2020. If registrations you submitted are
selected. You’ll need to log into your account to view the
notifications. Notifications will include one of the
following four statuses: Submitted, a registration status
may continue to show submitted after the initial selection
process has been completed. Submitted registrations will
remain in consideration for selection until the end of the
fiscal year, at which point all registration statuses will be
selected, not selected or denied. Selected. This means you
were selected to file a fiscal year 2021 H-1B cap subject
petition. Not selected. This means you were not selected for
this fiscal year. Denied. More than one registration was
submitted for the same perspective petitioner for the
same beneficiary, and for the same fiscal year. All registrations the
prospective petitioner submitted on behalf
of the same beneficiary for the same fiscal year are invalid.
For each initial registration period, we will announce the
anticipated opening and closing dates. Remember, go to
my.uscis.gov to begin the registration process.

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