Guide to Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Information

We all share the responsibility of keeping health
information private and secure for patients. Everyone has a role to play. If you’re part of a small health care practice, you
may be looking for help in navigating the world of electronic health information privacy and
security. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health
Information Technology, or “ONC,” has created a
Guide to assist you. We hope the “Guide to Privacy and Security of
Electronic Health Information” will be a resource you check as you implement federal privacy and security requirements in your
practice. The Guide explains the privacy and security
requirements needed for Meaningful Use stages and the HIPAA Rules. The Guide also walks you through a plan to help
you in your privacy and security efforts. Keep in mind that the Guide is not meant to be
legal advice or an exhaustive resource. You’ll want to review additional resources, like
the many resources linked to in the Guide. Use the Guide to consider and organize your
privacy and security efforts; and visit to learn more about the
privacy and security of electronic health

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